Ep. 175 - Just Wanna Murder Kids Again, with Topher "Docfuture" Florence

@shane#20419 The weirdest bit was when I was listening to the podcast via the mp3 link someone shared, and they started talking about the Honey Comb monster. It made me wonder whether I'd stumbled into a meta joke or ARG or something!

@Girard#20429 haha that‘d be fun if true! the app probably tries to recover when it can’t find a link by looking in the description for a link.

I believe that the act/sat essay portions should be taken exclusively from the insert credit masterlist of questions

One thing I‘d like to say is I don’t know what episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series Spock enters the holodeck (originally know as the rec room). In the episode Pratical Joker it's McCoy, Uhura, and Sulu who are in the holodeck.

We need an immediate clarification!!!! Did Spock really famously enjoy the holodeck?!!!

Re: the holodeck question:

I think the wildest game would be something that really plays with 3D space and perspective, like say _Antichamber_ or something like [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEB11PQ9Eo8). How unimaginative are Starfleet officers that they are hanging out with Sherlock Holmes instead of going full on _Honey I Shrunk the Kids_??

i like the idea of a Death by Degrees as brandon originally interpreted it – not hypothetical, but an actual 6 degrees of kevin bacon kind of riddle.


@kory#20450 How unimaginative are Starfleet officers that they are hanging out with Sherlock Holmes

As comedian tom scharpling has remarked: everyone in the 24th century is really into what was in the public domain in 1991

@yeso#20453 I like it too, although it's a bit similar to Theme Sale

Damn, sorry to hear that Tim is leaving. I love everyone involved but that‘s a big loss for what I enjoyed about the show’s personality. Regardless, I'm sticking around and have very much enjoyed the guests that have been brought on. Looking forward to seeing how the show evolves from here.

Yeah, the photo thing is also fun - let‘s say, stuff you own IF YOU CAN, resorting to stuff you don’t after that. But yeah, it's loose anyway!

I'm not done with the episode yet but when Brandom mentioned Ribbit King, I looked it up and I NEED to play this game. I wonder if something so obscure and weird would ever get a re-release.

It rules - there‘s one for ps1 and one for ps2/gc, but sadly that’s where the trial ends. Time for a switch sequel I say

@yeso#20453 Is there a single scifi film where the people in the future are actually listening to novel and unique future music? James T Kirk is listening to the Beastie Boys, Guardians of the Galaxy have 70s AM radio hits, Michael Caine is listening to Radiohead remixes in Children of Men, and the rest of the synthezoids and automatons listen to Debussy or Hans Zimmer or generic techno.

It makes me think of how for the longest time, we had all these deconstructions of the 2D Mario platformer because that's what the current generation of devs had nostalgia for -- to the point that if you were totally new to video games in 2012, you might wonder why the hell there were so many 2D pixel platformers. For that matter, do zoomers even see Fez or Eversion as deconstructions or subversions? (I guess that's more a question of our education and institutions already not providing a degree of fundamental cultural literacy in the classics and now that extends to pop culture as well.) There's an argument to be made that some culture is so timeless and important that it will resonate with people hundreds of years from now but I don't know if that applies to the next Star Trek film where I can guarantee you'll see Spock playing one of our ancient Earthling forms of entertainment ("Most illogical, Kuribo's Shoe is only utilized in a single level").

I hate to say it but I think star wars had an attempt at futuristic music - also fifth element tried it, and maybe klingon opera counts? Tough to do that future stuff with music, for sure.


@exodus#20656 Does whatever this was count as music?

@bodydouble#20650 just a happy coincidence that galaxy-spanning 24th century civilization just can’t get enough of public domain Gilbert and Sullivan

What, no one here is going to post just

“bye tim”

I was listening to the bit about the F•R•I•E•N•D•S during physical therapy and almost cracked up when Brandon said something about Maxing a Joey Tribbiani character’s INT stat.

Also, I have a recommendation for a cool Twitch guy named Jerma985. I don’t watch Twitch, but I do like to explore YouTube all the time.[ I had mentioned this guy in another post](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/514-thread-where-you-just-post-yr-all-time-favorite-shit/66), but I’ll recommend him again. I like him not because he does any overly interesting analysis, and he certainly is not an “elite gamer” in terms of performing miracle feats on stream, but I think he is very funny and every now and then will organize a totally over the top event that just look super fun. It really took me back to the days when Nickelodeon had those weird variety shows. It’s cool to see.

[Here’s an example of one of his over the top performances](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXY9xx4mlw8). It’s pretty long, but in summary, the guy went out to the Mojave desert to “dig” for treasure and finds a chest filled with old 90’s snacks, and a little box labeled “Monster Trading Cards.” He does this bit where he thinks its Pokemon cards, but alas, to his surprise, they were not! Inside were a bunch of packs of what were called “Grotto Cards.” Anyways, it was this whole elaborate thing where he was actually revealing a set of trading cards that he had designed. He even doubled down on the bit by sharing the website, which was designed to look like it was made in 1997. I thought it was a genius way to have fun with his fans and would love to see more ways in which media interacts with its viewers.


Whoops, I totally messed up this post cause I realized I posted it in the wrong thread at first and didn't copy and paste the full BBcoded post. Also, I forgot to mention that I was listening to the FRIENDS bit while I was in physical therapy so I really didn't wanna just stop my exercise to laugh out loud. Thanks a lot, @exodus .

@SuperEffective#20733 i just found out about this guy from my partner! he seems funny and cool but is maybe a little too High Energy for me to chill with. though i admit i haven’t tried, so maybe now i will!!