E3/ Summer Games 2021 general discussion

@“tomjonjon”#p34134 OK, have to admit the animation on GLaDOG is pretty cool

@“2501”#p34128 I think we’re pretty open-minded here, souls isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and there’s a lot of people here who never got into it, and no one has stirred up any drama!

Anyways, while I believe SotN may have been peak video game graphics, I don’t require all side-scrollers to be pixel art, but I do require one of two things:

  • - The 3D graphics should be wonderful looking. All too often stuff looks downright cheap, and that makes the entire game a waste if you ask me. It’s 2021, shit needs to stop looking so bad.
  • - if non-pixel 2d art, do it like Wonder Boy the Dragon’s Trap, and make it look awesome
  • In fact, I prefer either of those over modern pixel art. Because I’m tired of it, and usually it falls short anyway! Exceptions include Sonic Mania, and that’s about it.

    @“connrrr”#p34130 I mean I never really thought of it… but now I do.

    @“billy”#p34110 OK, the METROID 5 text immediately after mentioning Prime 4 absolutely slayed me and immediately made me think of this (spoilers for the ending of Frog Fractions 2):

    ||[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/lOEOSUv.png]||

    idk what the general consensus was on Samus Returns but from what I remember it was overwhelmingly Alright. I played it once, enjoyed it well enough, and doubt I’ll ever play through it again. It came out around the general time I left the old Select Button community, and I remember some of the old-school Metroid diehards there were extremely bitter about it. I don’t have some super strong attachment to the original Metroid II but it definitely is true the remake stripped out much of the open-endedness and atmosphere that made it unique, plus made some odd immersion-killing design choices like giving you an ability to automatically fill in chunks of the map and locate powerups without having to actually explore them first.

    On another note, I kinda hope _Metroid Prime 4_ just ends up being a launch title for Switch 2 because if there’s any Nintendo game that deserves superior hardware that would be the one. For that matter I also hope they drop the “4” and distance it as much from the previous games and “series canon” as possible. I remember reading that a big part of the reason the previous _Metroid Prime_ sequels turned out so conservative and forgettable was because Sakamoto and Kensuke Tanabe shot down Retro Studios’ more interesting pitches in the interest of rigidly dictating what _Metroid_/Samus can and can’t do. Hope they no longer have that kind of authority, especially since Nintendo went back to Retro hat in hand after their first stab at developing _Prime 4_ with that Malaysian studio or whatever fell through. I feel like Retro have more than proven their worth enough over the course of two whole decades to be granted some more autonomy than just being “Nintendo’s large US studio”.

    @"treefroggy"#p34141 Yeah I didn’t mean any shade at anyone here lol, never seen differences of opinion on this forum be anything but chill (give or take the occasional irritability about whether liking _Earthbound_ is or is not mainstream)

    Am I the only person excited about Cruis'n Blast?

    I find most of E3 and the culture around it alienating but I was emotionally shook when I saw Advance Wars show up which went like this:

  • - oh it's not a new game
  • - oh it doesn't look too hot
  • - oh it doesn't seem like much is getting added to it (apart from online play)
  • - oh it's full price and I already have these games
  • - OH WayForward are making it...lol
  • anyway I'm glad I went through that in about an hour and not over a period of months leading to months, but that was a nice reminder for why I shouldn't take these things seriously!

    (I'm sure the game will be fine for what it is but I don't know why it needed to be made and why they can't just sell GBA games on the Switch =/ )

    @“Lesmocon”#p34163 i was a bit taken aback by the remake being full priced too. I’d love to just buy the originals on my switch and call it a day.


    This might be the thing I’m most interested in actually playing from this E3 thus far. I’d love Sony to have a State of Play in the coming weeks and change my mind.

    any reactions to the smt V footage? I watched half the trailer but will save it for a non phone screen once I’m home. Will be on the look out for signs of persona disease

    A lot of companies do this thing I hate where they‘re like

    Is this property still profitable? Seems to be beloved by fans……

    Lets make a really low budget, shittier version for newer hardware that lacks the charm of the original, and see if they buy it.

    Oh, they didn’t buy it? Delete all our backups of prior releases, this series doesn't deserve to exist anymore.

    @“2501”#p34150 Completely agree with your assessment of Prime 4…I would love Nintendo to make a clean break with the Metroid “canon” and reinvent it as something that evokes the space desolation simulators that were the first three games (please reference my post in the From Software thread for my humble wishes).

    As for Samus Returns...yeah I was excited in theory, but that excitement waned fast enough that I never even actually played it (lol). I have a lot of nostalgia for the GB original--I don't think that this means it was impossible to do right by remaking it, but I _sure as heck_ did not like what they did with the soundtrack.

    edit: sorry, I just realized that I am linking the From thread in a reply to your comment about Souls related lambasting...please do not misinterpret this as a veiled threat!

    @“yeso”#p34168 There‘s absolutely nothing in the trailer that makes me think it will have any real similarities to persona. Main character design seems divisive but I really like it. Seems clearly pretty inspired by Nocturne and has a similar set-up to SMT1. They even didn’t go into bananas P5 UI territory. Seems SMT through and through.

    JP trailer is really good btw:


    way forward really looked at Advance Wars and said wow bet we can take this and make it look absolutely dog shit

    I've been getting all my E3 news through these forums and watched the NinDirect this morning.

    Metroid Dread looks alright, it didn't have much atmosphere and looks very clean. The speeds at which it loads rooms are real nice, there is almost no delay. I'll play it and compare to Other M.

    Super Monkey Ball! Its a game I've always wanted to play but have never been able to. The graphic design around this game is so fun and really stands out amongst every thing else.

    Forza Horizon 5 wants me to buy an Xbox, we will see.....

    BOTW 2 looks like BOTW again. Like all Zelda games a trailer can never sell me on it, I will probably buy it after seeing someone else play it in person.

    Why did Advance Wars have Ash Ketchum doing the voice over? Why does it look so bad? We should all go back and play WarGroove some more.

    SMTV boy has cool hair. The UI looks similar to Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, I suspect it might be built on the same engine. Hopefully they carry over some of those nutso battle mechanics but that seems unlikely.

    Who remembers Stranger of Paradise? It feels like it was announced months ago.


    @“beets”#p34189 Super Monkey Ball!

    Oh dang I totally forgot about that! I’m so glad they are rereleasing the originals—they run pretty nicely in Dolphin, but I really want them on my switch

    @“sabertoothalex”#p34180 Minority opinion perhaps but I feel like Japanese designers broaching new frontiers in male androgyny is a slightly less interesting alternative to just including basic gender selection/character creation options and a few extra dialogue trees in the game, but I guess the JRPG genre does have a reputation to uphold. Kaneko’s absence is more keenly felt here than ever now that everything is rendered in full Unreal Engine, but that’s my biggest nitpick in a trailer that’s otherwise, uh, not really raising any red flags for a game I will inevitably be picking up day 1 regardless.

    Also I feel like not every WayForward game looks as cheap as these _Advance Wars_ remakes and their full-on Facebook browser game aesthetics?? Not really clear wtf happened here.

    I beat the 3DS Remake of Metroid II around the same time I played AM2R. Both are imperfect and the original will always be best imho, but both also have their place. There's a really good comparison on youtube. It was among the first, and now there‘s so many similar videos in the wake that are much, much worse, haha. If I had to pick, I like AM2R more, but admit the 3DS one was fun enough for me to play through at least once. Whereas I have played through the original 4 times, and AM2R twice. There’s some people who like the 3DS game more for it's generous QOL enhancements.

    Metroid 1-4 is a finished series. Where do you go after fusion? I love the heck out of it, and would enjoy seeing a game that continues with Samus' fully powered up Parasite Suit, but I know many others would not. But still, a complete redesign in this game is lame, iterate on the ones before rather than give us another weird ass thing like they did in Prime 3. Seems like Nintendo is more interested in appealing to the new generation with Metroid than they are appealing to fans.

    I am also someone who is *super* okay with games taking forever to be made. When fans rush this stuff, we often get something incomplete. Gone are the days where Square could make Final Fantasy annually.
    The fact they're taking so long to show anything is a **good sign** they want to get it right. But as far the the development of the first game, I think what Retro did at first was so off the mark, that miyamoto had to come whip them into shape.

    Anyways, if it breaks the chains of the Prime series, that would be great. How many games can you fit between Metroid 1 and Metroid 2?? May as well call it something new instead of "Prime 4". The whole Prime moniker was pretty stupid from the beginning, if you ask me! Spoilers: *The Metroid Prime* isn't even a Metroid at all?.. And 2 and 3 had very little to do with it? I also really dislike Dark Samus. SA-X is way cooler.

    @“kory”#p34176 My dream Prime 4 has always been a complete series reboot that throws series traditions and “canon” in the garbage, really leans in aesthetically on the series’ Alien influences with survival horror aspects, creepy gross gory alien design and maybe even some Alien prequel mysticism (please just make one big franchise game explicitly for grownups Nintendo), and expands the first Prime’s vision of a whole planetary ecosystem filled with living flora and fauna to a single massive, painstakingly designed level with BotW-esque open world mechanics and simulation-y resource systems that you become gradually more able to physically navigate and easily traverse in true Metroid fashion.

    Is that too much to ask?

    (Some _Souls_ mechanics would probably also fit here too, for sure)

    BTW the past 10-ish E3’s have all been regarded as the worst of all time pretty much. 2001 being the best IMHO :wink:

    @"2501"#p34195 glad we can agree on one thing. Just put Samus on a random ass planet and have her do some cool stuff. It’s not like canon was ever consistent with her power ups magically disappearing between all games inexplicably aside for in Prime and Fusion.