Ep. 153 - Ain’t No Sunshine When I Game, with Laura Michet

Ep. 153 - Ain’t No Sunshine When I Game, with Laura Michet

Special guest [Laura Michet](https://twitter.com/lmichet/) joins to ponder protagonist perspective and video game sainthood. The questions are perfect. The podcast is perfect. And I feel perfect. Opening and closing theme created by Kurt Feldman.

**Questions this week:**

  • 1. Video game verb actions (3:12)
  • 2. The first well written video game story (8:00)
  • 3. What’s new with ARGs? (13:22)
  • 4. Game articles that are fun to read but a pain to write (19:02)
  • 5. Bubsy’s Smash reveal trailer (24:03)
  • 6. Question by Patreon Supporter Gumby asks: What would a video game holiday celebrate? (30:09)
  • 7. The balance of agency and personality in game protagonists (36:53)
  • 8. The best time of day for video games (40:31)
  • 9. Recommend Jaffe a dungeon crawler (44:37)
  • 10. The Niel Cicerega of video games (49:40)
  • LIGHTNING ROUND: Design a League of Legends champ (53:42)

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    A Few Mentioned Games To Check Out:
    [Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Retrospective](https://bubsy3d.com)
    [Wizard of Legend](http://wizardoflegend.com/)
    [Streets of Rogue](http://streetsofrogue.com/)
    [A Monster's Expedition](https://www.monsterexpedition.com/)

    Additional links:
    [Dave Halverson Reviews Cybermorph On Acid](https://www.resetera.com/threads/what-is-the-best-video-game-review-ever.122114/post-21717341) (thanks ResetEra poster FnordChan)
    [Matt Leone's Oral Histories](https://www.polygon.com/users/Matt%20Leone/posts#activity)
    [Frank's National Video Games Day investigation](https://gamehistory.org/why-is-today-national-video-game-day/)


    I really like Hades now

    there goes any chance of having Ulillillia on the show

    omg, when Brandon was doing the party anecdote I was dying laughing bc I am 100% sure I literally know the person he's talking about hahaha. What a small world.

    I don't even remember telling a party anecdote :o

    also I had to look up Ulillillia, and don't know why we killed them being on the show - I clearly have no idea what's going on here!

    @exodus#7252 i believe the party anecdote in reference is the Keyboard Cat story. but I also don’t know why ulililia wouldn’t be on the show!!

    AH YES, the keyboard cat story. classic times

    @exodus#7252 Ulillillia is easily the world authority on Bubsy! (I concede this may not be common knowledge as I had assumed)

    And re the best time to play video games - before work is the only time I have, so I guess I am the 7am video game weirdo (it's fine, make some toast etc)