Do we need to break this forum down into sub-forums?

i have zero suggestions for how to organize or categorize the forum, but generally, yeah, i do find it slightly overwhelming to look through a huge list. buuuuut maybe that helps facilitate more organic discussion, idk.

I like how the forum is right now, because I‘m not always interested in 100% of the threads so it doesn’t bother me to scroll a bit, but I realize that is contingent on the amount of activity we have. If it increases it could become uncomfortable easily.

To me the ideal solution would be to be able to filter through categories (kind of how it is right now, but with more choices so the filtering works better) but leaving the "all discussions" tab available so people like me who's interested in checking a bit of everything can keep doing so.

Compartimentalizing too much is always a risk because it can end up creating different groups of people that don't interact with each other, and while I don't think that's bad per se I kind of like how the current design subtly encourages everyone to check stuff outside of their comfort zone and learn about each other's interests :)


@JoJoestar#13144 Compartimentalizing too much is always a risk because it can end up creating different groups of people that don’t interact with each other, and while I don’t think that’s bad per se I kind of like how the current design subtly encourages everyone to check stuff outside of their comfort zone and learn about each other’s interests :slight_smile:

I agree with this too... I'm more in favor of sectioning off than not but either way if it is done at some point, seems like it would be best to do so as gradually as possible and to see how it works out. 2-3 sections max at first.

I think the first thing we‘ll work on is allowing two tags per thread - I don’t know why we couldn't do it initially, but there was some reason I thiiiiink



I kind of like the way that I can in these wretched times, just pop in here and see what people are actively talking about and then decide to comment or not. I dunno, this is like the best version of a social media feed I have ever experienced.

This sums up how I feel too. I really like it the way it is and visiting this place is a bright spot in my day, every day.

i think it would be nice if it was optional; keep the “All Discussions” section as it is, and have an additional “All Categories” page where things are organized that way.

I'll use this thread for a related suggestion that I just thought of:

Unless you've been here for awhile and have been consistently following all the discussions, it's kind of difficult to know what has and has not been already made into a thread. There's almost a year's worth of content on here, so I imagine that for some newer people it might be a little overwhelming? It was overwhelming for me at least when I joined, and back then the forum was only a few months old.

I wonder if it might be helpful to have a sticky thread that has links to some of the more notable threads on here, perhaps in categories (e.g. "threads that list games recommendations for a specific system", "personal projects/write-ups", "guides for niche hardware/software setups"). This kind of thing would make it a lot easier for people to find older threads, I think.

I suppose a similar effect could be had by adding a whole bunch of tags that are more specific than just "video games" and leaving it to all of us to properly tag our threads — but this wouldn’t help navigating what's already here, unless someone retroactively tagged the old threads.

There are probably lots of other solutions besides these — I guess the preferred one would depend on how much we'd want it to be maintained and by who — but however it's done, I think some kind of directory would be really useful. If it helps, I'd be willing to volunteer myself to go through old threads and make a preliminary list of important seeming ones. Or someone could just make a thread where everyone posts their suggestions.

So just to address a few things!

  • - I suggest to everyone to use the tags on the side to filter the forum down to the categories you wanna view discussions in. In my opinion no matter how we filter eventually there will be too many discussions going on for any one person to follow. This is normal! We can obviously try and improve navigation and filtering but we're all gonna hit a wall.
  • - The reason you can't have two tags is because the software has a concept of primary and secondary tags. You can only every have one primary but multiple secondary days. Right now all our tags are primary tags. So we could make a bunch of secondary tags.
  • - We have to try and balance the amount of work tweaking/modifying/maintaining with the amount of time we all have. I don't want to offer some unrealistic expectation of how we can overhaul the entire forum.
  • Here's some simple things we can try.

  • - Create a bunch of secondary tags so people can tag more specifically. We originally didn‘t do this because we weren’t sure how many people would be posting. Open to suggestions here!
  • - **Make some people mods.** This would allow people to make a sticky thread with links to notable threads and other things like that. THE COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS thread etc.
  • I think secondary tags can be good, and a notable conversations thread could be interesting, though it‘d have to be updated and I wouldn’t want anyone to feel slighted for not having a thread in there, etc!

    definitely we need mods... not sure how to go about that just yet with a young forum! it'd have to be somebody who wants to read every thread daily basically!

    I noticed yesterday that I was unable to delete my own thread! I feel bad for starting a twice redundant SEGA Saturn thread. Now it's too late and the thread has a Will to live a life of its own.

    @treefroggy#14139 I have to review the permissions! some of the english isn‘t so descriptive. So it’s hard to know if I'd be giving everyone permission to delete their own discussion or anyones discussion!

    Yeah so far (emphasis on so far) I feel like I‘ve read most posts on the site and haven’t really felt the need for moderation in terms of dickishness. As far as “shaping discussion” and moderating redundant/similar topics… there is just no need for that, and all it does is promote homogeneity in my opinion.


    @Syzygy#14155 Elsewhere I argued in favor of allowing thread revivals, but on the other hand, is there really anything wrong with having the same thread over again? If there’s a Saturn recommendations thread every few months (for example) and people name a lot of the same games each time— well, what’s the harm? As for benefits, “what are some cool games” prompts a conversation and “construct the definitive list to which we will refer back” starts a fight. And even if the list of recommendations came out identical that still charts the passion of individuals/the community for those games, and invites revisiting the whyfors.

    I love this overall sentiment and agree wholeheartedly

    So many of the conversations here end up being super useful as references to people like me who don‘t know that much about games but are interested in knowing more – the fact that they occur as organic discussions, with people giving their opinions and attaching random personal stories and trivia makes them even more useful. My point is that it would just be nice if there were a navigational structure that made it easier for people who weren’t part of the conversations to find them, say, five years from now. I‘m trying to be careful with what I say, because this isn’t a super important problem, and it wouldn't be me putting the work into dealing with it. I just feel like I have spent half my life wading through old conversations on the internet, trying to find things that have been forgotten, and it seems to me that indexing things as they are created ends up being a lot less work than doing so after the fact.

    Anyways, reading what Shane wrote, I feel like secondary tags would be the better solution to my particular problem. I'm curious what the interface for them actually looks like though? Are they displayed along the side the same way primary tags are, or do they show up somewhere else?

    So I've made two kinds of sub tags for people to play around with and get a feel for what we want can do.

  • 1. The first one is secondary tags as sub tags. This is useful for filtering down in a topic. (Video Games/Sega rather than just Video Games.)
  • 2. The second one at the bottom of all the tags is secondary tags that can be applied to any discussion. The example I've added is an insert credit favorite, lists!!!
  • play around with them and see what you think

    good, no nintendo!

    glancing through that last couple weeks of threads, here are a few potential tags that could go anywhere (maybe you can think of better/more succinct words for some of them): "recommendations", "show and tell", "personal experiences", "news".

    is there a way to browse through multiple tags at once? e.g. to look at stuff that is tagged as both Video Game/Sega and lists?

    @Jtwo#14158 yeah, definitely - I don‘t think anyone wants a ’shaping discussion‘ mod, this is more like… more people are joining and I’m unable to look at every thread every day, so I don‘t want someone to come in and intentionally wreck stuff and have that be up for 24 hours and alienate everyone, if you know what I mean! anybody could come in here and just hate on everything if they wanted to right now, it’s really just a protection against that.

    @Syzygy#14291 yeah, i agree, ask Jaffe!

    @exodus#14286 gotcha. Fo sho

    @saddleblasters#14283 you can't filter both for Video Games/Sega and Lists from the side bar, but you can use the search window and do “tag:lists tag:sega” which will filter both. I need to confirm all this but I just did tag:lists tag:videogames to find one video game thread tagged with lists and it worked.