Ep. 138 - Dumb-Like-A-Baby Stupid

There is no ‘I’ in Top Gear. Music ‘Toe The Line’ from Wolfenstein - The New Order and ‘Blue Level’ from Tempest 2000.

**Questions this week:**

  • 1. The Good Itch (05:02)
  • 2. Revive a Franchise (13:41)
  • 3. Greatest Frauds (20:05)
  • 4. WB Gaming Bid (29:07)
  • 5. Theme Sale (35:55)
  • 6. Best Pre-90s Games - Question by Patreon Supporter Samuel (44:33)
  • 7. Delay Announcement Strats (51:42)
  • 8. Crouching (58:30)
  • 9. Character Diet (1:05:03)
  • 10. What Are The Whats of Video Games? (1:11:14)
  • LIGHTNING ROUND: Name Design Trump Edition (1:19:53)

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    I wish I had been better prepared for “greatest frauds” because there are so many.

    also for anyone worried about the lightning round, it's just the names of books about the dude. much distress was extracted from us.

    “ […] if you put me in a place that‘s kind of like the regular world, if you give me a hotel to walk around in; i’m into it. i'm done with fantasy, give me these places i can go to, give me a mall.”

    yes! i am playing Judgement right now, having seen very little of it, and having never played the Yakuza series, and it is blowing my mind. i'm just walking around like i would in a real place, trying to get familiar with the landmarks and looking at little details using the photo mode, meeting random NPCs, and occasionally doing a mission. it is so dense and detailed and nice to hang out in. i wish there were games of this and even smaller scale made about all kinds of places in the world. and the story and action aren't half bad either. man, what a luxury these things exist.

    Actually glad you‘re playing Judgement first, since it’s (in my estimation) the best way to enjoy Judgement. That is to say, without knowing that all the Yakuza games are better than it!

    I was disappointed with Judgment (tim likes it) because it doesn't get the humor/seriousness balance quite right, and the story is telegraphed from miles away and you've got to wait for the characters to catch up multiple times. That said, it's better than most games, so you should absolutely keep playing it! But then play Yakuza 0 after that.

    i tend to prefer short games lately so the Yakuza series is intimidating. what got me to play Judgment is that i‘m really into detective stuff, (to the point where i’ve watched almost every Netflix crime drama (if they suck, which they mostly do, i just watch the first and last epsiodes)), so the fact that it‘s predictable and easy is kind of comforting; it has real soap opera vibes, like you can tune in and out of it while playing and not miss much. i enjoy the rudimentary and simple minigames as a performance of existing in that world as that character. but yeah, mostly i love the level of care put into making the city feel like a real place, and everyone has nice things to say about Yakuza 0, so i’ll definitely check that out sometime.

    yeah, do! I almost feel more like a detective in Yazuka, actually.


    Jadoes has an album called Dumpo and that made me laugh.

    _Character Diet:_
    Kiryu from the Yakuza series, since it seems pretty normal and close to what I eat and enjoy already, especially ordering 5 Mos/Lotteria/Freshness burgers to go and pocket for later. For when I need energy or whatever.

    _Delay Announcement Strats:_
    This is definitely not a good strategy, but we did recently quietly slip in a delay at the end of a short 30 second trailer sandwiched between a bunch of other indie game trailers last week. Seemed to work out well enough.

    I like to think the idea for death stranding came from all these characters carrying 500 individual onigiri in their pockets for the last 3 decades of games. Might as well show it visually with a big stack of boxes.

    the segment on frauds was one of the best ever on the show, part of the reason I like the six minute format so much is it makes it all the more fun on the occasion when the podcast does go off the rails.

    I don't think anyone directly implied it was the case for Cyberpunk but that game has not been delayed again for the sake of the staff, the CEO has already said that they're going to have to put in more crunch hours to get it ready for November...which is pretty scary considering he said in January they would have to put in a lot of crunch to get it out for September! I didn't buy The Last of Us Part 2 and I'm probably not going to buy that either, there's too many games to play without buying new AAA ones and wondering about the dev cycle's bodycount.

    anyway here's that Fred Flintstone crouching sprite Frank was talking about:

    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/2MyQxDW.png] [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/gu2dmzR.png]

    thats actually what i look like when i duck too

    One important detail about Kevin alreadyforgothisname's twitter profile: it includes a link to myspace.com–like, not even a personal page, just top-level myspace.

    ha ha, good.

    BTW for this episode we got experiment with twitter's new "add an audio clip" thing: https://twitter.com/InsertCredit/status/1275818860718043136

    I think it works out okay!? We don't actually have the audio capability yet so blaine just made a short video - but it works well for the podcast format.

    @JJSignal#2417 Yakuza was what definitely popped up in my head too for video game diet, there's enough variety of Japanese food around and a consistent supply of CC Lemon for me to consume! :laughing:

    Just to add to the Tim Langdell story…

    I wrote some music and SFX for a Doom-like being made for Series 60 phones back in the mid 2000s. No clue if the game ever came out.

    Also: https://www.timlangdell.com/ Apparently he's an independent Catholic priest now.

    Vince was that game his, or something!?

    And somehow "independent" priesthood makes sense for the guy

    I wish I remembered the details on the game. I vaguely remember him talking about some guys that were making some hotshot Doom-style game engine/editor that they were fleshing out into an actual game as they were showing off the tech, but don't know what the relationship was with those people, or who those people actually were. Ah well!

    did you actually get paid??

    You can probably guess that one. :slight_smile:

    ha ha… indeed.