Ep. 149 - The Dunked-On Ratio

Breaking: Pregnant Elsa Dies at Dentist. Opening and closing theme created by Kurt Feldman.

**Questions this week:**

  • 1. Games Requiring Original Hardware (03:33)
  • 2. Mario 35th (09:18)
  • 3. Most Difficult Game to Review (15:13)
  • 4. Good Overworlds (20:56)
  • 5. Best Dentistry Game (25:10)
  • 6. What does "Overrated" mean? Question by Patreon Supporter Ricky Bankemper (33:03)
  • 7. Vlambeer Legacy (40:23)
  • 8. Unfinished and Abandoned Games (46:36)
  • 9. Babysitting Diddy Kong (54:13)
  • 10. Gunsport is the Towerfall of Stadia (1:00:08)
  • LIGHTNING ROUND: Recc'ing Crew - SNL Edition (1:05:10)

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    @GigaSlime#5809 Haha I can't wait to actually listen to the episode and find out what the heck this is a reference to.

    Looks like we've got a new Twitter banner

    re: unreleased games

    That powerline game (Den-sen) was being made at SCEI by a weird amalgam of people, primarily Ape Escape people IIRC. The creator of Umihara Kawase, Kiyoshi Sakai, was one of the leads--I asked him about it once and he said it was shown off way too early in lieu of there being anything else to show for PS2, and that it didn't last much longer after being announced because nobody really knew what they were trying to make. That same team ended up making Mr. Mosquito, I think? and Sakai ended up leaving the industry for a while afterwards.

    The Kimba game was a passion project for Nintendo inasmuch as they wanted to collaborate with Tezuka Productions on a game project, with the expectation that Tezuka's people (specifically Osamu Tezuka's son, whose name escapes me at the moment) would be co-directing and working on the game on a genuine, regular basis, and so when that guy ended up flaking on them they killed the game. My recollection is that Miyamoto's right-hand Takashi Tezuka (no relation to the manga dynasty) was running point on Kimba, but I could be wrong.

    As for games I'd like to see... Shigesato Itoi was making an original N64 game code-named "Cabbage" that, to my knowledge, didn't make much progress and eventually coalesced into Hey, You! Pikachu!, but I'd really like more details.

    Per the original hardware question:

    Partially Inspired by Frank Cifaldi‘s recommendation last week, I got one of the cheap refurbished 2DSes (DS’s? DSs? What‘s the plural of DS?) that Nintendo is selling now and am playing an Etrian Odyssey for the first time. Finishing my first map in the intro dungeon was deeply satisfying and I can’t imagine it working well at all on another platform, let alone feeling THAT good.

    @coreywilliams#5834 DS, 3DS, Wii and WiiU games are games that can be ported elsewhere, but usually lose something in the process due to the unusual hardware. I‘m sure there are exceptions to this, but I can’t think of any. Anyone?


    Thanks for taking my Question! Overrated is one of those words that irks me a bit irrationally (hopefully everyone has word or phrase like that. if not then I guess that is odd of me!)

    There are a lot of arcade games that require the original hardware.

    Silent Scope comes to mind.
    I love Silent Scope in the arcade.

    Lucky and Wild.
    I wouldn't want to try playing that without at the very least a steering wheel and two guns.
    Trying to pile two or three people into the tiny fake car is also part of the experience.

    A non-arcade example that is a super awkward one for me is R4: Ridge Racer Type 4.
    I loved R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 and other people love it too, but I played it with a jogcon, and that was an important part of the experience for me. So 90% of the time I just don't talk about R4.
    I don't want to ask people if they used the jogcon. It would be hard to ask that without giving off a bit of that ol' 'you have to read it in the original language' vibe. I end up rarely mentioning how good a time I had with R4: Ridge Racer Type 4.

    Hmm, I've been wanting to buy R4 again for a while now, but now I also want a jogcon.

    After playing a bunch of portable games on an LCD screen, I'd have to say most portable games are better on the original handheld console. The graphics are usually made for smaller resolution screens and gameboy/GBC games especially feel really magnified and hard to look at.

    @marlfuchs2#5885 Yeah I have a hard time finding/setting the right window size, color range, LCD grids and motion blur shaders to get those games to look right. Some rely on the LCD blur, like the faux depth flicker seen in the mountains in Castlevania II on the GB. This effect can also cause image ghosting on IPS replacement displays and on all of those handheld emulation systems.

    I would also add lightgun games to the topic. Even if you can emulate one with a mouse, needing to actually wield something is substantially different - plus there is no latency.

    I guess Guitar Hero/Rockband qualifies as well

    Seeing the prompt on Twitter about the overworld discussion, and I was thinking about this last night after listening to the show: Have been playing Batman Arkham Asylum and the outside sections function a lot like an overworld. So far in the game (I'm like 15 hours in or something) the outdoors area is mostly used to just travel between the various buildings (which are basically like the dungeons). You can run around and find secrets, glide and grapple between buildings, fight a few enemies, hang out as Batman, etc. I think it works really well! Really enjoying the game!

    I always took “overrated” to mean something that’s not just popular, but about which there’s sort of a cultural narrative that makes people feel compelled to declare they like it. It’s a commentary on groupthink, not just popularity. Likewise, I think the people who bombard games with one-star reviews on Metacritic typically see themselves as brave truth-tellers who are going against the conformist grain to tell you the real truth about a game; such people are usually deeply entrenched in the “gaming community” and responding to a perception (not as true as it used to be, but not totally false) that bandwagons and groupthink are common within that space.

    Overrated and underrated are completely useless terms apart from what they tell you about the people who are using them. Everyone one of those “Top 5 Underrated/Overrated/Games Noone Knows About Etc.” memes goes around on Twitter I‘m always floored by some of the responses I see. One of my fellow Brit friends semi-regularly goes on rants about underrated Final Fantasy VI and I’m just like “hey have you met America, they like that game a lot!” It‘s a matter of perspective and sometimes people’s perspective is busted.

    Also I always loved the overworlds in the original Spyro the Dragon trilogy, where they act as mini levels with portals that introduce you to the aesthetic and some of the gimmicks of this world of stages you're on. There's enemies and treasure to collect but they usually don't bother with making it challenging, always thought it was chill to clear out those overworlds before diving into the levels to settle myself into the world.

    This is a different question to the one asked about unfinished games but Crash Twinsanity is blatantly unfinished and I like a lot of the ideas and concepts they come up even if the version of the game they released is miserable. This might have been a question before on the podcast but "what games needed another six months-to-a-year in the oven the most" might be an interesting discussion!

    Ahhh, it might! Send that one on through to jaffe!

    I feel like until someone makes an emulation handheld with something similar to the Neo Geo Pocket clicky-stick, it‘s going to feel heretical to me to play them on anything else. Some of the Wonderswan stuff is really weird to emulate, too. The portrait orientation buttons were used in landscape a lot for menu stuff and I don’t know how I would set that up in a way that wouldn‘t feel bad. Also, I’d never want to emulate a Vectrex game because half the appeal of that console was the display technology.

    Games with unusual controllers like Steel Battalion or Virtual On, I gotta have the legit thing for. Same with arcade rhythm games like Sound Voltex. If I don‘t have the little rotary encoders and the big plonky buttons, it’s a worse experience.

    Nobody really wanted to address my topic (owned) but I would've liked to talk about wonderswan stuff where you have to turn the game to portrait mode for certain stages, etc

    Someone is making an emulation handheld with something similar to the Neo Geo Pocket clicky-stick.


    It has two face buttons on the left for tate, and six regular face buttons.

    The fellow who is making it had a pretty disastrous kick-starter for [his last project.](https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/285735197/kawaii-cade-japanese-style-bartop-arcade-cabinets/comments)
    If this ever becomes something that can be bought on Amazon then I might buy one.
    Unfortunately, all things considered, I don't think I'd try to buy it otherwise.