Ep. 134 - Finding the Promontory

Insert Credit has it all: robot turds, dead fish, speedbuns, night candy, and even the satisfaction of having eaten a full meal in one second. Music ‘Title Theme’ from Sim City SNES and ‘PaPaPa Love’ from Muscle March.

**Questions this week:**

  • 1. Genre Subversion (06:58)
  • 2. Getting Stuck (13:04)
  • 3. Good Game Sound Effects (19:18)
  • 4. Business Games (25:42)
  • 5. Video Game Marching Band (Parappa Sucks) (31:16)
  • 6. Brian from Patreon asks about: Renaming Video Games (38:02)
  • 7. The Correct Size of an RPG Party (46:52)
  • 8. Limited Run Games (53:09)
  • 9. Playing Games Wrong (59:12)

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    Probably the most valuable game I own is a Gamecube copy of Alien Hominid my sister got me a while ago. about $20 online. haha

    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/fGrHrTb.png]

    nice - I had a pre-release version of that, coupled with the PS2 version, which I donated to frank's museum!

    For promontory I've had “strange mountain” stuck in my brain thanks to learning the Kanji (崎) but never actually looking it up. Basically, I think of it as one of those mountains that only weirdos hang out at.

    My strangely appropriate most valuable game:

    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/PdCnExm.jpg]

    It is weird as heck how those dot hack games shot up there in value!!

    I think my most valuable game has to be a Saturn title? Probably Panzer Dragoon Saga, if I had to guess without diving in to Ebay to check other ones I have.

    It really bums me out how expensive old titles are getting. The cost and hassle of getting a Saturn or PS2 and spendy games for it or trying to emulate them makes it hard for me to recommend some of my favourite games to people.

    w/r/t Getting Stuck: Man, when I first rented Ocarina of Time the week it came out from our local Blockbuster and played it with my mum (who helped me beat the first two Zelda games on the NES), there‘s this bit right in the opening of the game where you have to go somewhere and Navi tells you to follow her. Here’s the thing about this game though: Navi follows YOU! It was really confusing to both of us, we had no idea which direction to go. What made it even more confusing was that after a period of time of not interacting with her, Navi disappears seemingly inside your chest. I distinctly remember my mum suggesting “Maybe you need to follow your heart?”. This was not correct.

    We figured it out eventually and I think ultimately it was pretty obvious, but I swear we spent about an hour trying to work out how to follow a small fairy that literally trails you.

    Also I commented this on the Patreon entry for this episode, but I was so very disappointed that no one said “Marchus Fenix”

    When Tim talked about his game idea did he mean something like “it is a full game (10 hours or more) with a story where everything is random”? I guess most roguelikes take only a few hours to beat, so you must play them again and again. It also seems like maybe he meant the random order of the game is decided when you buy it, not when you start the new game. So my game is different from your game, though if I start my game many times it is always the same as it was before. (I’m sorry, I don’t know how to express this well.)

    not saying marchus fenix was an oversight

    @juiceyjuice I have to admit when tim was talking about his game idea I got distracted by something and wasn't paying attention. Ha ha. OOPS

    My coworker mentioned a good "stuck" game - the entire ace attorney series, but especially the first game. You always figure out who did it and how before the game reveals it to you, but you have to figure out the way the game wants you to present it, which is sometimes counter to your intuition. So you can have all the pieces, know exactly what went down, and get stuck trying to find the one hidden footprint or whatever that is important enough to get our man phoenix to pull everything together.

    think the rarest game I own is Kirby‘s Air Ride for the Gamecube, don’t think it‘s as rare in Murica but here it goes for around £100 (some on eBay right now are trying to get more than that!) I also had Tombi/a 2 for the PS1 in great condition which I specifically asked my mum to keep when she moved house while I was at university and she threw all of the PS1 games I didn’t have with me away anyway, I don't talk to my mum anymore.

    parents love to throw games away! what is with that. I‘m quite lucky that never happened to me, I’d be resentful to this day.

    I‘m not really sure which is the rarest over just the-most-expensive-thing-on-ebay now, but off the top of my head, I have a boxed w/ manual copy of Gegege no Kitaro for the GBA, which I didn’t know suddenly skyrocketed in price until this year, and beats out Mega Man 8, X4, and Astal with box and manual on the Saturn.

    Whoa!! That‘s not something I’d imagine to be pricey at all.

    @exodus#1803 Yeah, I was shocked. I found out a few months ago when replying to a thread on Twitter about good, kind of obscure, GBA games that aren‘t a fortune, and someone immediately responded with, "too bad it’s a fortune now." I guess it just had a really small run. It's one of the better Kitaro games! Probably the best one, I think.

    I‘m GcDiaz and the most valuable game I own is my copy of P.T. I downloaded on release, never deleted, never played to completion and continues to eat up 1.5gb of my hard drive. Only one other game has been installed longer, and that’s Diablo3.

    I wound up doing the necro thing on P.T., which I‘ve never even booted up. I did the thing where I knew it was getting delisted but I didn’t have a PS4 yet, so I “bought” it on PSN even though I couldn‘t download it. Then, since it’s still on the server, once I bought a PS4, there's this sort of arcane alchemic process you can go through to actually get the thing on there, even if you never originally downloaded it, as long as you “purchased” it at the time.

    So yeah, now I have P.T. but it seems too spooky so I never played it.

    I just did a search thinking that my complete-in-box Famicom copy of Zelda 1 would be my highest value game, and I was right (around $150USD), but what was very surprising to me was that at #2 was my copy of Smash Bros Melee which apparently pretty regularly sells for $80+ USD??? I guess people still do really play that game

    @breadface#1823 Yeah, GameCube stuff is super valuable right now for whatever reason. I had a clearout last year and sold a few GC games that were boxed and looked after, but by no means pristine. Some (Smash Bros, Metal Gear, Paper Mario) sold for over £100 each.