Ep. 156 - Horror Game Ranking SPECDRACULAR

Does anyone have any recommendations for games like Rule of Rose and Baroque that also inhabit that space of Japanese Occult obsessions? I've always loved that vibe in SMT games and that vibe generally interests me more than like, the usual survival horror.

@LuccaPucca#8518 Give Hellnight a look


@LuccaPucca#8518 The vibe is a little more… how shall I say, piratey!? but Hungry Ghosts is japanese/western hybrid occult oriented. Siren has a LOT of Japanese occult influence, but like I said I don't enjoy playing it.

In honor of Halloween I‘m listening to this one halloween-themed Japanese Comix Discomix cover, ハロウィーン怪事件. I forgot to do this last year and felt very disappointed after I realized I missed my chance. Since I don’t feel like starting a new thread of halloween music, and since this is closest thing we have to The Halloween Thread, I'll just post it here:


@GigaSlime#8309 i love the RE remake so much but i'm actually too scared to play it. i need my spouse to protect me or my mommy

As a total Kimura-head, the Yoshiro Kimura wolf in a wheelchair thing has 100% been brought up somewhere before. I think he's showed drawings of it before.

just now listening to the subscriber bonus episode…. previous guest Laura Michet worked on major work of extreme brilliance Pathologic 2?! If you have this person back on the show I would be glad to submit 10 pathologic-related questions for them to answer. Just volunteering my services for the cause of pathologic and ice pick lodge thank you

Also re the episode proper: I'm relieved the panelists are not making the list part of these best of episodes too seriously. I appreciate that it's more of a launching off point for discussion and not nerd argument about what is "better" or "worse"

Have felt this way ever since Jeremy Parish wrote that mario series ranking with NSMB U at the top. An ego-death moment for me, personally, and I owe him a spiritual debt

one of these days we should get @Gorblax to write out his thoughts on the nature of Lists.

@jeelz#8506 yeah illbleed is a nightmare to play. Like it is hilarious and weird and cool but the actual game is miserable and about taking one step forward to check everything and maybe get killed anyways.

like look up a high-level play video. It is never fun.

@donrumata#8605 it will shock and alarm you to learn that those images were published in an interview with meeeeeeeeeee news

@espercontrol#8641 List good

@Gorblax#8665 i get it, there's too many reasons to possibly name. if only there were some kind of structure for numbers of things we could use that would illustrate further. ah, well.

yay. Glad Dino Crisis made the cut! Im that weird person who played Dino Crisis before any Resident Evil. I do like Dino Crisis 2 more as a game, but it's not scary.

If you want to play it today, the best way is probably with the PC version and a bunch of mods. Dino Crisis Classic REbirth was released this year and make it run and look real nice. A separate HD texture mod is also out there.


The Apple of Eden project has done similar mods for Resident Evil 1,2 and others! Follow their Twitter! They're looking into Mega Man Legends 2 at the moment! https://twitter.com/REBehindtheMask

A Dino Crisis 2 REbirth would be really nice, but that one really does need HD texture modes as it went back to the prerendered textures like Resident Evil.

I feel like its worse in HD! Which is why I prefer the ps1 version to the dreamcast one. But it‘s definitely an interesting thing to try if you’ve already gone through it

@exodus#8704 that‘s a good point. not as spooky when it’s that clean.