Dirtbag Xbox 360 Recommendations

It‘s not exclusive, but I’d recommend folks to check out Fighting Vipers which is a great top-tier 3D fighter from the team that made Virtua Fighter. It might not be to everyone‘s liking but the cool character designs, armor mechanics, and cage-based combat make it stand out.

I don’t think it's that well-remembered these days but IMO the Saturn version is one of the defining games on the platform.

Similarly, [Sonic the Fighters](https://www.xbox.com/en-us/games/store/Sonic-the-Fighters/BVXG5MD1R3WC) is another classic fighting game, the XBLA/PS3 versions have enhancements over the arcade or Gamecube version (ie Honey the Cat as an unlockable character) and is a more substantial fighter than a lot of folks seem to think. It might not be a top-tier fighter but I'd say it's of above average quality. WITH SONIC!

@“Nemoide”#p129861 a little off the main topic here, but


@“captain”#p129777 the only thing I know about Age of Booty is that to this day one Jeff Gerstmann claims he can no longer stand the smell of rum because of this stream: https://www.giantbomb.com/videos/age-of-booty-preview-ish/2300-46/

@"robinhoodie"#p129833 what in da world. i played the n64 port a bunch back in the day, probably worth checking this out even if only for curiosity's sake. never knew it existed!

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is stuck on Xbox 360 and PS3.

@“Nemoide”#p129861 When that Sonic the Fighters came out on Xbox, my friends and I spent way more time then I ever thought we would playing it. Some good, dumb memories

I actually have a Kinect for my 360. They came together in the same ad so I couldn't pass it up. What are some Kinect games to check out besides Child of Eden?

@“connrrr”#p130142 Dance Masters (aka Dance Evolution) is one of Konami‘s Bemani games which makes it worth checking out if you like their other rhythm games.

Sonic Free Riders has long piqued my interest because I remember having fun with the first Sonic Riders. It’s probably not that good but may be interesting!

Rise of Nightmares is a horror game by Sega. That's enough to sell me on it.

@“connrrr”#p130142 Dark Dreams Don't Die, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

@“connrrr”#p130142 Yea, you want all these ones people mentioned (D4!), and also diabolical pitch (grasshopper baseball thing), and the awful sega survival horror game that barely works, rise of nightmares. you'll have a great (“great”) time just slamming your head against the concept of trying to move around.

@“Nemoide”#p130155 thank you!!

@"exodus"#p130226 lmao, queuing this up for Hallowe'en scares then!!

@"andrewelmore"#p130223 D4 uses Kinect?? I guess I'll understand it when I play it. I have never kinected before.

Just remembered Left 4 Dead 2 DLC is still available for purchase on 360. Can be played on Xbox One/Series but only purchasable thru the 360 marketplace. They include new maps as well as the original L4D maps. (Of course these are all free on the Steam version of L4D2, I am without a computer that can play it unfortunately).

@“connrrr”#p130142 the Xbox 360 store might be officially closed in 2024 but I realized that in 2023 the system is barely functioning. I turned mine on for the first time in a few years and:

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    From power on to dashboard : 53 seconds, phew that's painful

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    I regularly get "error code 8B050033" which is explained elsewhere as "note that this occurs when the Xbox servers are undergoing maintenance. Try again in a while."

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    hung while "opening" a brand new disc game in the DVD drive

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    It errored out trying to Remove a pinned game in a list.

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    It took minutes to open the TV and movie store. I am not sure it works but it's there.

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    It loads the wrong cover art or no cover art for multiple games in my library.

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    Try to access Purchase History--> it tries to Download Internet Explorer. Slowly gets to 100% and then fails out. Or soft locks the system on a blank screen.

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    status code 4497-0000-D080-0200-807B-01F7 when attempting to get a title update, and the only way to play the game sometimes is to hit the Xbox button to interrupt that and skip it if you don't mind playing offline. No idea why they can't keep title updates servers running.

  • That said, also note we can't download free DLC without adding a credit card, but that's just a one time annoyance.

    And in the case of one game in particular I was shown this error, but it worked on a subsequent attempt: [URL=https://i.imgur.com/K1wnB50.png][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/K1wnB50.png[/IMG][/URL]

    So my first recommendation would be to try to get the things you already are entitled to, because who knows how long any of this will work. Good luck everyone.

    But I second the Kinect recommendations and Dance Central trilogy which you can get for the price of a burrito and it's really good. If you're getting a Kinect for the first time, note that there were multiple hardware revisions.

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    Lost Planet 1&2

  • And my last dirtbag tip is that you can use the KronusMax to make an Xbox Series X Elite controller work for the 360

    @“tanuki”#p130580 Kinect info, mine is model 1414. Very good point about there being different models. D4 is an Xbone game (very handy list), therefore not playable with the sensor I have. The game is in my library but I couldn‘t kinect my Kinect to my Xbone to play it because they function completely differently. I’d need a Kinect for Xbox One. Too bad, but maybe I'll get one of those too someday.

    Like damn, *Alien: Isolation* with Kinect? I wouldn't mind playing some of that again with the mechanics Kinect introduces.

    @“connrrr”#p130583 I don't remember who tipped me off to this method of mounting my Kinect on top of a razor thin modern TV but it has worked like a charm: https://youtu.be/byR0A5XxWyM?si=3rde9xDEiOudb87V

    If I were going to buy just one Froza / Forza Horizon game for the 360, which one would be the best one?

    @“rearnakedwindow”#p136523 if you have a wheel go with Motorsport 4. If not, the original horizon.

    @“rearnakedwindow”#p136523 seconding @tomjonjon‘s recommendation of FM4, though I think it works with or without a wheel. I’d recommend getting them all if you‘re able since they will likely never be available again, but that having been said, Forza Motorsport 4 is the move regardless. I hear from friends in my Racing Game Weirdo circles that Horizon 2 is “better” than the first one, but I’m not into the Horizon entries at all so I can't speak from personal experience there, really.

    @“rearnakedwindow”#p136523 I am on the Horizon side of the divide by a big margin, but I will go for Horizon 1 over Horizon 2. Horizon 2 on the XBO is clearly the vision they had for the game, while the 360 version is an interesting take on the material. But Horizon 1 is 360 ONLY. I would also recommend it if you are new to series as it is decidedly more compact than any entry that followed it.

    @“robinhoodie”#p136545 good point!! I forgot about all the cross-gen stuff regarding Horizon 2.

    @“andrewelmore”#p136548 It is in the same VERY small box as the Rise of the Tomb Raider 360 version where I can't see it being the version anyone would ever say is the one to get, but both are fascinating cross gen comparisons. It is hard to think of too many other games that were built for PS4 / XBO first that threw a bone back to the older console. I guess Titan Fall is the only other one? Hmm… all of them for Xbox.