Digital Board Games

I played Fortune Street for the first time last night and absolutely adored it. Playing an even more raw capitalism sim that Monopoly where no one has to be a banker and the computer dictates fluctuations in the stock market that you can use to bet on other players‘ success is just beautiful.

With that what other great digital board games are there? Obviously Mario Party is a classic and the minigames are great but I kind of liked how toned down Fortune Street was.

I’m not personally as interested in digital versions of real board games but I‘m curious if anyone has any suggestions!

I’ve already posted about this and someone brought up the Command Board from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

I haven‘t played it yet but I’m planning on accruing 2 more psps or a pstv to get a local multiplayer psp night sometime cause that would be so much fun

Board Game: Top Shop on PS1 is a classic, even if the “chrip-chrip shoes” item is overpowered.

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My family used to play a lot of the X360 version of Carcassone. It's good!

I've never played _Cudecept Saga_, but I'm looking forward to hearing about that in this thread.

My family also played a fair amount of _Wingspan_ over Steam during the pandemic. It's... OK. I don't know why it takes twice as long to play the digital version as it does to play tabletop, but it sure does! The UI is a bit confusing still after a few updates.

Tangentially, pre-pandemic, I used to frequently play a table-top miniatures game called _Guild Ball_. Some of the folks in the community tried to transition to a program called "Vassal" which is effectively a 2D tabletop simulator. It's functional, but at the end of a long day of working from home, the last thing I wanted to do was be on another conference call where a few people struggled with how to use the tool!

Yeah, Culdcept is the big one I would imagine would get recommended around here. There‘s a bunch of them and I don’t really know which is the good one, but! It‘s out there. the PS2 one came out in the US and people seem to like it. But!! I haven’t played it much myself. Most of the ones I have played I wouldn't necessarily recommend.

Culdcept is a fine mix between Monopoly and Magic The Gathering. I’d say the most recent one, Culdcept Revolt, which was highly supervised by Nintendo (who produced the game in Japan), is the best episode in the series. It has a genuinely good single player mode, it has art by Nishimura Kinu, the best tutorial and deck-building UI in the series, a good soundtrack, local and online multiplayer, there is an English translation etc. A really good 3DS game.


I have never really dug into it myself but the O.G., and direct inspiration for Fortune Street, is **Momotarō Dentetsu** which has been tchoo-tchooing since December 1988.

Hudson’s biggest success in Japan, it combines many classic board games’ mechanics into its own thing. The basic premise is that you are given a map of contemporary Japan (the geographical premise can change game to game) and tasked to reach a specific destination (typically) by train. For instance, the next goal is Nagoya station. The first player to reach that station (through dice and action cards) gets to claim it and get money, which they can use to buy shares into local businesses. The business owner part works pretty close to Monopoly, and the ultimate goal is to have the most money and/or having all your competitors fall into bankruptcy by the end of a given number of turns.

There are a lot of additional factors such as local gods turning around your luck, cards that trigger events, etc. The whole thing is drenched in local folklore and mythologies. The game is a spin-off of the RPG Momotarō Densetsu, itself an early Japanese folklore parody of Dragon Quest, and the prototype for the future Tengai Makyō series on PC Engine. (_Densetsu_: legend / _Dentetsu_: electric railway) Momotarō Dentetsu is especially popular among Japanese families with young kids because the game teaches geography and things about local regions and folklore.

Konami owns the game since the demise of Hudson. The most recent game on Switch is the biggest success in the series ([3.5 million copies]( I bought it recently to kinda figure out on a more personal level why this game is such a big deal.

Unfortunately, the series has never been officially translated, but one iteration of the game is available in the PC Engine Mini (any version).


@"NewGenderPlus"#p71830 By the way, if you are (really) into Itadaki Street / Fortune Street, I recommend this recent 5h speedrun from RPG Limit Break’s latest Dragon Quest Marathon.


@"slugpaste"#p71839 I had no idea there was ① a PlayStation version and ② a US translation of **Tenant Wars**! What a weird idea for a US release.

Speaking of US releases, I remember reading that the Wii version of Dokapon is now [extremely sought after]( for some reason. I think because some popular Youtubers made it a thing for the Wii generation?

I haven’t played it in probably about 25-30 years, but at the time I rather enjoyed Jones In The Fast Lane. I have no idea if it holds up!

Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise is my absolute favorite digital board game.

It is basically just a fast version of Monopoly with Mega Man characters, but it is shocking how enjoyable that is.

The Famicom version has an English translation.
I hope the Game Boy version gets an English translation someday.

Would love to resurrect this thread to talk about those strange physics simulators that let you slap board games inside of them.

The popular one is Tabletop Simulator, but they did a lot of things in the last year that have given me ample reason to want to jump ship and in it‘s place we’ve discovered the fine work being done by the people over at Tabletop Playground.

They‘re actively supportive of communities and work closely with mod developers to provide tools to help people create the best things possible within their engine.

I know so little about video game development, but the last few years have seen a real merger between board and video games especially in the community design space. So I think it’s commendable for more options to turn up and I‘d you’ve got board game designs in the back of your head, it's worth checking out.

@“SCPTmatt”#p91758 It‘s not a full physics simulation, but is also a very generic board game engine site with a built-in editor that’s pretty neat. It has an open source clone ( and there are a ton of games implemented for them, see this list: