Ep. 176 - Gin & Sonic, with Ash Parrish

Drinks the time Sweeper does it for me

I want to do something with “Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy” but I feel like that comes off like we're encouraging customers to do drugs in the bathroom

Actually I should've called my barcade “what could possibly go wrong?”

@GigaSlime#21985 Legalised Marijuana Dispensary Bonus Round:

  • - Burning Rangers
  • - Hazy Taxi
  • - Flame & Watch
  • - etc
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    @sabertoothalex#21980 I wrote some stuff in the remake thread about Nier Replicant comparing the old game to what they’ve shown of the new game. I’m a little torn on it. I think the way SE is erasing the visual identity, however low budget and sometimes ugly it may have been, to just make it look like Automata sucks. I kind of actually hate it a whole bunch. Homogenizing Nier to be one thing is bad!!! And the way they’re marketing it as The Prequel To Nier Automata also sucks!!!

    It's really interesting to hear these thoughts from an OG Nier fan. I haven't played enough of it to understand fully what makes the original so special but I have already heard from other online acquaintances that they are more attached to it and think it is narratively stronger than Automata, which I of course find tantalising as a lover of the latter.

    To be totally honest, although I understand how it must feel to have something you love be changed, the visual changes of the remake don't seem like such a stark departure to me, and certainly not an outright attempt to Automata-fy the look of the game. My initial reaction to that Facade footage, having just played through what I suppose would be called an A-route of the original, was "wow, this is a 1:1 recreation!" Put those stills side by side as you did in that post and of course I notice the increased brightness and sharpness of the new version... but I don't recall Facade always being so dull and washed out, and other stills make me think I'm onto something:

    Anyway, I think it's entirely too early to judge, and I'm sure you'd agree the proof will be in the playing. I hope for both our sakes they haven't shoehorned any overt references to the sequel in there that weren't there before... unless they go all out with a big dumb secret - optional - extra ending?? (I shouldn't make jokes like that without having actually played through all the existing endings yet 😅)

    I always thought a Pilotwings arcade game would make a lot of sense. Lots of small technical challenges with different aircraft to play around with, it could be a good time. This is also probably the best way I can think of to adapt flight sims to an arcade setting, and Pilotwings has enough cartooniness to have a broader appeal.

    Here are a couple suggestions for Pokemon soundtracks: Black & White/Black & White 2 are two of the most exuberant and over-orchestrated Pokemon soundtracks, but I find that style worked well on the DS whereas its a little too chaotic in Sword & Shield on Switch. My favorite track is the Neo Team Plasma theme but all of the battle music is so great and dynamic, it's not wall-to-wall bangers but still a solid OST imo. I also really liked Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee for its lovingly meticulous arrangements of the Red & Blue soundtrack, although if you're not a fan of the original music you still might not enjoy the newer version. Pokemon music can be pretty mediocre but some of these tracks are my faves so I had to give a couple highlights!

    RE the controller question: I hate rumble.

    I've never liked it and disable it where possible. I hate the sound, and the sensation of holding a small power tool is rarely a suitable facsimile for any in-game actions. The two worst offenders are the Switch's 'HD Rumble' (which I'm sure is just a marketing term to justify smaller, crappier, higher-frequency motors) and those buzzy Xbox triggers.

    One exception: PS1/PS2 controllers. Bigger, lower-frequency motors means the sound isn't obtrusive and the sensation is more analogous to a subwoofer, rather than trying to do anything clever.

    Conclusion: turn off rumble and buy a subwoofer.

    “social justice sommelier”

    "ethics in alcohol consumption"

    in my defense the podcast implicitly endorsed this behavior

    congrats to @Jaffe on the pushups. I can‘t do any pushups right now cause I fricked up my rotator cuff last year so now I have to do physical therapy. I will be right there leveling up my STR & END stat, Gorblax (that’s what you used to call yourself, right?)


    @goonbag#21992 I hope for both our sakes they haven’t shoehorned any overt references to the sequel in there that weren’t there before… unless they go all out with a big dumb secret - optional - extra ending?? (I shouldn’t make jokes like that without having actually played through all the existing endings yet :sweat_smile:)

    My impression was that v. 1.22 is basically the same game as the original Replicant, except for the changes to graphics, combat, and the introduction of additional voice acting. (or do we know of some more substantial changes?) So I'd imagine any tie-ins with Automata would be done with an extremely light touch, just as Automata's tie-ins with original Nier were. Maybe just some brief nods, or buried behind some obscure side quest. Personally, though, I'm kind of all for Nier/Drakengard becoming a bigger franchise, if only because it may guarantee some more of it. And I'm more excited for whatever Nier does next than I am for, say, the next FF... Of course, it would be a shame if the series sacrificed some of its weirdness for the sake of wider appeal.

    feeling supersonic . . . give me gin & sonic

    Because I very recently played it I immediately thought of NieR: Automata on the good music/bad game question. This is me saying that the music is amazing more than saying it's a bad game. I just found most other parts kinda boring.


    Definitely playing the original/remake someday, though!

    one more thing: @Jaffe when you said it, i instinctually and involuntarily replied “Fullmetal Alchemist”


    my guess is as long as Taro is helming it, there won’t ever be a Bad or even Broadly Corporate Franchise Nier game. the main lesson learned from Automata is "put in the best character designs you can manage"

    I can do at least 40 push ups right now.

    at first it sounded impressive but now that I think about it, wearing 17 bras would make it easier to complete a push up since the compounded fabric would extend down toward the floor resulting in shallower motions.

    also I liked automata, but the best part were the taupe menus

    another IC question: worst games with the best menus

    yeah that was a semi dreadful game unfortunately

    Loved the discussion of startup jingles especially the idea for randomized sounds.

    Would be cool if every game that gets added to your library on a console had a dedicated startup sounds and the console randomized the sample to play whenever it starts up.

    @yeso#22034 It's definitely persona 5, yeah.

    I also like how much P5 fools us into thinking the menus are amazing when really they are just the same old lists at jaunty angles with animations behind them. this is actually incredibly useful information for someone like me who does want to fool folks into thinking menus are good without doing a whole lot of work (lol)



    (forgive me, I haven’t actually played FFXV and it’s probably a great game, but I just wanted to make this dumb joke)