Ep. 159 - Loopy Lorries, with Ash Parrish

I‘m also from the UK and as a kid I loved Rollercoaster Tycoon and when I finally got home internet I went online to find other people who like computer games (What a mistake that turned out to be!) Anyway I kept seeing people talking about an expansion pack called Corkscrew Follies and when I went to the game shop the staff had never heard of it. Turns out that was what Hasbro decided to call the first expansion in North America, in the UK it was “Added Attractions Pack” which I guess just wasn’t exciting enough for the US.



@Winckle Whoa, corkscrew follies legit sounds like it'd be the british name, so I guess I've got to reevaluate everything!!!!!!!!!!

@Winckle#9467 There was a Corkscrew ride at Alton Towers so maybe that’s why they changed it

would also point out that sugar‘s ray’s mark mcgrath wouldn't last 2 seconds in a combat situation. He had that famous near-tears meltdown after a 13 year old called him “sugar gay”

also is it appropriative if americans like alan partridge? I have no idea who the hell sue cook or bill oddy (sp?) are. Don't know what a jordy is (also sp?). Sorry I still think he's funny

@exodus#9472 Yes, it does sound like a very twee Beatrix Potter-esque name. I was reminded of it as soon as I heard “Loopy Lorries” as “Loopy Landscapes” was the name of the other RCT expansion pack (in both territories).

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