Do we need to break this forum down into sub-forums?

Alrighty, we have gotten to a Healthy Number of People in this forum to where I tried to catch up on a 10-day backlog of posts yesterday and it took me literally the entire day to do so. We‘re averaging 90 posts per day, which is cool!! I’ve said it before but it's great to watch a forum and community grow rather than shrink in 2020.

That said, I wonder how people feel about the current organization of the forum. is there too much to scroll through? would categories (video games / other stuff) that you could accordion open and closed help more, or be disruptive?

I wouldn't want this to be the type of forum that has 20 categories (genesis games! saturn games!) with one post each in them, so I don't like the idea of compartmentalizing too much. But it miiiight help be able to visually scroll and parse what you're looking at to have two, maybe three categories? Not totally sure what those would be aside from games/not games, but maybe someone has ideas.

ALSO maybe it's totally absolutely fine and we should leave it how it is. Very curious to hear what everyone has to say, so please voice your feelings!

I would be interested to try it. Fun to think about what the categories could be, though.

i'm down for that!

Could we use the existing category tags as a start?

Don‘t the categories on the sidebar already kinda fulfill this purpose? Maybe I don’t understand what you mean.

Personally, I like the way it is right now with everything just being all together. I like the way threads sometimes blend into other threads and every user is everywhere. I have noticed that threads have recently begun to descend more rapidly, but I still think the pace is reasonable. There are new cool threads almost every day, but if you leave for a day or two, it's rare that you will miss a thread that was born and died during that time.

just one thing I’m concerned about: please if possible don’t make an ““off topic” section. I feel like that space conditions people to argue or be especially obnoxious/inappropriate.

I like how everyone is in the same boat and there aren’t any corners in which to indulge in being a shit-head


@MichaelDMcGrath#13006 Could we use the existing category tags as a start?

I thought that was already their function.

@yeso#13017 what if it was called Chill Vibes Only Zone or something

i'm in favor of breaking it down into sections, but i don’t hate it so much all being together either. i *do* think eventually that will become untenable, so to me it’s more of a When than an If.

i like it all together, it's more casual

@Video_Game_King#13022 oh, I just now realized you can filter on that

I don‘t mind the current setup so much. In my humble opinion, I would rather browse one big board with lots of different discussions than lots of separate boards each with their own discussion. But that’s just me.


I know this is coming from me, the guy who sometimes likes to post longer things here, but maybe the exact opposite, like an "effortpost" category (but dont call it that), might encourage/welcome people to take the plunge on posting their own longer or more in depth breakdowns of stuff in a way that wont get as quickly lost in the noise.

It's probably not nessacery and we wouldnt want to invent superfluous categories, just thinking out loud

Sounds like people don‘t generally want it just yet - I might see about us cloning the forum and giving an example of what it accordioned out would look like, because as esper says EVENTUALLY it’ll be a big list and stuff will get lost. I don't want folks to get burned out or feel overwhelmed either.

Well, maybe we'll experiment, and I'll come back to this later. I think for the time being though, I WOULD like to get a mod or two going here, because while everything's cool at present, if we get to a scenario where I can't pay attention to every post I will start to not notice when problems arise, which always spells the end of a community! I'll have a think about that for a while.

I kind of like the way that I can in these wretched times, just pop in here and see what people are actively talking about and then decide to comment or not. I dunno, this is like the best version of a social media feed I have ever experienced.

A good compromise might be the ability to switch between the everything-all-together view we currently have, and an alternate view where the posts are collapsed according to the category tags - I think that might be the best of both worlds!


@Moon#13035 an “effortpost” category (but dont call it that), might encourage/welcome people to take the plunge on posting their own longer or more in depth breakdowns of stuff in a way that wont get as quickly lost in the noise.

As someone who greatly enjoyed reading your essay on Cyberpunk, and subsequently inspired to also start working on something of a similar scope, I'm greatly in favor of something like this.

I echo the general sentiment of keeping it flat, but adding more tags. Can you add multiple tags to the thread? I’m not sure what the technical limitations of the software is.

I totally agree with this sentiment. We have lots of enjoyable tangents and sidebars within the framework of our shared interests here. The "off topics" always seem to get ugly fast.

I definitely feel like it‘s reached the point where I have no hope of keeping track of every thread anymore. Though I also don’t really feel like sub-forums would help that much? Like other people have pointed out there's already the tag system. I do think adding a mod would be a good idea for the reasons you mentioned.

@Moon#13035 I think sectioning off the in-depth/specific topics could be a good idea, for example the cyberpunk thread or the factorio thread etc. I feel like those are the kinds of threads we want to keep around and not buried, but will be more active when someone contributes a detailed post or discussion picks up for a stretch

Could also be a good place to keep threads like the suikoden or dq threads that split off from a originating thread

My main concern again is that we keep the whole thing broadly oriented to the videogame/media/art directions we have, and we don't do a politics subforum or why work sucked today etc - would echo what others have said that we need to keep social media soul-poison out at all costs

Of course need to consider work load for a mod helping out in what I presume would be their free time