Ep. 140 - The Other Belmont

I‘m really enjoying all these castlevanias, I’d play these. Vio-lins of Vio-lence has a good bay area thrash reference in it so I am going to vote highest for that one.

And yeah McKee seems like he probably thinks he knows what is best for everybody and would be a raging centrist, but it's also helping me organize my thoughts, so... honk. At least I didn't pay for it!

speaking of belmonts, Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, a mobile game I just heard about today, it shutting down. I can‘t even get the current edition because I guess they’ve taken it off the market? or never officially released it in the US? I‘m not sure. I would’ve liked to see what they tried, though by all accounts it was not amazing.

yeahhhh I'm trying to steal that APK right now. I think it was released in Canada maybe?

has anyone managed to solve either of Jaffe's theme sale puzzles on their own lol

I think like 6 years ago we solved one!??

@exodus#2992 yea you did! But if I remember right you didn‘t at first but when it was obvious there was no hope there would be a list of extra games that could be in the sale as extra hints (I think it was N-Gage games IIRC), I would say that works better but I feel like Jaffe’s having a big fun with noone getting the answers lol

Ah, my Worst Videogame Industry Impression is actually Tim! Years ago I was at GDC and he liked my business card, which had a pixely unicorn on it. to the point where he approached me the next day to hang out and instead I had to stand in line for the Activision booth to hand my resume to someone who would then throw it in the garbage. i regret it to this day because it was real stupid. Any time i see the Activision logo I cringe a little bit.

ah, he probably forgot about that!

@exodus#2967 i just tried installing the apk and it still needs a network connection to play… :frowning:


Oh man I’ve been sporadically doing David Mamet’s Masterclass and… yeah… this impression rings a bell

ha ha yeah… I‘m about to look at some of those masterclass things but I think I’m gonna skip Mamet for that reason.



@blaine#2877 Video Game Dog Toys

A dog toy that looks like Great Grey Wolf Sif's sword would be pretty rad


Also, a stuffed version of this fella.jpg would be fun


Yeah...I'm digging into the backlog

yeah I'd get behind that. although a dog would probably just swing it all over the place while running and knock things over.

@kory#33061 would a stuffed version of ace combat dog be like a half inch thick?

@CidNight#33072 I’m imagining something like one of these pillowy nightmares


hash tag good faces

AH CRAP, I still don't have an i-device, so… heck.

@“exodus”#p43486 I don’t think you are missing out on anything…. I have only played it for about an hour, but there are plenty of turn-offs. It really doesn’t even try to be an Igarashi-like or Metroidvania style game.

It honestly doesn’t feel great to play mechanically (doesn’t have that snap, that crunch, etc). It has an auto-attack mechanic, which immediately surprised me as an admission of not great combat.

It also is a “gacha” game, which to me is almost as sad as seeing Castlevania pachinko. The levels are very short, and the game just doesn’t feel like Castlevania with all of the color-coded loot nonsense going on.

I see this as being just another Konami cash grab with the gacha elements- the game itself doesn’t seem like a lot was invested in it. It seems to be built off of a lot of recycled content from the older games. Bottom line review: the worst game with a great soundtrack!