Ep. 142 - Football Numbers

Wonderful! Thank you for all that you do!

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@captain#3369 and they're on the Internet Archive as well. https://archive.org/details/insertcredit

2007 game to buy - Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Which I say less because I think everyone in the world would enjoy it (though I do think there are people who might enjoy it who never played it because the Wii “was for babies” or something, and I guess I don‘t remember anyone really going up to bat for it) and more because its poor sales contributed to the series’ reinvention with Awakening, and I liked the things those games were doing in the before times. I think Radiant Dawn‘s emphasis on complex narrative was maybe an example of biting off more than a chewable amount of food, but it was exactly the thing I wanted that series to do, that is to say, taking its anime war puppets extremely seriously. What if, it dares to ask, what if we gave you control of citizens of the country which in the last game was painted pretty clearly as a load of evil clowns? I love it. I think it’s good.

man, if I didn‘t have to plug in the wii I’d go for this! Sounds neat.

I started a Twitter account specifically to post screenshots from my Switch because I can not be bothered to actually unmount my SD card, pull the pictures into my PC, and then email them to my friends. So I started “hittingmyswitch” as a way to send pictures to my friends.

I also wanted to tie it to the way folks online seem to use the phrase XYZ game is “hitting the switch”. So from time to time, I search twitter, and RT a bunch of stuff about how things are hitting the switch. And this seems like it would have been a way better application for a bot.

I also use it as an excuse to post out of context hip-hop lyrics from Rap Genius about hitting the switch. There are a lot! Look, I am probably the only one who thinks this stuff is funny at all, but I am really proud of this one.


@captain#3371 I can appreciate some of the things Radiant Dawn was trying to do, but in the end I thought the game was just a huge slog. It seemed like every battle had you facing off against this huge army with infinite reinforcements, so they gave you and uncontrollable NPC army of generic units to fight alongside you. However with the random way they fought and moved and died it ended up being really hard to actually set up a proper defense. So even with animations turned off it just felt like each battle took forever. I was happy with the 3ds games' zippiness after that.