Ep. 150 - Patreon Question Bonanza

In this episode, Insert Credit answers your questions. No, really this time! Opening and closing theme created by Kurt Feldman.

**Questions this week:**

  • 1. Golok inquires about Capcom remakes (04:55)
  • 2. Daniel C asks about Japanese hidden gems (07:07)
  • 3. Beandog asks about getting into the industry (09:12)
  • 4. Mox Bagel asks about changing time periods for games (11:30)
  • 5. An anonymous patron asks what the Quibi of video games is (13:40)
  • 6. Cera Sophia asks about the future of dedicated handhelds (15:47)
  • 7. Boogie asks about the Playdate (17:52)
  • 8. Kyle asks which novels are the most like playing games (19:56)
  • 9. Jesse asks about the current Peter Molyneux of games (22:36)
  • 10. An anonymous patron asks what the most painful control scheme is (24:40)
  • 11. Brenton Woodrow asks which five persons or teams should get resources to make a dream game (27:10)
  • 12. Gigaslime asks about rejecting games based on bad humor (29:22)
  • 13. Kiko asks which non-mainline Mario jumps best (31:46)
  • 14. Chris asks which games are chill enough to warrant 80-hour playtimes (33:50)
  • 15. An anonymous patron asks about designing Sonic in a ruined Earth (36:07)
  • 16. Josh J asks about improving arcade games on console (39:30)
  • 17. Jared P asks about “dream game mods” on many levels (42:26)
  • 18. Sam asks for a decision between freaking, marrying, and killing Yoko Taro, Swery and Yoshiro Mikura (44:53)
  • 19. David asks for a Bartleby the Scrivener game (46:53)
  • 20. An anonymous patron asks which game is the best palette cleanser (49:52)
  • 21. Shane asks about new Funko Pop lines (51:53)
  • 22. Anders M asks about asymmetrical multiplayer (54:10)
  • 23. Spencer S asks about Xbox Ones in the psych ward (56:46)
  • 24. Suda 69 asks about hyperspecific aesthetics in games (58:59)
  • 25. Anonymous asks about video game webcomic resurgences (01:01:23)
  • 26. Kind Of Bummed That Mappy Is A Cop asks about VR for dogs (01:03:34)
  • 27. Andy D asks to redesign the Tour de France series (01:05:44)
  • 28. Wemblin asks if The Witness was any good (01:07:45)
  • 29. An anonymous patron asks about recruiting new Creative Directors in AAA games (01:09:47)
  • 30. MVB asks what thoughts Insert Credit isn’t qualified to discuss (01:12:12)
  • LIGHTNING ROUND: Pokemon Design (01:15:38)

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    The Witness was one of the greatest gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Felt weird to me how tepid you all were on it, like Frank was afraid to say he liked it haha

    Is it because I only have a cursory interest in who Jonathan Blow is?

    Oh my god, I asked that question about bad humor specifically because I had just tried to play The Messenger and couldn't make it more than twenty minutes in

    @Squit#6207 that might make your impression of it a bit better to be fair, lol. i also love the game a lot (i tattoo inspired by it lmao) and i strongly dislike the Blow bc of his personal politics, but that's okay! death of the author, baby!!

    i guess i do need to start thinking about the Switch as a purely handheld console that just happens to be able to dock. i guess i just miss having a handheld something the size of a Vita

    i loved this rapid fire question format by the way!

    I didn‘t play the witness so I didn’t say “isn't that myst meets sokoban” but that's what I was thinking (sorry)

    If it makes anyone feel better I argue with Jon blow literally every time I see him. I seek him out at industry parties from across the room!

    Honestly I think he's got the capacity to turn around but he just thinks he's the smartest person in the world and he's got to let go of that before he can start having compassion for people he doesn't know.

    I think Chris Roberts is probably the current Peter Molyneux. Lots of prior success in PC gaming but has multiple later projects that dragged on forever before being released, and currently is on a huge game (Star Citizen) that‘s been taking forever. Without having to answer to an actual publisher, it’ll probably keep going forever.

    If tim want‘s an Animal Crossing with a Story he should check out my current obsession, Dillon’s Dead Heat Breakers.

    Is there really weird right wing stuff in The Messenger?! I haven't played it myself but never saw that mentioned amidst the endless praise it got. Wow!

    Yeah, you had to do special stuff to unlock it I think?

    @exodus#6213 I still have to remind myself how I enjoy differences in opinion much more than the monocultural oatmeal I‘ve been feeding myself for so long. There’s that little tinge of “am I a dummy?” when you guys don't like a game or band or something I love because I respect your opinions so much.

    That's why I love when you guys disagree with each other because it reminds me to relax and be a human.

    @sabertoothalex#6285 check the shopkeeper quotes. there's one where he quotes a reactionary right wing celebrity.

    @Squit I do hope it‘s also clear that we’re not damning anybody for liking anything!!

    @exodus#6297 Of course! That‘s my own personal net that I’m untangling. You guys have done more to help me empower myself with some critical confidence than just about anything.

    I grew up in New Jersey and there it's just like "YOU SAY DIS WORD DIS WAY? DA HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? SPORTS!" The ability to have a conversation without the other person saying "NO" or "YEAH BUT" is definitely part of why I moved to California.

    That and this _**DELICIOUS TOXIC AIR!**_


    If it‘s not full of orange smoke I don’t want to be there!!!

    @exodus#6213 that SF tech guy mindset!!!

    Blow was a huge inspiration for me initially and i gradually become disillusioned with him as i realized all of his game design insights only applied when it came to the 8 year polished projects him and his puzzle boy genius friends were making and he was much less interested in you if you weren't one of those people and didn't have the money/ego to spend convincing yourself you're going to make a masterpiece in 8 years. he's definitely someone who has drunk the kool-aid really hard on that particular mindset and i'm not sure if he'll ever get out of that. as a series of puzzles in pretty environments i like The Witness (even though i wrote a very critical review of it) but i think any time the game tries to be intellectual it comes off as totally self-serious and vacuous to the point of parody. Blow seems to have some good instincts as an artist but things he says will also cut against that or make those things feel less special sometimes.

    Yeah, it‘s tough. I want him to be good!! But he doesn’t want to be good.

    it's the big boy tech boy mindset for sure (which for some reason how I originally misread your statement lol)

    @marlfuchs2#6280 Honestly I'm kinda inclined to think that the early access, paid public development cycle has led to a lot of huge projects that are never going to be finished. Also on that note I kinda feel like Dean Hall has fallen into the Molyneux camp.

    On the subject of Jon Blow: Braid sucks.

    Frank's response to question 21 - making NES style boxes for different properties is exactly the type of thing I can see being on the shelves at a Gamestop. Its not too far off from what Limited run and the like do with their releases. Its the type of ancillary collectors crap that nerds seem to love. I say this as a nerdy game collector.

    @tomjonjon#6408 I remember now that they did a few things like that, but I like Frank's idea.


    here's the idea a bit in reverse