Ep. 143 - Every elephant that has ever died

In the outer worlds, things are getting pretty wild. Opening and closing theme created by Kurt Feldman.

**Questions this week:**

  • 1. Xbox Series X Presentation Impressions Part I (03:00)
  • 2. Xbox Series X Presentation Impressions Part II (09:20)
  • 3. Is the world ready for Dreamcast 2? (15:58)
  • 4. What are the best games to play when you’re in excruciating pain? (23:27)
  • 5. The Adaptation Game: Moby Dick (29:30)
  • 6. What are the most satisfying video game environments to pulverize? Question by Patreon Supporter Breadface (34:48)
  • 7. Video Game Conspiracy Theories (42:02)
  • 8. Has a video game ever made you feel like throwing up? (48:49)
  • 9. On what occasions have game developers genuinely learned from their mistakes? (55:07)
  • 10. Which video game characters could do Agent 47's job better than him? (1:01:00)
  • LIGHTNING ROUND: Designer Drinks (1:07:07)

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    The most satisfying video game environment to pulverise is Red Faction Guerilla. Plus since you‘re playing as a terrorist there’s no ludonarrative dissonance!


    I’ve had the words ‘screamin trip hawkins’ bouncing around in my head for a couple of weeks, I was worried when frank started his recommendation that someone would say it and I’d have experienced a coincidence that was way too obscure to ever share with anyone in real life.

    whoa, I'm surprised none of us stumbled onto that!

    Balan Wonderworld:

    I woke up to that announcement and after discovering it wasn‘t a new Nights thought, “This will probably be the best thing I see when I finish watching that Xbox Series X Presentation.” I was surprised to see it wasn’t even part of it, I guess? Anyway, that game looks like it'll be fun, and I was also calling it WonderLAND before seeing the trailer.

    I kinda hate how the main characters look, though.

    _Satisfying environments to pulverize:_
    It's gotta be Otogi. When I first played that game, especially when going into the level filled with tengu in a large temple, I was stunned at how much of the environment was destructible. It was a lot of fun either blasting someone through a wall or pillar or bridge and seeing it all shatter, or you yourself getting tossed through something. That game and its sequel are _still_ stuck on that original Xbox.

    What's the music being used in both this, and last week's episode?

    Hmm, you've now inspired me to actually break out Otogi when my TV gets back from the shop!

    The music is our new original insert credit intro/ending music from Kurt Feldman!! We're gonna have a bit more as we go along, we keep neglecting to mention his name.

    oh hey: the Capcom “Possess A Bowl Of Dog Food” game is Geist, which i remember because that was the sole thing the X-Play review in 2005 talked about.

    Ori and the Will of the Wisps is great, so I'm going to tell everyone in this thread why I liked it…

    Real good movement, mainly. I dig how it's a Metroidvania where most of the abilities you unlock aren't combat abilities, instead they're tiers of advanced mobility - eventually, you're zinging around effortlessly, dunking on weird creatures without blinking an eye. It's also got creative boss fights that aren't scripted within an inch of their lives. It doesn't overstay its welcome, and every bit of the presentation is breathtaking.

    Only problem I've got is the comedically large variety of collectibles.

    A specific environment I love pulverising in a specific way is cutting those paper walls with a samurai sword, or really just obliterating any door in general with an axe or a gun or an explosion.

    The crown in general has recently passed from red faction guerilla to the ships in hardspace shipbreaker, even if the game isn't finished yet.

    It's an incredibly lame example but the guy from prototype would make a better 47, because he can instantly and silently absorb someone to take on their form, memories and skills. Or the hand from black and white that can just pick up people and drop them in the ocean.


    @espercontrol#3520 oh hey: the Capcom “Possess A Bowl Of Dog Food” game is Geist, which i remember because that was the sole thing the X-Play review in 2005 talked about.

    Geist was a Nintendo game (developed by N-Space), the Capcom game is Under the Skin, which people might remember for the big "there a Resident Evil stage, look here's Jill, please please buy this game" eye-catch on the back of the box.

    ahhh yes, under the skin, that's the one we were thinking of.

    Balan WonderWorld is the only part of the Xbox reveal(s ?) that made me feel anything but that sure is an atrocious name that I keep forgetting how to write and say.

    This doesn't answer the question itself as I ran into the same problem of what counts as a "mistake" but the discussion about learning made me think of Koichi Hayashida and the Super Mario Galaxy games. Long story short I'm in the same camp as Tim as thinking the first Galaxy isn't very good but that's still a minority opinion, so I have the upmost respect for Hayashida taking over the sequel as director and how the creative process of Galaxy 2 addressed so many of the issues with Galaxy 1 even though people adored that game. Then with 3D Land he just threw out everything and made the perfect game for people like me, I have a lot of appreciation for the creative prowess of people who are able to subvert a design philosophy into something arguably better even though the audience hadn't realised they wanted it yet.

    Also Sonic from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog would be a great 47 because his disguises are flawless. Agent 47 has got a strong skillset but there‘s no way he could walk up to a robot guard say "I’m over there" and cause the robot to explode from confusion.

    Listening to the panel talk about Outrun makes me want a new Outrun real bad. I might make a thread about it.

    @Lesmocon#3545 Sometimes I worry whether I even have that kind of design sensibility in me, that drive for perfection of vision. I think about this a lot!

    @Winckle#3561 Do it. Been playing Outrunners for Genesis with my kids because it's simultaneous 2-player and that game is

  • - pretty cool
  • - pretty hard
  • - Needs to be updated pretty badly - the driving doesn't feel especially great
  • @exodus#3515 Came here to the episode post specifically to find out what the music is. So looks like I'm a fan of Kurt Feldman now.



    ah that's my buddy chris remo right there. I think this was when I realized his podcast was very popular, because I saw how many views one of these space asshole videos had.

    Anyhoo, yeah, I guess this game had some good smashing in it

    On the topic of pulverizing, I really like Vigilante 8. Obviously the PS1 couldn‘t handle that much, but it did do terrain deformation if you used some weapon combos. Using the Sky Hammer Mortar’s Crater Maker combo ↓ ↓ ↑ (Trigger), would make a huge hole in the ground where it landed. You could even do it a few times to really hammer someone into the ground. This has an example of it at 2:00.


    You could also destroy other bits of the environment. It was truly the thinking man's Twisted Metal.