Ep. 158 - Writing Python Scripts While Skateboarding

I can‘t get into it too much but while thatgamecompany did probably have a “no longer funded by sony” scenario, they also wound up chasing F2P money to their potential detriment, and that’s a big part of why Sky took like 6 years to make.

The Adaptation Game: 1972 Watergate Scandal

Immediately what comes to mind is a game that looks and plays exactly the same as either:

J.B. Harold Murder Club for the PC Engine


Marusa no Onna / A Taxing Woman on the Famicom

Perfect look and feel for something like that.
Didn't see the tweet about there already being a game about it until I started making this post, so I'm _stickin' to it_!

_What is the Pee Wee's Big Adventure of video games?_

I guess for made-for-kids-but-somewhat-adult angle, Haunting Starring Polterguy kinda has that feeling. On the surface level, it feels like a kid's game, but some of the haunts you can do involve a corpse cut in half in a shower with a pool of blood under it. Some of the haunts are pretty grotesque and macabre in a way you probably wouldn't expect at first.

Outside of that, for fantastical Tim Burton late-80s-early-90s feelings, Dynamite Headdy I suppose.


@exodus#9147 VCDs

One of the first things I ever bought from the internet was a portable cd player with an AV-out cable that could play VCDs.
I think I only ever hooked it up at someone else's house once though, so I probably didn't need a _portable_ VCD player.
VCDs seemed like magic back in the VHS days. The only downside was having to swap discs mid-movie.

I watched VCDs on my saturn!!! Also my 2003-girlfriend had one of those portable vcd players and we watched a bunch of The Young and Dangerous on that thing. Left channel for cantonese, right channel for mandarin. the weird old days!

@Syzygy#9129 you know, that’s actually a title I almost went with. When I edit, I listen for goofy phrases I think would work (as well as references to look up and link in the forum post).

As a fun bonus, here’s my list of lines I was considering as the title for this episode:

  • - Brought To Me And Placed At My Feet
  • - Fanboys in a Derogatory Sense
  • - Frankie No-Games
  • - Backseat Hardware Manufacturing
  • - Sun-Dried Fraggles
  • - Jowl Sounds
  • - The PAL Accent
  • - Born Lambo Style
  • A few good videogame blunt weapons:

  • - Water pipes in Streets of Rage, and beat em ups in general, satisfying animations and feeling when you send enemies flying with the hits.
  • - Blackjack in Thief, super good and funny BONK animation when you hit a guard from behind and they get instantly knocked out.
  • - Grabbing random stuff in Yakuza and bashing it into the head of random punks with a burst attack/special/whatever the name is (the triangle attacks).
  • - Tonfas and lunar staff in Ninja Gaiden. On 2 they added the execution system and let me tell you, bursting legs and arms with non slashing weapons feels good, probably the best aspect of that game which otherwise isn't very great.
  • ahhhhhh yeah, motorcycles in yakuza, that's a good one.

    @espercontrol#9085 Hey Esper - I‘m glad you’re on board. You're doing a great job and the little Twitter edits are fantastic! Even though I listen to the show before I see the twitter snippits, they make me smile every single time.

    Yeah, the little videos are great!!!

    @antillese#9333 aww shucks!! that’s very kind of you to say, thank you. I’m really glad people seem to dig the little videos, they’re a lot of fun to make for a number of reasons! I’m gonna keep trying to make a better sounding show and better little clips each week.