Ep. 162 - Stanley Cuberick

@espercontrol#10817 Great Courses is great!


@PhantomPhotom#10813 FYI yall Episodes no longer appear on the patreon unless you are logged in and subscribed.

FYI @espercontrol , I have noticed my friend of the show stream doesn't seem to refresh in my podcatcher (Castro) unless I specifically go refresh it. I got panicky last week when it didn't show up! May just be the podcatcher itself, but I did unsubscribe/resubscribe with the RSS address Patreon gave me and it didn't pull down over night. Dunno if they are related to the other work you're doing on the back end? I certainly don't mind refreshing on Mondays, it just seems to be a change from how it's been working.


@Moon#10814 “How can video games reward and encourage patience?”

I was surprised that Metal Gear Solid 3 and The End wasn't mentioned. You just... gotta wait.

@PhantomPhotom#10813 none patreon people should use this rss https://insertcredit.com/show/rss/ it's the one we use for all the podcast networks. Soon the new front page should be updated and people will be able to see there when new episodes go live for everyone.