Ep. 144 - Demonology Alternative Medicine

Dr. Mario Killed MJ and Other Leaks. Opening and closing theme created by Kurt Feldman.

**Questions this week:**

  • 1. The Aja of video games Question by Patreon Supporter Chris (08:21)
  • 2. Stage play games Question by Patreon Supporter Emmit (13:59)
  • 3. Which video game doctor most deserves to have their medical license revoked? Question by Patreon Supporter Kyle (19:29)
  • 4. Football manager games Question by Patreon Supporter Jordan (25:06)
  • 5. NeoGeo Pocket, Game Gear, Atari Lynx, and obscure Game Boy games Question by Patreon Supporter Sam (30:17)
  • 6. Video game Zoom table read Question by Patreon Supporter rootfifthoctave (42:24)
  • 7. Port into an FMV game Question by Patreon Supporter Mox Bagel (48:48)
  • 8. If you got eaten by Kirby, what power would he gain? Question by Patreon Supporter Keiko (53:20)
  • 9. High art movements or techniques for video games Question by Patreon Supporter Anonymous (57:56)
  • 10. Design the worst video game crossover Question by Patreon Supporter Anonymous (1:04:10)
  • LIGHTNING ROUND: Name Design Star Wars Edition (1:09:44)

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    This turned out to be the patron question podcast!!!

    If Kirby ate me, he would gain a mildly impressive Randy Savage impersonation but he‘d be too shy to do it in front of more than one or two people, so the button wouldn’t do anything if there's too many enemies on screen


    I have a few friends similarly obsessed with Football Manager, putting hundreds to thousands of hours into each installment, and the one thing they all share is that they too feel a deep, questioning shame at the extent of the hobby. This game really does something to people !

    Also big ups to @exodus for the Choir Boy recommendation. Reminds me of ABC and I love ABC !!!

    @breadface#3943 Every so often I get back into management games, although Motorsport Manager et al are more my thing than Football Manager. I compulsively chip away for a few days before feeling that deep sense of pointlessness and having wasted hours of my life. I then forget about them for a while, until stupid insert stupid credit reminds me they exist and I stupid install a stupid new one and play that all stupid morning instead of working.

    Oh hey that was my Aja question! In retrospect I maybe didn't phrase it the best! I meant it to be sort of personal, which I think was where it landed in the end (the purple sky that Frank mentioned was exactly what I had in mind). I was inspired after playing a Castlevania game on the same AVS device Frank mentioned and immediately feeling like the jump timing was off and realizing my TV was out of its low-latency game mode.

    Generally I just find it sort of fascinating that games have another tactile vector of what feels right compared to other mediums, and that much like in the Aja example it's about fine tuning something until the little details feel right. It's an incredibly squishy and fiddly sort of thing, yet intuitively a lot of people just know what's "right"? And what informs that feeling of what's "right" is a fun presumption to interrogate!

    demon time :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

    @Peelz I wound up wanting to talk instead about another album that people use to test hi-fi systems, Spies: Music of Espionage. It was noted for being one of the first CDs to really make use of the full range of digital mastering, I guess, so people used it to test their CD Players, especially digital surround?


    I wound up getting thrown because I just wanted to talk about that, and then I never did!

    @exodus#3975 Oh dang! That‘s fascinating and I’m really interested in giving it a listen. I feel like early in the CDs lifespan there was a lot of interest in seeing what digital audio formats could do to that conventional hi-fi couldn‘t do as well at the time (the bass response on this track is a good example). But as listening and consumer habits changed these sorts of things weren’t as common. Such a cool artifact of this period in recording history.

    I'm reminded a little of one of the tracks from Guilty Gear XX, which in its native uncompressed sound format has tremendous sub-bass in the intro. Like, there's no arcade system speakers that would show that off in a loud crowded room, but they (or uhhh maybe just Ishiwatari) just sort of did it anyway? You can [kind of hear it here](https://youtu.be/utBb6O0UiQg) with the right audio setup even through YouTube compression. It's a fun detail that fits with the character that wouldn't be noticed under most circumstances!

    Really living for this bit where y’all try to guess what Tim’s answers are :joy:

    RE: the stage play question, any good actor (especially on stage) does something at least a bit different every night! Approaching it from the precision/perfection angle seems more appropriate a comparison for, say, an athletic challenge. There's always room to put your own spin on a character, it just depends on how well the play/game is directed. Bad directors / games might give line readings / have only one course of action to win, and usually their work comes off as more stilted to observers.

    For me the biggest cliffhanger was, what the heck was tim rogers doing in New Hampshire?

    @neuroshmancer good points re: stage play!

    and @whatsarobot none of us know! he didn't tell us beforehand, maybe we'll find out this week!?

    I‘m choosing to headcanon that Tim jumping on the “Aja” part for the JoJo reference rather than the character Steely Dan means he’s a highly cultured Part 2 superfan

    I haven't gone back to the start of the show recently but I have done that before, I've got all the old podcasts backed up on a harddrive after they disappeared for a lil while. If I recall correctly there was one time I needed something to listen to for a multi hour long walk and since they were down I ripped audio from unedited Google Hangout archives that were left up on Youtube instead which was some premium content.

    Parts 1 and 2 are the best part of JJBA

    @Lesmocon#4288 that means you might have the lost episode 19!?