Ep. 130 - Lick the Knife

Frank Cifaldi and the Infinite Magazines.

Agree with each other or get the buzzer. Music '34 t u s k' From Yakuza 0 and 'Move Me' from Ridge Racer Type 4.

Enjoy our Sophomore return episode now! Once we get all of our ducks in a row these episodes will premiere early on Mondays for Patreon subscribers and free for everyone on Tuesdays. It's good to be back.

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[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/4qkv9tM.jpg]

I gotta play Raw Danger again, if only so I can take a better screenshot.

ah, you found it!!!

@exodus#1283 I played the PS2 games a few years ago. Lucky I saved my pictures to Google Photos. Raw Danger is such an improvement on the first game.

aw gawd, mentioning Zero Punctuation. I had a game design class where the professor did not have a lesson plan so he would put on ZP videos and we would discuss them. I hated it.

Ah jeez. Yeah, his review of indivisible was frustrating because it was both unnecessary snark and “cleverer-than-thou” AND some of the things he said were obvious and stupid and bad were things I argued against during development and like what can you do, games aren't made by one person (unless they are)

Why did they want to speed-run Obscure (2004) from Hydravision Entertainment, that sounds like a terrible speed game. Big lol.

Actually maybe it would be possible in the co-op. Actually maybe they're on to something here.

You know, I own Obscure but never played it. I wonder if it is cool or awful. I sort of somehow put it in the same spot as Extermination but that‘s a swery game. maybe because they are both in the snow? or maybe that’s cursed mountain. well!!! I do not know enough about this subject.

As one of the selectbuttoners who complained loudly when there was a format change on the previous run of the Insert Credit podcast, I finally got around to listening to this one last night while making cookies and it felt really good to have the old formula I loved back. bold new look, same great taste. :smiley:

(edit: I actually meant to post this in the ep 129 thread but whatever)