Ep. 160 - Press H to Hershey

Another multiplayer example of glitches improving a game is Starcraft: Brood War. Most of the fancy micro tricks that make the game so engaging were completely unintentional. There are so many that it would be hard to even get into naming them (and I'm not an expert - all my knowledge of BW is from being adjacent to the scene by being a Starcraft 2 fan), but they are pretty fundamental to playing at a high level. Even as recently as the past few years, new tricks are being discovered, turning previously barely-used units into viable options. I think the game owes quite a lot of its success and longevity to these unintentional glitches, since it adds to the skill ceiling of the game and the variety of strategies that are available.

yeah, I guess “any competitive game that's still going 10 years later” is going to have a heavy glitch-exploit inclination.


@“devilsblush”#p9902 Just want to point out that I literally saw this cat yesterday! :wastebasket::black_cat:

@“antillese”#p107147 that cat rules, pretty close to best video game cat