Ep. 157 - The Dirtbag Hour, with Mathew Kumar

Ep. 157 - The Dirtbag Hour, with Mathew Kumar

A mistake at our Scheduling Factory means Patreon questions at blow-out prices! With special guest Mathew Kumar. Opening and closing theme created by Kurt Feldman.

**Questions this week:**

  • 1. Jerry asks, what life skill should be the next to receive the Mama treatment? (03:53)
  • 2. Moe asks, what video game action would make for the best Olympic event? (08:43)
  • 3. Dirtbag asks, have you ever realized you don’t like a game only after sinking lots of time into it? (13:28)
  • 4. Squit asks, how would you improve Sonic’s bonus levels? (19:59)
  • 5. Ross Hamrick asks, who is the Prince of video games? (24:53)
  • 6. Sam asks, what did we lose when we lost dedicated portable consoles? (29:59)
  • 7. Jonathan Qiao asks, what’s the most realistic RPG progression system? (35:40)
  • 8. Jack O’Keeffe asks, what non-racing games have the best driving? (39:56)
  • 9. tim rogers asks, whats everybody’s Sonic OC? (45:24)
  • **LIGHTNING ROUND**: Bottom Line Review (53:09)


  • - Tips on unionizing your workplace
  • - [Sepak takraw](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sepak_takraw)
  • - [Sokoban](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sokoban)
  • - [Every Game I've Finished](https://everygame.tumblr.com/)
  • - [Fighters Megami X](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fighters_Megamix)
  • - [Ray the Sonic Friend](https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Ray_the_Flying_Squirrel#Heroes_)
  • - [Documentary footage of Prince playing basketball](https://youtu.be/ff8LEx9Mw54?t=122)
  • - [The Oliver Twins](https://www.olivertwins.com/)
  • - [Brandon interviews Philip Oliver](https://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/130199/would_you_like_fries_with_that_.php)
  • - [popcorn dot gif](https://giphy.com/gifs/michael-jackson-comments-popcorn-pUeXcg80cO8I8)
  • - [Fruit Stripe zebra](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/743918905789120552/771484100518871041/fruit2Bstripe2Btattoo.png)
  • - [Joe Biden's Animal Crossing island](https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/18/business/biden-animal-crossing-island-trnd/index.html)
  • **Recommendations:**
    **Brandon:** [Roll in One Kickstarter](https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/randyo/roll-in-one), friggin' [vote out the fascists](https://www.vote.org/)
    **Frank**: [Venom (2018)](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1270797/)
    **Tim**: [McMillion$](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9148598/)
    **Mathew Kumar**: [@mathewkumar](https://twitter.com/mathewkumar), [@expdotzine](https://twitter.com/expdotzine), [Every Game I've Finished](https://everygame.tumblr.com/), [Succession](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7660850/)

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    @GigaSlime#8778 how did you get this photograph of me

    (this RULES)

    @GigaSlime#8778 This is exactly as horrible as I anticipated. Good? job

    @Gorblax#8780 Every moment of Dirtbag's existence is pain and misery. Each of his questions to the podcast is actually a coded request for one of you to find him and kill him

    lol that's some powerful barf

    You need to send your commission rates + invoice to Tim, not kidding

    @GigaSlime#8778 You are remarkably powerful, Giga

    Very good

    (can we post this on twitter again?)

    @exodus#8796 Sure!

    For non-racing games that have the best driving, I want to throw in Batman: Arkham Knight. I really love driving that Batmobile around. I feel like a monster in that thing.

    I like that everyones habit of often not really directly answering viewers questions makes Dirtbag episodes very digressive and off topic.

    Love the Car Battler Joe Appreciation Minute

    I think the gratuitous Warthog driving sections of Halo 1 and Halo 3 where you have to escape while everything is blowing up is really good driving in a non driving game and I wish more games had final levels like that.

    Shoot, I really should've mentioned the warthog, and ALSO the hog drifting in nier which kind of sucks but also kind of is very nice.

    To whoever said they wanted a prettier, smoother version of the Sonic 2 half-pipe, they‘ve rehashed that thing at least half a dozen times, including in non-bad games like Sonic Rush and Sonic Colours DS, and the Sonic 2 iOS remaster has a true super-smooth recreation of that original stage if that’s precisely what you want.

    As with all things Sonic, I wish they'd let it go.

    I think it needs better level design too

    @GigaSlime#8804 Yeah I was surprised how many people were turned off by it. I thought it was cool as hell.

    Renegade Ops (from the makers of Just Cause) is another good top-down one if you like Jackal

    I've recently been playing a lot on my 2DS and have been thinking about the portable console thing a lot ever since there was a thread about it on here. Having Sony just completely opt out of the portable market AS Nintendo was using the Switch to consolidate its portable and home console teams seems like it left a big hole in the, like, “vision” for what handheld gaming could look like going forward.

    However, It looks from the outside that the last 12 months there are shifts starting in how developers/publishers are publicly thinking about the Switch. Examples to me would be like the Link's Awakening remake or Monster Hunter Rise, where the devs are kind of saying it's being designed as a portable game. Also, the success of Animal Crossing maybe gives it some of that cross-demographic shine that the DS had. On the other (and worse, imo) side, the cloud stuff coming to the States shows that publishers are more widely interested in that market share beyond just putting out last-gen ports.

    I am very curious to see what happens in 2021 with Switch games. It seems to me like the base Switch/Switch Lite could be an entry level portable for a very long if Nintendo keeps supporting it with games, incentivizing other devs. Maybe that doesn't make financial sense? I don't know, I am not a games biz guy.

    My favorite PSP memory was walking around my neighborhood with metal gear solid scoring units by scanning my neighbors wifi. I wish the switch had something similar to the DS‘s “street pass”. I dont like that sometimes multiplayer on the switch is only possible by connecting to a server, and you cant play “locally”, and it feels like that’s becoming more common. Even the DSs step counter was KIND of interesting.

    I wish we had dedicated handhelds because it created a greater possiblity of people utilizing the mobility of the platform in interesting ways.

    We can see a bit of a continuation with stuff like "pokemon GO" on mobile. Makes me wonder what neat kinda stuff you could have done with a dedicated handheld that had built in GPS and/or 4G (but at that point it would need something else to differentiate it from a phone. Or just lean in and say our next "Game Boy" IS a phone, but it also something more?). It feels like there are still a lot space for people to do interesting stuff with "mobile games" that hasn't been done yet because the mindset is trapped in a particular view of things.

    As some solace to the loss of Sony handhelds, the PSP has pretty good emulation (PPSSPP) and the games look and play very nice on a TV/monitor with a console controller. It kinda feels like a Sony half step console between PS1 and PS2 this way.