Dinky Minimaps That Show The Whole Journey

@“穴”#p56177 this is definitely a good one. Thanks for reminding the rest of us who've played it what rubes we are

Always loved the little map shown between levels in the 8 bit Sonic 1.

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You‘re right

These maps stimulated my imagination so much as a kid

I really like the maps they added to Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. That port added a ton of great features that would have made it the ultimate and final needed version of SMB1 if it wasn’t for the decreased screen real estate…. And every release since then is missing all these features… So much creativity in the maps and extra modes and unlockables.


Not remembering much more right now that hasn't already been posted, and RPG style maps don't count since we're talking pre-level maps, but I used to re-draw the map from Paper Mario a lot during class in elementary school.



wario’s woods SNES round game - you actually can’t see it all at any time, but you can see most of it most of the time

For Frog the Bell Tolls. Just started. Tremendous game!

@“KennyL”#p56166 this is canon

In Fatal Fury you see the unconscious bodies of your foes on the dinky world map

@“treefroggy”#p56760 I liked these SMBDX maps a lot at the time, but in hindsight I feel they dropped the ball. Where are the mushrooms? Where are the craggy rock areas with gaping ravines and dark skies?


I had forgotten about this map! This game is basically perfect.

@“milo”#p56195 yes, Sonic’s island maps were fantastic! I wish the 2022 3D sonic game repurposed this type of geometry to make a large open world green hill.

Adventure Island II (NES) has this for the whole (ahem)… adventure.


When you arrive at an island, you have yet another small map that has an animated boss sprite showing your progress.


Just realized that the most glib (and thus the most correct) answer is “Zelda II: The Adventure of Link like has the whole The Legend of Zelda map in it, man!”

@“chazumaru”#p56176 thanks chaz!!!

@"KennyL"#p56166 really makes you think

Deadly premonition has this - you can't see it all at once but I'm including it because it makes the shape of a dog


The Kaze Kiri title screen contains the whole map because everything happens in and around that castle.


but maybe that's a cheat!

and this got referenced but not shown, so here it is. you'll notice japan is in the middle!


I know I've got some better ones somewhere in my brain here but I can't think of them!! heck

@“KennyL”#p56166 oops I stole your precious likes, sorry!!! and then david jaffe of all people added to it, not knowing it was supposed to be one full minimap

BUT this in turn makes me want to put something PS1 era above the castle somehow?


I’ve seen this one go wild on Twitter…

Bonus points for Terranigma in this one!

@“exodus”#p57118 Oh you stole nothing. I stole it from ancient internet as you can see from replies heh heh.


@“2501”#p57124 seeing this dinky map makes me want to play FFTA again so badly!

Finally played this one last year—ended up really liking it!

Not really a mini-map, per se, but it’s pretty dinky and definitely shows the whole journey