Ep. 135 - Tim Schafer Definitely Listens to This Show

Ep. 135 - Tim Schafer Definitely Listens to This Show

Gotta Fro Grast, Randomize your Chicken, and head on down to OnlyFranks.com on this week's Insert Credit. Music 'Intro' From Digital Pinball - Last Gladiators and 'Dunes' from Xeno Crisis.

**Questions this week:**

  • 1. Jigsaw puzzles (05:36)
  • 2. The Next Video Game Animal Star (11:24)
  • 3. Universal Standard Game Length Time (17:37)
  • 4. Soundtracks to Dance To (24:25)
  • 5. The Improv Zone: Magazines, YouTube, & Insert Credit (30:19)
  • 6. The Velvet Underground and Nico of Video Games Question by Patreon Supporter Esper (36:06)
  • 7. Video Game Offices (The Mortal Kombat Ad) (42:36)
  • 8. Localizing American Video Games (48:08)
  • 9. Video Game Characters on TikTok (54:14)
  • 10. Ranking the Decades (1:00:03)
  • LIGHTNING ROUND: Flavor of the Month (1:06:24)

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    The Sonic R music story was amazing.

    I‘m surprised I’d never told it before! I feel like I‘ve told every story I’ve got 50 times already. The story comes from an interview I did with him for gamasutra. it‘s a small element of the interview, right at the end, but it’s one of the things I remember most about it! Funny how that happens.


    Finally I hear a pronunciation of Richard Jacques. That's a neat story and sounds about right for a composer to be given just that to work from at the time. That soundtrack in its entirety will always end up in my heavy workload music listening. Not a single one I skip over, it is the perfect soundtrack.

    Maybe the Ghost in the Shell PSX soundtrack, which sounds like just a big DJ techno mix (and it pretty much is). R4 Ridge Racer and Jet Set as well for _Soundtracks to Dance To_.

    I learned it was pronounced “jakes” from UK resistance when that still existed! I think there was an entry in which they learned the truth of his name.

    Anyway, great soundtrack! MSR has some great hits but also some big misses. The hits are basically the Sonic R-likes :P

    @exodus#1868 I almost mentioned Metropolis Street Racer, but held back mostly because there‘s maybe a total of 4 or 5 songs I actually listen to on it, and it’s usually the ones with the same Sonic R vocalist involved (especially the sneaky Green Grove Zone vocal track).

    yep, precisely!!

    Seconded. I found out about those tracks just this year and it send me down a rabbit hole of playing MSR / PGR. MOst definitely burned a CD of the MSR soundtrack to import onto my OG Xbox to listen to while I played PGR. Just like, perfect racing music… I should play those tracks in Outrun Coast 2 Coast shouldn't I?

    That recent back-and-forth with Tee Lopes completely soured me on Jacques, not that I was especially into his work to begin with.

    I did not see that at all! looking it up, it was rude, but I expected worse given the current state of the world. I'll give him an earful when next I see him.