Ep. 168 - Insert Credit GOTY 2020

here's something that happened another time we were in croatia:


To explain this story a little more, I tweeted this one fast because I was excited - there was a fly buzzing around and I was shooing it away, and suda was like I can catch it. swery said "with chopsticks?" and he's like no I'm not that good, but I can do it with my hand. he swiped out and grabbed the air. Swery was like "you don't have it." Suda said "I totally do, but if I open my hand it's gonna escape."

Swery says "prove it."

Suda opens his hand and a fly comes out and I go whoa, and then Swery instinctively grabs it again as it flies out of suda's hand and we all go "WHOA!"

and this is the picture of that moment.
AHHH I wanna leave my house again some day lol

@exodus#14252 you don‘t have to change jobs at all! Other than the demolition thing the fun of the job system is just balancing out your parties skills to complement each other. I didn’t start experimenting with jobs at all until I got to about two thirds into the game and you‘re given an optional dungeon with a wink wink nudge nudge to do a bit of grinding cos a hard boss is coming up in the next part of the story, by that point it’s relatively easy to rank a job up to the point where it's usable. A lot of the decent gear/weapons for the extra jobs is also given away as loot in this dungeon (otherwise you get a lot of money/high value items that respawn which you can sell), and most weapons can be applied to more than one job.

Also at the end of the game there's an easy way to grind really fast for people who want to try out more jobs. Honestly Ichiban is such a decent all rounder I think you could leave him in Hero form with a mess of a party and still have most of your bases covered, but for me even in the late game as long as I had him and someone as an Idol for consistent healing I felt like I could have whoever/whatever I wanted in the other two slots.

Don't feel pressure to do it early though, everyone's generic job is fine! With the new characters added to the party past the original four I feel you're encouraged to not change their job because they have unique skills by default that are very useful.

No help on the costumes though! Most of them are awful

thanks!! I think I saved over my non-job-change file but we'll see. I will probably just stick with regular stuff for a while.

@exodus#14252 i think yakuza: like a dragon is one of my favorite games of the year, but if you‘re not into it at the point when you get the ability to change jobs…it’s probably best to hop off (and it doesn‘t help that the later chapters don’t do a good job when it comes to leveling)

I‘m finally getting into Yakuza Like a Dragon and now ashamed I didnt play it sooner. The framing device for why it’s an RPG is SO GOOD. Also nice to have a game that genuinely makes me laugh out loud. Last game that did that was Paper Mario and the Origami King.

Really enjoyed this episode. 2020 is really weird because I finished Disco Elysium in the beginning of it and immediately said “Ah, this is my game of 2020.” But for actual games released in 2020 I was having a hard time finding a top one at all.

I love 13 Sentinels so far, but as mentioned in the podcast, it's nothing mind blowing. I think I like it in the same way I enjoy fiddling with old PC88/98 graphic adventures, and why I like Dragon Quest XI. Small, interconnected episodes of every character's little story I can play in about a 15-30 minute time and set down. DQXI I can play a chapter for about 30mins to an an hour and put it down. Nicely paced.

FFVIIR is maybe it for me, as Yakuza 7 came out right at the end of the year and I haven't gone too far into it. I enjoyed every minute of that game, even with its weird over-acting and some of its odd pacing issues.

Pretty much every issue I had with Animal Crossing, and the reason why I've only shown up for my birthday and New Years, was it suddenly felt like a chore. I loved it for the first two or three months I played it, but it was absurd taking about 2-3 days just to move a bridge.

I also found myself to be pretty bored with Streets of Rage 4. I loved everything about their Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap remake, and the animations and art were really nice in 4, but there was something that felt flat about it as a whole. Even the music-- which wasn't bad!-- fell flat to me. I hate to be like "Just do it again!" about things, but I was half expecting some really good house, or new jack, or more SoR3 experimental sounds, but nothing really stood out.

Really gotta jump on that Aleste collection to play 3.

Ah, I like yakuza like a dragon! the jobs thing just really turned me off. I'm not sure if I prefer the battle system, but I sure would continue to prefer fewer battles outside of dungeons, just as I feel with the rest of the series.

animal crossing has always felt like a chore to me and while I understood the appeal of it, it's never been something I could hang out with. it gives me similar kinds of obligation/drudgery feelings to showing up to an actual job. I remember I was playing it at my job during downtime and realized wow... I should be getting paid for this too. I guess that was the DS one.

The Streets of Rage 4 soundtrack was a huuuuge disappointment. They also didn't think anyone would really want koshiro and kawashima and so contacted them really late after being inundated by requests, so even their stuff is kinda just fine.


I love the Animal Crossing games, but the fun quickly diminished in NH when it revealed how mean it can be for any sort of granular adjustments to your town. The building mode is a lot of fun up until it takes 2-3 days to replace a bridge I was forced to place because it was the only option I had at the time. It gets pretty tiring fast. Same especially goes for discovering a house being placed half a block off. That's another 3 days and a lot of bells to move it about half a square. Time traveling suddenly feels appealing.

How could someone think no one would want Koshiro and Kawashima when their music was basically _the thing_ that set SoR apart from being Final Fight with a Sega coat of paint?

@exodus#14252 I think you can do that either way. I did and in the long term it didn't affect me and I got some nice permanent abilities in my character for an exchange, but yes, you can either keep the jobs you are given or you can tweak some things and experiment. I did that early and for me it was fun to experiment.

I have this weird thing with 13 Sentinels in which I‘m starting to realize I have been presenting myself liking the game more than I 100% honestly do. There are certain cases in which I can’t divorce the ambition and interestingness of what a game is trying to do from how good it actually achieves those goals. In other words, 13 Sentinels is one of those games of which I actually like THE IDEA OF IT more than the game itself.

I love the fact that it was released as a full 60$ game that happens to be a unique intersection between visual novel, classic point & click adventure and strategy, but I can't disagree with criticisms like how divorced the adventure and the battle parts feel for like 85% of the game (and when they finally connect it's not *that* significant or meaningful).

The whole plot feels like a remix or rearrangement of ideas that have populated the mainstream for probably more than 60 years to the point that, if you like sci-fi cinema/literature or japanese pop culture you'll be hardly surprised by how everything ends up being resolved at all. It's easy to get surprised by the assault and barrage of ideas on the first couple of hours, but it's more a matter of quantity than quality (how are they going to make every piece of the plot fit rather than what the plot actually is).

I love VNs in general and this game was refreshing in how it presented itself but it's hardly groundbreaking or revolutionary, which are the words that have surrounded the discourse around this game.

Absolute visual candy tho, love the whole presentation, how it looks and all the designs of everything. Music was great too. Although the aspect that I probably liked the most and the reason why I'm behind the whole thing so much are the characters, some of those kids were really likeable! I enjoyed the time I spent with them and they left me with some good memories.

I want to support Vanillaware and already be on their boat when they finally make their masterpiece, but this ain't it yet. I sure hope they get to make one tho!

the battle system is def. my least favorite part of like a dragon, but i don't think the battle system has ever been strong in yakuza games


I'm stumbling toward the finish line on 13 Sentinels, determined to get there, like a wobbly-legged marathon runner, but what you've written here resonates strongly with me.

No one particular element of the game is strong enough to stand on its own, and it's not particularly revelatory in any way, but it combines all of its elements in a way that continues to be just intriguing enough to keep going. But it's definitely one of those experiences where, during the moments in which I'm in front of the screen, controller in hand, I am absolutely spellbound. All of these little vignettes are consistently entertaining, and unusually _human_ feeling for a piece of anime trash (maybe it's more than that). But when I'm not playing, I don't wonder about the characters or their narratives, the way I do when invested in a good novel. It's just gone. *poof*

I'm determined to see it through to the end, but I suspect it'll be an underwhelming finish.

I must say I was pleased when Tim mentioned on the podcast that he's never enjoyed a Vanillaware game. I'm in that boat too. I've played every one of them, wanting to wring as much enjoyment as I can, but this is the first one I've genuinely liked. I'm happy it exists, and like Disco Elysium last year, I hope its positive influence will be felt in the years to come.

yeah, I own every vanillaware game and I can‘t say I’ve played any of them for more than… 5-6 hours.

being in their office and watching them animate these huge sprites on their ancient amiga monitors was a huge trip though, that gave me even more respect for the process. This was like 2014!

I haven‘t played much 13 Sentinels yet but I sure do love Muramasa Rebirth! Feels great to run around in. Really good sense of place(which they always excel in, really). Odin Sphere remake was fun but I felt really tired of doing the combat by the end. It was just so long. I also kind think that sure, yeah, it’s annoying when people proclaim things as revolutionary or w/e that maybe aren‘t if you have a deeper knowledge of the genre spaces it’s playing in. But every concept in there might be someone‘s first time engaging with it or seeing it presented in such a way that causes a resonance that something similar has not before. I don’t wanna fault people loudly proclaiming how cool 13S is to them. I‘m excited to play more and see what it’s all about.

For the podcast I find A Short Hike's writing, while sorta twee, to be much much much nicer and more punchy than other similar games like Donut County or Night in the Woods. The conversations you have in it are sweet, cute, genuine, and short(a key element). NitW has these like massive conversations where you have to sail the twee waters for much longer and it was the game I played and went "no yeah I get it" w/ that style of writing. ASH just kind moved and grooved in comparison in a way that I really liked.

I also haven't played Deadly Premonition 2 yet but am aware that, before it completely dropped off of everyone's radar, people had a bunch of issues with the trans representation in it. I know SWERY ended up putting out some kinda statement on it and there was an update but I don't remember that going over well. Was there any more work done on it on that front?

I feel like I‘m pretty qualified to give all encompassing, unified statements on the animal crossing series, as someone who’s Read the most removed interviews, played the games for almost 20 years, never stopped playing the originals, and takes part in the hacking community that deciphered the most invisible of elements….

that original game was such a beautiful experiment, a collaborative effort, and the sum of so many different parts coming together.

I feel ACNH is the best since the original game, and it‘s still incomplete with updates coming for hopefully the next few years at least.

it still falls short of the original, but that’s by design. That's business getting in the way of art.

my biggest nit pick with the newest game is when they transitioned to HD, along came the loss of something major: the fish tanks and bug boxes are no longer transparent. What the heck Nintendo?

also, I can't complain that a game I enjoyed has a new audience that's being catered to. The original meets my 90's child sensibilities. The original was an “obscure game" only I played. Now there's millions of new fans. Just like with Pokémon, I'm willing to accept that my old faves are no longer made for me. They are now made very specifically for someone else.
Still, I've got the best island aesthetic though.

man someone has gotta get Muramasa Rebirth off the Vita and onto modern stuff. Would loooooove to play it again with all the modern visual bells and whistles.

is there anything in 13 Sentinels I wouldn’t get from watching a longplay?


Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong but I think the narrative structure, and you choosing where to move it forward, is a big part of the experience and why it has gotten a lot of praise. You can just get the story itself from an LP but I think missing out on that experience would probably make it even less enjoyable.

It's really good DLC too. Vita is wonderful and all but it deserves more.

hm, i liked the writing in a short hike. i really liked the use of punctuation or often lack thereof. i liked the animal on the beach that rudely demanded you find seashells. i liked the animal on the top of the mountain who sells feathers. i liked the animal who asks you to find their kid and give them advice about running.

i just can't play animal crossing. as was said on the cast it's excruciatingly slow but i'm glad a lot of people were able to connect with it this year.

hades under animal crossing is a tough one for me. it's filled with bull shit but the core action is so good

half life alyx is the game i would choose if someone said to me "pick any game and you can start playing it, right now." so far out of reach for me tho