Dumpster Fire games

i didn't even get to the tadtones before i decided skyward sword sucked

@“yeso”#p64807 haven‘t played the game and don’t know what tad tones are but did you forget to dowse? saw this on the wiki


It is possible to dowse for Tadtones, however, this option only becomes available partway through the challenge after Link has collected a certain number of Tadtones.

hope this helps

i don‘t know nothin’ about the game, but reading the word tadtones makes me itchy.


@“pasquinelli”#p64873 actually, ignore me. everything that comes to mind actually belongs in the contrarian corner thread, (is that what it’s called, the thread for well-regarded games you don’t like?)

[It is now](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/413-mortal-kontrarian-korner-crapsack-of-the-year-edition/347)


@“Jax”#p64869 The only reason 95% of the audience has given this game a long enough leash to get to this point is because of the word Zelda.

I've said something largely to this effect over in the "games everyone likes that you think are bad" thread, but as a non-zelda-player this seems to hold true for the entire franchise.
(holy heck I do not understand the near-spiritual rapturous love for Breath of the Wild and maintain that if it did not have the world "Zelda" on the title screen opinions would be different)


I struggle to bring any specific examples to mind, but was exploring the breadth and depth of DOS shareware offerings at the time (1990 through to about 1994? some titles were authored in the late 80's however). There was a local weekend market where someone was running a stall and doing the thing where "I'm not selling the games, I'm selling the floppy they come on!" ... but the prices were reasonable. I think they were something like $2 a disk. I remember even buying a box of ten blank floppies (anywhere, not just this stall) wasn't exactly cheap. Most weekends, I'd go down to the market and flip through the boxes and boxes of disks that were out and pick stuff. Sometimes it had a cool name, sometimes it was a game I'd heard about from a friend at school, sometimes I just grabbed at random. The stall owner also knew when good/big games were coming and would have them out separately. Shareware copies of wolf3d, doom, keen 4, etc etc.

Some of those deep cuts from the shareware pile truely were irredeemably bad.
They were useful I suppose, because they gave contrast to many of the others which were just, perhaps, "flawed". They allowed me to see the good parts of those flawed games, since I had genuinely bad examples to compare to.

...I just wish I could recall any specific titles.

I know it's irrational but sometimes I feel bad talking shit about things like the tadtones bc what if the person who worked really hard on them and was really proud of them and told their mom about it or whatever, and then they read what I said…

I guess this is kind of a gimme answer because the main reason anyone knows about it is because it became a gag gift on Steam, but Bad Rats is the most dumpster fire of a game that I know I‘ve played. All you really need to know is that it’s a sort of sequence based kind-of-a-Lemmings-like that is all about setting up sequences to shove a ball into a specific spot to disgustingly murder a cartoon cat, except it‘s actually not a puzzle game because it’s just a physics based nonsense simulator with depth, as in, three axes of movement, for no reason. I hate it

@“Gaagaagiins”#p64906 oh god I got gifted that game a while back as a joke, i should play it

@“marlfuchs2”#p64907 I think if you are gifted it, you are obliged to play it. I withstood 31 minutes, according to my Steam Library entry for it. I think I might have lost the willpower after perhaps seeing the Islamophobic caricature of a suicide bomber rat

Saved up my money for weeks and weeks and weeks as a kid so I could get my hands on Smarties: Meltdown. A PS2 game based on the UK chocolate Smarties. You play as a Smartie on a giant Smartie-shaped spaceship. I haven‘t touched it since I was like, 9, but I can remember the instant buyer’s remorse once I began playing.[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/XgKwPcg.jpeg]



I can only really talk about catherine: classic, i don‘t know if any of the main plot is changed besides adding new characters.

>! If there is something that game has to say it is: lies are bad for human relationship.

>! Vincent lies often, other people are shown doing the same thing, keeping truth from others and hurting others and themself (that painful factor i think is shame).


Relationship requires 2 people, and it’s selfish to think that hidden truth doesn't matter (as shown in game with paranoia about cheating targeted at Katherine by Vincent), also polyamory is not a option because Katherine is interested in different life with Vincent.

@“Samograj”#p64939 that might be fine except I think the game commits to the implication that Erica's >!being trans at all!< is inherently deception and she should be punished for it.

[Persona 5](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/139-shout-room/62) might not be as disgusting as Catherine but I played way more of it and it's a personal dumpster fire of mine. That game was so mean to Ryuji and Ann, who are good kids!! Yusuke may or may not have been originally intended to be a gay romance option but in the final game he is a creep. I don't know where the teacher part-timing as a meido social link goes and I don't care. I know Futaba was sort of held up as a win for neurodivergent representation but also, sorry, I hated her a lot. I hated Morgana and wanted to empathize with him too but the Persona team's sense of humour comes out the loudest in those characters, and it is a **bad** sense of humour. I would not want to be friends with these dudes—they are almost certainly obnoxious creeps.

Kojima's female characters post-The Boss are a dumpster fire of male gazy stunt-casting but, you know, he doesn't *have* to have any women in his games. Someone should let him know that. He could just not have any. Make every one of his games like The Thing—Bechdel failures from start to finish. I'd be OK with that!!

I‘ve got a number of games under my belt that I consider total dumpster fire games:

Bram Stoker’s Dracula for Sega CD is every bit as awful as the internet would have you believe. I could get past the ugly graphics, I could get past the nonsense FMVs that use clips from the movie in a way that doesn‘t make sense, but there’s no getting past that terrible gameplay. That game is a top-to-bottom stinker.

Lunar: Dragon Song for Nintendo DS is the worst JRPG I've played. Some of that was a matter of the wrong expectations. I knew I wouldn't be playing something on the level of the Sega CD Lunar games, but it's FAR WORSE than I imagined. The entire game is dragged out and way too slow to be fun. Combat is a slog - you can hold down a button to fast forward, but it's still slow and boring. On your first playthrough, you're likely to end up overleveled and the game auto-balances by making enemies stronger, causing battles to last even longer. Translation errors make some of the sidequests more difficult than they should be. It's mostly annoying that with combat you have to chose between getting XP or getting items that help you get gold but you can't get both. Really a lousy game. It does have great character designs at least!

Motocross Championship for 32X is my pick for worst game in the Sega 32X library (I've played about half the system's library). The display is nonsense with fonts that don't fit the tone of the game. The game itself is deeply unfun and the more time you spend with it, the more bad things about it you find. The closest thing to a positive I can say about it is that it's really easy once you figure out how it works.

But I'm glad there are people out there advocating to play bad games! Playing bad games helps you understand what makes good ones that good. I also have definitely built up a certain fondness for certain bad games.

yeah thing thing with the catherine/persona writing is that it’s fine and even decent for a while but then they’ll do this bizarre swerve that no one asked for lol

@“connrrr”#p64946 yeah exactly this. I‘m fine with a game promoting honesty, its when that game’s examples of dishonesty are polyamory and queer themes that it starts feeling real gross


damn, i'm really sorry about the wall of text...

that's a really good question. why did i ever like _kingdom hearts_ as much as i did? it's hard for me to point to any specific thing, but i just found it to be a really nice place to inhabit. _kingdom hearts 2_ was a development from the first one, but it didn't really develop that... i guess the word is _hangoutitude_-- it gave the combat more spectacle, it made the gummy ship stuff a little slicker iirc. there were nice improvements but some of the worlds were... lacking in hangoutitude. _kingdom hearts 3_ was a further development along the same trajectory, the wrong trajectory, to my mind. i finished _kingdom hearts_, i think i gave up on _kingdom hearts 2_ about 80% of the way through the main story, and i didn't get very far at all into _kingdom hearts 3_. you can add salt to a soup to enhance its flavor, but at some point you'll make it inedible. you could do theme park rides in fight now, but the hangoutitude was fucked.

i guess that makes sense. it conveys my thoughts on _kingdom hearts 3_. but my thoughts are full of shit, don't listen to them. thoughts are too fixated on their object. my thoughts on _kingdom hearts 3_ are too fixated on _kingdom hearts 3_.

i would've never picked up _kingdom hearts_ on my own. the first time i played it, i did so because the disc was in the ps2; my wife had left it there. she was playing through it for the second time, i'm not sure if there was a particular reason, maybe she'd picked it up with _kingdom hearts 2_ secondhand and was refreshing herself on it. since she was a fan of it, i decided to see for myself what these kingdom hearts were all about. at that time my schedule was all over the place and she worked nights. the first time i played it i was snuggled up in bed waiting up for her to get home from work. i kept on playing it because she was playing it. she got through _kh1_ before me. she burned out on the _kh2's_ postgame before i finished its main story. i picked up _kh3_ many years and two children later when i was at the store for something else because it was on sale for $20. she'd been saying she wanted to have a game to play but she didn't know what. when she picked up _kh3_ she got a migraine as soon as she started playing, something about the frame rate and the field of view being very wide, i think.

i liked _kingdom hearts_ because i was playing it with her, basically. i burnt out on _kh2_ because she did. i can critique the game and invent justifications within the game for why i did or didn't like it, but actually i'm a very simple creature. i lost interest in _kh3_ because she couldn't play it. it's not complicated.

no game on its own is anything. you know how much _wcw nitro_ i played? that game sucks, but it was awesome, because i was playing it with my stupid friend who loved wrestling. _mortal kombat_ was stiff and very dorky, but what's so special about _street fighter 2_? well, another friend of mine and i played it all the time. that same friend and i would go down to a cow pasture and bother the cows until they teamed up to chase us away. we would bother the older girl across the street from him until she also chased us away. we'd play king of the mountain on a pile of refuse at a place we called the dump but i have no idea what it really was, except that it wasn't the dump. i could go on, but i won't. these activities, they don't have any merit.

i don't like or dislike anything because of its merits. a thing in isolation is nothing. it doesn't matter what the game is, actually. all dharmas are marked with emptiness.

_kingdom hearts 3_ is a dumpster fire though, but not in the way that this thread is about. you can tell it was a dumpster fire because of how long it took to make.