Ep. 163 - It Doesn't Get Eddie Vedder Than This, with Heather Anne Campbell

I am thinking I might ask tim to tone that down a bit because I'll admit I have sort of been using that time to think of interesting answers rather than listening to it.

@antillese there are discs with pocketstation games on them, or which are pocketstation-specific.... was my impression, but I haven't actually done proper research. I bought one and haven't actually done anything with it! uhhh I can't find any info about this so I'll do a little more looking around before I start talking out of the side of my head again.

@hellomrkearns#10946 was not emotionally prepared for who appears at 2:20

just clicking around I have also seen: leslie nielson, herbie hancock, and shelley duvall

oh my goodness its laura palmer's mom

@hellomrkearns#10946 wwwwait a second - what about this is a failure?

Ah, it's because they nominated Mega Race in the action/adventure category, isn't it?

the game of the year nominees are solid I have to say

my cousin had a pearl jam-themed wedding, it was awful. Also during his speech the best man revealed that his nickname in college was “slapnuts”

@yeso#10963 Was it because the bride couldn't find a better man?


@Syzygy#10961 go for it!! I am vaguely curious to know what the game that killed my career as a large-team narrative designer is all about, but because it sucks to think about I've never wanted to try it.

@whatsarobot#10945 I was thinking of mentioning this recently too, because I tend to start skipping around once he jumps on a soapbox to talk about twitter replies or his tv. Obviously we listen to the show to hear the hosts talk so I don't want to dogpile or anything, but it kinda brings the show to a screeching halt and rarely goes anywhere.

I think Tim might be overestimating the number of the people who bug him that also listen to this show


Do you remeber what episode it was.

Someone should make a thread with all the improv zone episodes

In honor of the whose line guest, If any of you out there in radio land would like to have the illustrious Alex Jaffee be YOUR improv tormentor, you can listen to the interactive lost episode from 2014, which is beautiful piece of solo performance art by jaffee. Trust me, listen to it.


never do another improv section i actually laughed at this one I hate what I've become

<3 the improv zone

about interesting vg economies- I’m afraid I have to mention contemporary art extreme classic pathologic 2 again please forgive me

a major component in the game is finding some way to extract life-saving items (food, medicine, clean water) from the death-spiraling economy of an isolated small town.

The game takes place over 12 days, and at the outset the only stressor is a delayed supply train and but can generally buy or trade for what you need without much trouble. But after the first couple of days, circumstances get worse and worse. A plague spreads through the town causing commercial districts to be quarantined, residents start hoarding supplies so prices skyrocket. Eventually the military arrives and a black market springs up. Cash becomes worthless and ration-tickets are distributed. Folk remedies like charms and herbs become valuable, quack science supplies like diseased blood and organs hit the market.

The game forces you to adapt to these shifting conditions and get clever at acquiring what you need whether through trade, looting, or theft. It’s very impressively done in my opinion.

I genuinely love how polarizing the Improv Zone is. I will not stop, but it will continue to not be frequent.

Also the "lost" episode is one of my favorite things I've ever done.


This game is so interesting but looks so genuinely unpleasant to play. I agree with you about that economic system. Interestingly, it is so clever because it mimics what might actually happen in a real-world small-town crisis, rather than being fantastical. So in a game that is extremely esoteric and fantastical, the economy actually grounds it in a recognizable reality.

I was going to use the Improv Zone for this week‘s little twitter video but now I don’t know. Maybe i’ll do that and a backup, post whichever one is better, and post the unused one here.

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