Ep. 131 - Interforce: Heck Fire - The Official Game of the Movie

Sonic is the worst Sonic Character.

Insert Credit Enters the Whack-a-Box Hard Mode Challenge. Music 'Animal Crossing New Horizons Theme' From Animal Crossing New Horizons, Cover by YouTube User [FamilyJules](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Wm2aYmCTko) and 'Theme 1' from Knack.

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I think this is what Brandon recommended.


Some tracks seem to end suddenly--not sure if it's true to the source. I couldn't find it elsewhere to compare.

Edit: guess it's rare? https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/7747393?ev=rb

yeah, that‘s the one - it’s a bit rare! but there‘s gotta be rips somewhere… or maybe there aren’t. hmm. you can still reliably order it from amazon.jp at least.

If console makers made cars, according to ME

Sega - Makes an innovative car packed with technology that has passionate owners but only sold like 6. Such as the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4, a car with Active Aero, a twin turbo V6 mounted longetudally, and four wheel drive + four wheel steering.

Microsoft - Bland commuter sedan but with a "Gamer" trim level that has green accents and a louder exhaust. The Chevy Cruze is probably the closest thing.

Nintendo - Mini Cooper / New Beetle / Fiat 500 style compact car. Trendy for a while, made of plastic. The first version is very chunky because it didn't pass the rollover test.

Sony - A nominally fine car but with one glaring flaw that keeps anyone from liking it. Like a touch surface for an ignition switch. I imagine a Honda Accord but with extra light accents.

Apple - Much like Nissan, made hardware that had a legendary reputation and created an entire subculture, but in recent years suffers from leadership issues and now just cranks out boring plastic shit like SUVs.

this is a fun take! I feel like sega could be subaru…

really loved “revolver's off a lot”

I had to do it

I knew some folk in Urayasu who had those Disney Annual Passports. Seems like a popular thing there.

Mind you one of them had moved to Urayasu specifically to be closer to Disneyland.

Urayasu has an interesting game store.
Some real interesting stock, and unusual prices.
I think they must have priced everything like ten or twenty years earlier and never changed the prices or something.
Some games are way more expensive then they would be elsewhere, and some are way cheaper.
I bought a bunch of cheap games for my 3DO there.
I also saw some old pc stuff including Japanese Windows shareware CDs which isn't a thing I've ever seen elsewhere.

I like their signage, that's for sure!

@exodus#1352 made an account to say that's a cool thing.