Ep. 137 - Raystration 5

The Truth is He Hate You. Music ‘PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer’ from PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer and ‘Web Launch’ from Spider-Man for the PS4.

**Questions this week:**

  • 1. If This Was E3 (02:06)
  • 2. Consoles for Cockroaches (07:16)
  • 3. The Next Hot Exclusive IP for Xbox (12:10)
  • 4. Console Allegiance (18:04)
  • 5. Time loop games (23:24)
  • 6. Fortnite Kart (28:35)
  • 7. What was missing? (33:57)
  • 8. Do any games use the new graphics? (39:27)
  • 9. Called Shots (45:26)
  • 10. Frank's Bad Question (51:03)
  • 11. Controller Paddle Mystery (55:40)
  • 12. Will there be a PS6? (59:43)
  • LIGHTNING ROUND: Ranking Every PS5 Game (1:02:01)

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    last year I was considering writing and/or making a video about Eric Chahi's Heart of Darkness but I struggling to come up with a central hook to hold it together, the discussion about regret and time rewinding in videogames and the cheapness of turning it into a mechanic might just be the Saejima smashing a wooden block into a carving level revelation I needed

    share it here when you get it done!!

    Can it really be a Playstation console without a Ridge Racer or Wipeout launch title?

    and where‘s crash bandicoot!?

    actually I would’ve liked to see a new crash game

    oh no, they heard you

    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/368Hidx.jpg]

    (and it looks pretty all right!)

    yeahhhhh I love it

    I‘ve been playing through the Crash remaster trilogy with my mostly-non-gamer girlfriend who remembered the series from when she was a kid - it’s hard! But she loves it heaps and is very excited for this new one.

    She mistook the fruits for beans and it was so funny to us that it stuck, and now every in-game collectible is beans. Mario's got a lot of golden beans to collect !