Ep. 167 - The Great Great Gatsby, with Patrick Miller

I am really sad we didn't get to hear who Tim and Frank would have picked for their fighting game character.

Something Tim touched on during the show that I really enjoyed about his time at Kotaku was his 200+ videos of him playing and being nice to a Santa's sleigh of video games. I still have a lot of those that I can go to for some positivity, which has become very frequent this year.

I think it would be fun (maybe a patreon reward) to have folks here vote a game that the insert credit crew would then stream for an hour each month. (Hollow Knight has a strong possibility of being the first game if this is even considered). It would be a fun reward and alternate format to experience some of your all's ideas on games and see you playing a game.

along those lines I was thinking I would enjoy new in-depth critical writing from IC people. One thing you notice listening to the show is how certain lines of thinking get brought up over a span of episodes but can‘t be fully elaborated on due to the format - to be clear, I don’t personally want to see the podcast format altered and would in fact be in favor of more rigidly cutting people off who speak past the buzzer, and also making the buzzer sound louder, more sudden, and more distressing. I know it may not really make time/money sense to publish that kind of material though nowadays.

@yeso#13725 Yeah, I think this episode has higlighted this a little bit more than usual, and even if I understand how good this format it‘s kind of sad to see that some ideas don’t get as deep as we would like to; but again, that depends on them and whether they want to do it or not (or are able to).

On the other hand, the part where Tim spoke about their experience with Kotaku has being enlightening. I am kind of enjoying being an agent of chaos without having to insult and having at the same time the idea of being thought-provoking to people, and while that happens it's also really insane to think you could use this strategy to laugh off also at certain types of people yet those are going to insult you no matter what you do, but I guess humor and positivity (of all kinds) is much needed in this world and also on journalism/critical spheres.

@yeso#13725 for what it’s worth, in recording the buzzer is a certain volume, and then I mix it to be a little more palatable for You, The Listener.

in Insert Credit: The Game will there be alternative buzzer noises as DLC?


Man, I don't play Mito. Way to OP! (Not that I've played in a while, but last I did, it was Hikari. Just trying to wildly catch willy-nilly between some basic chaining...)

Also, I was kind of rooting for Terry. No mention of Masami Obari-style Terry? And even sticking to FF, Terry could kick people into the other plane, and... would the opponent have a way to get out? I'm thinking no! Instant win!

@saddleblasters#13735 you'd have to ask @exodus what Insert Credit: The Game would be, but I think the buzzer sound is baked into the identity of the show at least. DLC packs for (doom shotgun sound effect)-replacements instead of the clown horn, maybe.

@yeso#13725 We have discussed doing some in depth pieces for the site. There are still various considerations we have to figure out. (Even ignoring everyones limited time, just from a technical perspective there is a lot more work involved then just posting an article). I think something like this will eventually happen, it's just a matter of when.


@espercontrol#13739 saddleblasters you’d have to ask @exodus what Insert Credit: The Game would be, but I think the buzzer sound is baked into the identity of the show at least. DLC packs for (doom shotgun sound effect)-replacements instead of the clown horn, maybe.

not gonna lie I would pay a dollar for DLC of replacing (doom shotgun sound effect) with the doom shotgun sound effect proper only to find out when I play an episode that it's a duck quack

@Gaagaagiins#13745 you know, the whole “every time tim says Doom Shotgun Sound Effect there’s actually a clown horn honk instead” was a Blaine thing he did once, and I thought it was funny so I’ve done it ever since.

@espercontrol#13746 It gets me every time!! Possibly partly because doom_shotgun_sound_effect.wav in Tim‘s reviews also get me every time, so it’s like some sorta weird Pavlovian cross entertainment outlet in-joke-on-an-in-joke.

Whenever I hear Tim so confident say doom_shotgun_sound_effect in the spot where it'd go if the conversation was somehow turned into an Action Button review I get this sense that Tim on principle has never listened to a released version of Insert Credit and has no idea about the clown horn honk, which makes it even funnier.

Jeeze, foley comedy is such an underappreciated art. In like several years after I forget this conversation happened and you decide randomly one day to switch it up and one of Tim's doom_shotgun_sound_effect effects turns into an old Jalopy awoogah horn, I'll bust a gut

@espercontrol#13739 the show has developed such a distinctive aesthetic in its format and auditory texture, so it's kind of hilarious to me to imagine how this aesthetic would transfer to an actual game.

i guess i'll go ahead and submit this as a question on the patreon form.

@sklathill#13738 HAH.

I've seen you play a lot of mito, live and in person! but I guess you do play a lot hikari since then. hmmmm

I do feel like I should've advocated harder for terry, but I was sort of expecting a KOF orochi character or something to defeat the other god mode folks in here.

As for extended writing, I think we'll get back to that eventually. Or at least I will! the website is coming along - for the podcast at first, but for writing after that - and maybe we'll get to see something then.

as for david lynch directing a video game, I think he could be convinced. my buddy who directs music videos was able to direct/control camera on a live game scene for a video he did recently (that I can't find now lol) through VR, and I reckon you could maybe get him going with that somehow.

“Now if you’re playing the game on a telephone, you will never in a trillion years experience the game. You’ll think you have experienced it, but you’ll be cheated. It’s such a sadness that you think you’ve played a game on your fucking telephone. Get real” David Lynch on his new mobile game probably

@shane#13742 Didn‘t know a site proper apart from forums was a possibility that’s great news

Super great fighting games related chat this week, which is something unsurprising considering who the special guest is.

Couple of things came to mind.

Regarding the first question, and since Bushido Blade is the game I have played the most recently by a huuuuge margin, what gives away more of the player's personality, weapon or character choice? In that game you get to choose both and each part determines a portion of your moveset and tools at your disposal. I'm inclined to say weapons, because those affect the most immediate aspects of the control, but what do you guys think? And if you haven't played Bushido Blade please go fix that!

I also found funny that you talked briefly about 3D fighters without mentioning the excellent recent Gundam Vs. that released last year but Gundam ended up being brought by a metaphor Patrick did. If fighting games are like piloting a Gundam, what can be better than a game in which you LITERALLY do that? Therefore, Mobile Gundam Suit Extreme Vs. MaxiBoost On (yeah the name is a mouthful) is the best fighting game of all time.


I actually played a lot of the recent PS4 MBON release and I‘ve gotta say I find Guilty Gear to be a better Gundam piloting simulator than MBON. I spent a decent chunk of time with it found the skill tests to be pretty far off from what I wanted in a Gundam combat fantasy – too much resource management shmup and not enough aiming for me. It’s a pretty neat game though!

Heaviest feeling IMHO

Cotton Candy Crackle and Rockin Pop Swirl:

got my magazine thanks video game history foundation