E3 is dead (now officially)

ESA has decided to pull the plug on the event.


Well, i guess nobody is surprised at this point.

[“E3 Dead (now official)”,“E3 is dead (now officially)”]

E3 dying is neat because it happens to line up with the year I‘ve felt most disinterested in AAA games and marketing nonsense, further pushing me into the delusion that I am, as I’ve always suspected, the one manifesting the world around me. Welcome to My World😈

Okay, not really. It's true that I am thoroughly disinterested in all the big marketing stuff these days but I still would have been down for an E3 because at the very least it's not the Game Awards! Bummed for all the folks that benefited from E3 in some way!!

Big time RIP for E3.

I used to see the pop and circumstance in magazines and online and dreamed of attending. Getting to work the show in 2019 was a career highlight. Even though everyone said the show wasn't what it used to be it was still quite a spectacle.

Woooo yesss kill it

Let’s progress and change and move on

Let’s have a poll for best year of E3
Spoiler: it’s 2001

Also Los Angeles doesn’t deserve to have video game expos anymore. Have it in Mexico City or something


Good riddance. Flying in people from all over the world for demos seems very indulgent in a post-COVID world where practically everyone has conferencing capability in their home(s). Any step toward being more environmentally conscious is a win in my book.

yeah, doesn‘t make much sense in the age of streaming and video calls. still, having that kind of direct marketing competition delivered some surreal moments over the years that probably won’t happen in any other context.


E3 always seemed kinda dumb to me!!! Probably smelled awful! I think 2006 was the last time I ever really watched any floor tours or one of those livestreams Gamespot used to do (back when livestreaming anything was kind of novel).

Kentia Hall seemed legit tho.

Here's a good twitland thread from @"exodus"#3


I know what we are losing. I am concerned what the North American industry will get instead. Not sure I want the team behind The Game Awards to set up an industry-oriented event.

This will undoubtedly increase the importance of GDC, DICE, TGS and the various iterations of Gamescom (Germany, Singapore, Brazil).

I met one of my best friends there, but I also (apologetically) held a Wii U controller strapped to the body of a woman there. E3 was often interesting, but more as a result of getting that much video game stuff into one space at one time every year. I don‘t credit the ESA for much of anything. I’m also not looking forward to Geoff Keighley's brand moving in to fill this gap.

Used to take off of work to watch all of the streams starting in 2009. Watching GiantBomb during the show and interviewing people at night later on was great and really helped put a face on people I had heard or read about. Always wanted to go since I read about E3 in Nintendo Power in 90's so watching the events was the closest I would ever get.


E3 was ultimately about relationships between people in the industry and offered them a chance to hang out, show things off and talk about stuff. We were on the outside wanting to get in, but we really shouldn't be there. All of the gaffes and weird presentations were part of the charm, but you could feel the pressure mounting for the people on stage as the internet watched. When Sony and Nintendo just jumped ship and started showing pre-recorded videos, and E3 started selling tickets to the public I knew it was the beginning of the end.

Agree with @"◉◉maru"#p144005 about it being important, but a replacement being hard to find. Maybe Summer Games Fest can become something decent if they focus more on the letting studio's show off games/demos and make it less of a one stage trailer show. Guess it depends on if companies are willing to participate and have some humility again.

I never got to go! And in 2019, when I kinda had the ability to go, it seemed like not the kinda show I wanted to go to. And if it existed this year, it definitely wouldn't have been the show I wanted to go to.

I'm sad to see E3 go away, but I've been enjoying revisiting old E3 coverage from places like Giant Bomb back in 2013. It's fun to get into the hype again for older games, and listen to the predictions that would or wouldn't pan out.

RIP E3. You sure were Video Games.