Elden Ring, more like Elden (Freezing) Rain amiright?

I need advice fellow folx who are playing elden ring (I don’t know what the character is called bc I have been using the Tim Rogers method of spoiler avoidance on this game for literally a year). So I preordered the game from Best Buy bc I like to have physical copies of “important” games (to me). It is ready to pick up at 10am. Here’s my challenge: I live within the area of the world that had a quite bad winter storm overnight and it is currently sleeting like a jerk out there and the roads are rough. Also target opens at 8am instead of 10. Should I?



not to be negative but to put it in perspective: it's another souls game but now you have to pick berries

@“yeso”#p59954 SPOILERS

Jokes aside that’s legit what I want

I’ll be honest I’m personally strongly starting to lean towards the digital option

Picking up your copy in these conditions will make you feel hardcore but I‘d feel pretty awful if you got hurt on that advice. It is what I’d do, but I'm a maniac and no one should copy me. you know what, no jokes. If you can't do it safely then wait. Not worth your health.

Ultimately I decided to cancel and grab the digital. Some plastic and metal ain’t worth a car crash. Also the roads really are a lot worse than I thought they’d be even a few hours ago. Thanks for the advice all!

idk that any of us can in good conscience suggest risking icy death for a video game, but if you do it would be pretty fitting for it to be a FromSoft one

Also idk where you are precisely but in my corner of the northeast the weather’s supposed to clear up in the afternoon