Drink check thread

Yes. I saw them both.

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Gamer grub


Curious what the Breakfast Club was! I’m trying to come up with an eighties themed cocktail for an event in a couple weeks and was thinking of using movie names

2-3 Boulevardiers in a pint glass. I got to the bar down the street right before they closed and was graced with enough drink to get me through the post-shift-pre-day-off-session.

Kinda hard to see on the ticket, but this is my strawberry shrub based cocktail named after Celeste, the Celestial Highball. I had thought about trying out some shrubs on the menu at work, but the manager who left shortly after I started left us with a mocktail menu with 3 shrub drinks that were incredibly vinegary. I think a lot of the rest of the staff were a little wary of them, but I wanted to do a strawberry drink for Spring, and the shrub is a pretty low maintenance ingredient to make, and with a long shelf life.

This is the ginger salt lemonade that I just put onto our N/A menu. This picture is from an event the restaurant did in March where the chef wanted to send out an aperitif type beverage without loading all the guests up on booze. I put it on the full menu just because I was so happy with it. It uses a lemon cheong, which is basically a preserve made by covering fruit with sugar. I tried it out in an effort to use lemons that had already been peeled, and it worked better than I expected. I like that it has that clear look to it as well; I’d never framed it this way, but I guess the sugar pulls a clarified juice from the lemons by leaving the flesh of the lemon intact.

I got the idea of adding salt from a pho restaurant that I like a lot. I don’t know the origins of salt lemonade, but I loved when I tried it and wanted to try to ape it.

  • Tim Rogers Adam Driver in Ferrari voice* a lager so good it’d make the Pope weep

(It’s okay)


I often wonder “What is the best Italian beer?” Because most of the Italian beer I’ve had has been mediocre or bad. But they’ve gotta have some secret weapons, right?

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Ok, it’s now beer time. I’m at the local dive bar (in the town I’ve lived in for long enough to know several people here). I, believe it or not, am typically more of a cocktail guy, but I am daily more endeared to the bar on the bottom floor of a hotel/boarding house on my street.

Trying to find some inspiration or effort to put into a summer drink menu for work, but I’m feeling sorta burned out these days.


It’s probably pretty easy to recognize this lighting and background as the one bar I usually go to. Not a Boulevardier. This drink is Bourbon, Aperol, Green Chartreuse, Antica Formula Vermouth, and some Angostura (I think) bitters. Really tasty. The new bartender at this spot suggested it knowing what my usual drink is. It’s a little more abrasive than a Bouly, but not at all in a bad way. The chartreuse shows up as sort of minty against everything else.