Ep. 129 - Do Me, Ternal

After 10,000 years we're free, et cetera. The insert credit show has returned.

Insert Credit: The only show on the internet in which we weekly deliver the loudest news, reviews, tips, and tricks; fresh-dripped, hot from the bottom of video games themselves.

Music 'The Only One' From Astral Chain and 'Connor Main Theme' from Detroit: Become Human.

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First insert credit show in 3? 4??? years???

It's back, as promised!! Let us know how we did and how you feel about anything we talked about! We'll do a post per episode, going forward, hopefully that won't get to be too much!


@exodus#1190 this is such good news! I’ve been hangin out with insert credit show reruns on in the background while working/cleaning/etc for almost a decade now so I’m pumped to see a new batch.

the new episode was great, it felt a lot like the very first episode from the original run for some reason. I liked jaffe’s new joke of asking you guys to elaborate on things immediately before the scream.

You know, I didn't even realize he was doing that!! He got me good!!

glad you retroactively covered GOTY for the years you were away but in rapid fire format

yeah, a bit quickly though! Not totally sure we really got it, but we got close! I didn't play a lot of 2018 games.

Yay, it was one of my favorite podcasts! And now it's back! Ready for a good time.

Loved the ep. The buzzer was the star of the show this week. Amazing comedic timing.

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/fkdrFUI.jpg]

I forgot to post my Jerk Jicken fan art here, and I'm pretty sure Tim muted me forever on twitter.

flame sleeves are a good addition

@exodus#1385 he's a spicy fellow