Ep. 133 - Doom Demon Plate Crash

The Brain Kickstarter

Insert Credit and The Whimsical Shooting Simulator. Music 'The Rival (Black Knight - First Battle)' From Shovel Knight and 'Neonlight Galaxy (Combo Mix)' from Penguin Wars.

**Questions this week:**

  • 1. Aging Video Game Stars
  • 2. The Legacy of the 2010s
  • 3. Video game preservation in the time of constant updates
  • 4. What are the hallmarks of a great video game trailer?
  • 5. The Adaptation Game: Bazooka Joe
  • 6. Alex C asks: Was Lost Planet 2 Proto-Destiny?
  • 7. Has anyone played any game they backed on Kickstarter?
  • 8. Podcasting Games
  • 9. Joke Weapons
  • 10. Most effective space-based games

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    Good Podcasting Games:

    Both Animal Crossing New Horizons and Death Stranding have been the perfect sit-down-and-listen-to-someone-talk-about-stuff-while-you-play-games games. Put on a podcast, do a bunch of deliveries in Death Stranding. Audio cues aren't really needed, since there are plenty of visual cues, too. Most of what anyone has to say at an outpost that's not a main game story isn't worth really paying attention to anyway, after a while.

    If you're just spending the day designing and hanging out in ACNL, put that podcast or audio book on and that can be your gage on how much time you've generously dumped into the game.

    I still haven‘t played Death Stranding… I guess I should really get on it. I really can’t tell if I‘m gonna like it! But I also muted the word on twitter so I wouldn’t spoil myself, so it felt like everybody stopped talking about the game. That'll happen when you mute a term though!! heh

    I agree most of my enjoyment from Death Stranding came from catching up with podcasts. It also felt completely natural within the game – what else is a delivery guy gonna do? I struggle a bit more with Animal Crossing podcasting because #1. the soundtrack slaps so much #2. I rely on sound cues for fishing.

    Has anyone played any game they backed on Kickstarter

    Ohh I have only backed one game on Kickstarter and it's the excellent Trechery in Beatdown City which completed earlier this month and showed up in my inbox. Very satisfied with it. An excellent twist on beat-em-up combat with turn based strategy.

    @marlfuchs2#1580 I was going to reply to this and say I‘ve played everything that I’ve Kickstarted and has come out, but that only goes for videogames. I have a handful of pen and paper games that I've picked up, read the rules for, loved the idea of, and never found anyone to play with.

    people keep telling me this is weird but my top podcast games are heavy level design action games like Soulslikes (Rogue Legacy was a big one for a while too). I finished Nioh 2 a couple of weeks ago and I had the sound off 95% of the time and most of the other 5% was the boss battles. I‘m not great at any of them but the part of my brain that enjoys clearing those games out enjoys it enough to find it relaxing even when it’s kicking my ass.

    Also during the joke weapon question for some reason the first one I thought of was the rubber chicken in the Highlander game and I almost screamed when Brandon said it about a minute later. Only on the Insert Credit Podcast baby