Ep. 145 - Saving Blind

Insert Credit maneuvers into the Pocket Position. Opening and closing theme created by Kurt Feldman.

**Questions this week:**

  • 1. Pride (02:57)
  • 2. Unintended Demographics (08:57)
  • 3. ACAB (14:28)
  • 4. T-Shirts (19:41)
  • 5. Theme Sale: Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception, Battlefield 4, Perfect Dark Zero, Crysis, Tom Clancy's End War (26:53)
  • 6. JRPG Pro Athlete Team (33:20)
  • 7. Missing the Best Part (39:49)
  • 8. Idea Jealous (45:38)
  • LIGHTNING ROUND: Gaming Pedigrees: Dog Breed Edition (51:32)

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    thanks for editing these every week, blaine brown.

    A minor request but in the future do you think you could put the full question (or something closer to it) for the timestamp part of the post? It makes things a bit easier in a few ways (especially when trying to find question that was asked on a past show).

    I‘m not totally sure how intentional Five Nights at Freddy’s success with young children was, but I feel like it went far enough beyond anyone‘s expectations that I’d call it an unintended demographic. I work with kids for a living, they know all the lore and the characters, which is wild, because I‘m pretty sure very few of them have actually played it. They just watch those Let’s Plays where folks cartoonishly overreact to the jump scares.

    A few months ago, I heard a kid explaining Chuck E Cheese to one of his friends using _Five Nights at Freddy's_ as a reference point. I nearly shit myself.

    Atlus' Catherine was clearly not made with any sort of aspirations towards formalised competitive play but people certainly appreciate it far more as a grassroots tournament staple than for anything relating to the narrative.

    Taito's airborne fighting game Psychic Force found an unintended audience that they weren't able to capitalise on: they had a ton of more casual and overwhelmingly female fans who liked the characters and setting but weren't actually putting money into the games, and so the series eventually went away because the games kept bombing and they could only produce so much supplemental media.

    ah yeah, I knew that about psychic force - on top of that supplemental media they tried to make a puzzle game, which was alright, but they should've gone for an interaction-heavy visual novel, ala phoenix wright et al. or something like that!

    That athlete RPG question was my favorite discussion of this whole great podcast. Would love to see more weird ragtag party assembling of different celebrities and characters.

    (also here’s another take on it, ‘cause why not)
    Bo Jackson: Dragon Quest style hero that buffs and attacks
    Serena Williams: monk/ranger/thief that hits way hard
    Steph Curry: “splash” damage mage
    Julius Erving: healer

    Serena Williams would've been cool!! I really tried to get Steph Curry in there…

    the rpg question was fun, surely magic johnson is your mage though

    heck, we missed that one!

    Weird how hard tim went to bat for OJ Simpson.

    he loves the juice

    @Syzygy#4454 My wife never clicked with 3D camera controls, but is perfectly good at 2D games or games with automatic/fixed cameras. The exception to that is Splatoon, a game in which she's logged hundreds of hours and has become a max-rank unstoppable winning machine. All because of gyro aiming and intuitive controls.

    @Syzygy#4454 I was talking with a recruiter at a game studio and they had never really played games but were diving in to better understand the product. They reported that they had problems navigating rooms and had to google what “R3” was because none of that stuff is actually obvious, stuff a lot of people (like me) take for granted. It‘s still a huge problem that I don’t think anyone's solved.

    Catherine was the first game I thought of on the unintended audience question too, Competitive Catherine is definitely a lot cooler than Catherine.

    I am absolutely the type of person who would get a Pomeranian and call it Missile, as long as its a good name and not too obvious what the reference is it's fun to see how different people who do and don't get it react to it. My cat's name is Killer Queen and it is a Big Fun to see what people over and under 35 think that is, idk it's better than calling a cat "Whiskers" or whatever.

    @Lesmocon#4585 Nobuhiko Obayashi died the week I got my new cat and I named her Kung Fu after my favorite character from House, but I might have named her Blanche if I'd remembered the actual cat in that movie had a name. My family probably would have hated that one a lot less. Oh well. I still say the name Kung Fu rules

    I support it

    @GigaSlime#4589 I might be revealing my age here, but Blanche the cat would only make me think of Golden Girls (okay my age is exactly 35 years old), whereas Kung Fu the cat is just cool in a way that doesn't require any kind of association.

    @Lesmocon Similar feelings about Killer Queen (KQ!). Good cat names up in this thread.

    Also! Thanks to @exodus for mentioning Food4Dogs. She is a light in my life recently. If anyone hasn't seen her videos, well, you ought to. Here's a good one:


    @whatsarobot#4599 You're only five years older than me!