Dirtbag Xbox 360 Recommendations

The Xbox 360 store is closing in July 2024. My 40th birthday is in July so thanks for the present Microsoft!

As we did for the 3DS and the WiiU, let's get those dirtbag recommendations listed. Get us lists of cool games that you can purchase on the 360. What's the interesting stuff? What are we going to lose that we must keep? I don't care if it is back compat or not, I don't have a retail Xbox One or Series so knowing it runs on those ain't no help, BUDDY.

So far my to buy list is just:

  • - Diabolical Pitch
  • Because I bought so many 360 games way back when.

    A recommendation from me is Omega Five! A cool XBLA shooter.


    Cave‘s Guwange, a shmup that doesn’t really play like anything else, is the lone Cave game on the store iirc. Definitely worth getting if you're a fan of Pocky and Rocky or cat spiders

    @“TracyDMcGrath”#p129195 Nin²-Jump isn't a shmup, but is also made by Cave! DeathSmiles2 X is also on the North American store as a download only title if you would rather have that over the newer collection.

    On a similar shmup note, I believe all of the games in this collection are also on Steam, but [Shooting Love 200X](https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-us/product/shooting-love-200x/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d802544707d1) is often looked over and still able to be purchased on the NA store.

    From what I understand, games that are playable on newer hardware (like Guwange and Nin²-Jump) will still be able to be purchased in the future. I've purchased games like Omega Five on the modern store and was able to download them on my 360, so hopefully that will still be the case in the future? But no guarantees. Still! Lots of cool games are going away. Hopefully we will see a modchip-free, softmod solution in the near future.

    Triggerheart Excelica Fun and weird little schmup.

    [Penny arcade adventures](https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-us/product/penny-arcade-episode-1/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8025841090d). Fun and weird little rpg.

    [I made a game with zombies in it. ](https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/store/z0mb1es-remastered/9pdg3t78xmqr) Fun and weird little twin stick shooter. Worth it just for the song that plays. I can only find a link to the remaster on modern Xbox for some reason.


    @“Andy B”#p129206 I made a game with zombies in it. Fun and weird little twin stick shooter. Worth it just for the song that plays. I can only find a link to the remaster on modern Xbox for some reason.

    Zombies was an Xbox Live Indie Game (XBLIG) title, which had its own store section separate from the main titles and was completely removed in 2017 :(

    Assault on Dark Athena (Escape from Butcher Bay is included!)

    Bullet Witch

    Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

    Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

    Space Channel 5: Part 2

    Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

    Barring Bullet Witch and Space Channel 5, these games are not available anywhere else officially. I made sure to include backwards compatible titles because they are quite cheap and are probably the best versions of those games. This is often the case with an OG Xbox version of a multiplatform game. What makes them better is the added resolution and performance boost thanks to backwards compatibility on the Xbox 360 (Xbox always did it well.)

    Also, I just had to get some Vin Diesel games in here. They rock! Developed none other than by the people who went on to create MachineGames. On that note, play The Darkness 1 and the modern Wolfenstein games! They also rock.

    The 360 store is the only place you can get a digital version of Burnout 3: Takedown. Only playable thru 360, not One/Series unfortunately.

    @"ninjapresident"#p129210 @"Andy B"#p129206 I have some good news for y’all in that I made a game w zombies in it! got rereleased for the modern xbox store last year and it’s [available for free!](https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/store/z0mb1es-remastered/9pdg3t78xmqr)

    Space Giraffe is a Jeff Minter game and I really like it!

    Also, if you want inexpensive ways to get some of ArcSysWorks best fighters, the _BlazBlue_ and _Persona Arena_ series can both be found on 360.

    I‘m fairly certain all of these are still available for purchase; there were a couple that I was going to make that have been delisted somewhat recently. Most of these are stuck on 360 / PS3 gen for their home versions too unless otherwise noted for PC (as far as I’m aware). All of the Cave STGs other than Guwange either require a disc or a JP account if they've not been delisted.

  • - Age of Booty: Twee, cartoon pirate themed strategy game with some brilliant title screen music.
  • - Anarchy Reigns: Decent Platinum Games character action game set in the Madworld universe. It was intended more as a multilayer game but the single player campaign is decent. Also on disc.
  • - Beautiful Katamari: Not as good as the first two games but still a good time. Also on disc.
  • - Blue Dragon: I didn't like this so much but I'm sure that some would. Also on disc.
  • - Blur: Fun racing game that deserved better. Also on disc.
  • - Daytona USA: Arguably the best version of the game.
  • - Eternal Sonata: I liked it, even if some of the story is locked behind NG+. Also on disc.
  • - Guwange: Seconding this recommendation. It's hot.
  • - Hard Corps: Uprising: Anime Contra. It's hot!
  • - Lost Odyssey: Is it the best game on 360? Maybe! Also on disc.
  • - Magna Carta 2: Hot Korean JRPG game that is often overlooked. I loved it at the time so make of that what you will. Also on disc.
  • - Mushihimesama Futari: One of my nominations in this year's best games poll. I love it. Also on disc. Japanese only.
  • - Nier: Dad version is rad version. Also on disc.
  • - Ninja Gaiden Black: Arguably the best version of the game.
  • - Nin²-Jump: Another of my best games nominations. Hot Cave action platformer with a fun pulling / swinging mechanic.
  • - Omega Five: I was made aware of this STG recently from this forum. I like it!
  • - Outland: Action platformer with an Ikaruga-like colour swapping mechanic. Might be on PC?
  • - Pink Sweets / Muchi Muchi Pork: More Cave stuff that's Japanese only. Also on disc.
  • - Puzzle Quest 1/2: I loved these games and would comfortably play them again. I think the first game has a PC release but the second may be stuck on the 360.
  • - Splosion Man / Ms. Splosion Man: Two puzzle platformers where you make your character explode to do pretty much any action. They get very difficult towards the end.
  • - Stacking: That Tim Schafer Russian doll puzzle game. May also be on PC?
  • - Tintin: My surprise inclusion. This was a Ubisoft platform adventure game of sorts that was sublime to play and was in a similar vein to their other games from the time like Child of Light and Rayman Origins. Also on disc.
  • - Under Defeat HD: Good STG. Not my favourite but has a fun rotation mechanic. Also on disc.
  • - Valiant Hearts: Another Ubisoft game. It's a dinky adventure game set during WW1 from the perspective of multiple characters. There are a couple of less-fun bits but it's a relative breeze at something like 5 or 6 hours if I remember correctly.
  • haven't played it but Operation Darnkess has its fans I believe


    @“LeFish”#p129683 Daytona USA: Arguably the best version of the game.

    Came back here to post this. I’m sorry I forgot to last time.

    Is it worth trying to limit recs in this thread to stuff that‘s download-only and exclusive to the platform, or otherwise very difficult to find elsewhere? There’s been a lot of really good stuff so far (and I‘ve bought a few!) but a lot of it is also stuff that’s backwards compatible or readily available either on disc or other digital storefronts that aren‘t necessarily in imminent danger. I dunno, is that helpful or a buzzkill? It would be great if we could compile a list of the stuff that is straight up Going Bye Forever. But if we’re just doing a more general “all The Good Stuff on 360” then baby we got a stew goin‘. I got tons of stuff to add if that’s the case lol.

    CHROMEHOUNDS is an Armored Core spinoff for 360 with online co-op which my buddies really enjoyed in high school.

    @“treefroggy”#p129746 the servers have been turned off for years which is an absolute tragedy, that game was way ahead of its time.


    @“LeFish”#p129683 Nier: Dad version is 360 exclusive. Also on disc.

    dad version is on ps3 as well but like... still excellent and should be played on whatever console ya got

    @“yeso”#p129686 operation darkness is sooooo slooooow and I think it has fans because there‘s flurries in it, not because it’s good. I have tried to like it so many times but it is one of the slowest paced games I've ever played I think.

    Anyway I would agree it'd be helpful to limit to stuff you can't get elsewhere!!


    Age of Booty

    The [Wikipedia page](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_Booty) for this game reads:


    @“phylaxis”#p129770 Oops! I had a real dumb brain moment when I was thinking of that.

    Vigilante 8 for XBLA is the best execution of the concept and one of the very few car combat games in HD. An XBLA and 360 exclusive.


    You know what games remain, annoyingly, unported? All of the Armored Cores!

    Hell you can only buy 4/ 5/ For Answer on disc, they're not even on the digital marketplace anymore

    At lest Verdict Day is, I guess?