Ep. 164 - Happy Asparagus Week

Other key aspects of the Cheesecake Factory experience: every entree is at least 4,000 calories, and there was a notorious e coli or listeria outbreak (don’t recall which, maybe both) connected to CF

I‘m just blown away by how expensive Cheesecake Factory is. Like, you cannot go to that restaurant and not spend $90 or more. It’s only worth it if you account for the sheer volume of food and use the leftovers for your next six meals.

The one time I stepped into a Cheesecake Factory was during the 6 month period when I had just gotten a car, but hadn‘t gotten a cellphone yet. I was supposed to pick up my sister late at night from the Cheesecake Factory at the Columbia, Maryland mall, which was about 30 minutes from our house. Since I didn’t have a phone, I had to go in and locate her. I always hated doing that because, at the time, I didn’t have contacts and refused to wear glasses except while driving. So I had to wander through the dimly lit restaurant, squinting in every direction until I finally found my sister. I remember thinking “I've never seen a place like this before.” It left a very distinct impression that I really have no idea how to describe. It just felt so dark and mysterious. I still wasn't used to driving far from my house at the time, so I felt like I was at the edge of the universe. The Cheesecake Factory was like a portal to some far-away bizarro world.

“I've never seen a place like this before” is a fun thing to think about anything, and also a very video game thought/line.

It's definitely a Jill Valentine sort of thing to say.

You were almost a Jill Cheesecake

did some research re cheesecake factory disease outbreaks (didn't want to libel the CF) and found my new favorite website


“I was going to the one near the food basics with my dad, i was watching the complete 5th season of the simpsons when i want home i tried i didn't got sick form the they taste good the spice made me go take a cr*p intil today i have less symptoms now i have a sword throught and an upset stomach so i will get beter""

in the future all video game reviews should be written by this person.

best fishing mini game in my opinion is Breath of Fire 4. During the normal game you find fishing equipment you can use at various places around the game. sometimes these fishing spots are hidden or otherwise secret. there is a whole shop type with weird items only exchangable for fish. lures you buy or find have different styles of movement and permadeath; ie if the line breaks they are gone. different types of fish are attracted to different styles of movement and chill at different depths and enjoy different surroundings. The best part is its all totally optional.

a few times id visit the fish exchange shop and be like "man i need that wangjangler" and go out on a fishing mission to catch 5 sun bass or whatever and end up finding other cooler stuff by accident.

I once had to babysit a bunch of friends (who I did not really like that much) while they were on acid and I kept threatening to take them to the Cheesecake Factory.