Ep. 177 - Yakuza the Musical, with Heather Alexandra

do I remember correctly that it was in fact solidus who was vacuum sealed into that fucked up little envelope?

@yeso#23147 Sizzlin' Snake

man, the show really refuses to miss a beat no matter what. Frank not answering to not win again and Heather hijacking Jaffe was hilarious.

when I was teenager, I was one of those "game for the story" people and a game I'm surprised wasn't mentioned was Fire Emblem. I was playing that game heavy despite not caring for the tactics RPG gameplay at the time. I think the character designs and personality for the GBA games were pretty of interest to non-gaming nerds I think, and since Awakening, Fire Emblem's appeal in that way has probably multiplied.

“Dragon Well” (Longjing) tea and Lapsang souchong are some of my personal favorites.

The former is a more sweet green tea while the latter is very smoky black tea.

Lapsang souchong can sometimes be found in smoky ["Russian Caravan" tea blend](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Caravan), which I am also a fan of.

When I played _Dear Esther_ for the first time I wanted to Set A Mood so I sat down with headphones and drank few full pots of very smoky Russian Caravan tea. That somewhat added to the ambiance of wandering around a foggy island being narrated at.

@jaws#23156 I can‘t speak for Heather, but I don’t think Frank has played any Fire Emblems and I myself am a bit of an anti-fan (specifically three houses, but also earlier ones), which is why it wouldn‘t have been mentioned! I also am a tactics game fan, so for me I’m mashing through the story to get back to playing the tactics bit - which sucks to admit as a writer lol.

thanks I was pretty sure it was him in the ziploc bag


I remember seeing this exhibit when it was in SoCal years ago. It was more or less a greatest hits of "artsy" games over time. Probably the most obvious way to present games in a museum setting. Ended up playing Sega Rally Championship for too long.


@espercontrol#23056 What is the best MacGuffin in a video game


Hazuki Ryo voice I'm looking for some guys stronger than me

Have known some “play games for the story” people who are now 25-ish and want to bring interested parties some dirty data on what that age group is talking about:

  • - The Last of Us
  • - Mass Effect
  • - Bioshock
  • - Life Is Strange
  • - Spec Ops: The Line
  • - The Walking Dead
  • - Quantic Dream games
  • - The Witcher (3)
  • - Fire Emblem (the new ones, [inexplicably](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/361-draw-the-last-game-you-played/10))
  • - Firewatch, Gone Home, What Remains of Edith Finch, Vanishing of Ethan Carter (usually they play one of these and erroneously assume they're all the same)
  • - Persona 5
  • - God of War Two-Thousand-Eighteen
  • Basically anything which is new and popular with a high Metascore and a story.
    This set doesn't include much Japanese stuff, and my unscientific hunch about that is the people I know who've identified as for-the-story game-players really only care about games in the way they care about popular American TV. Their friends are talking about it, it might do something interesting they haven't seen before in a game (often they haven't played many), they enjoy the aesthetics of the thing enough to ignore what they have to do to engage with it, etc.

    Incidentally though I think when I was 13 I said I played games for the story and I loved Final Fantasy VI lol, right on the money @exodus

    edit: still love FFVI, just no longer insecure enough to describe my habits that way (the weird thing is it was not even true then; I was not playing BlazBlue for the [story](https://youtu.be/h9q_5fKawjg))

    Phew! I got one thing right!

    Until Dawn was recommended to me by a friend who doesn‘t really play games much, on the basis that it is ’like a movie‘ (which I think is very similar to playing something ’for the story‘). However, even though I was able to play Detroit Become Human through to see one ending because it was free on PS+ and I figured why not, I couldn’t hold my nose and get through more than an hour of Until Dawn with its constant, painfully white-new-agey references to generic “indigenous beliefs”. Like, that is the explanation for the entire game mechanic. Ugh.


    @goonbag#23197 I couldn’t hold my nose and get through more than an hour of Until Dawn with its constant, painfully white-new-agey references to generic “indigenous beliefs”. Like, that is the explanation for the entire game mechanic. Ugh.

    I've got an indigenous belief for you right here..... that sucks ass


    @yeso#23178 </s><e>

    Yeah I love Eternal Darkness


    Re: museums, there‘s the Computerspielmuseum in Berlin. Well worth a visit when you’re in the area, it‘s the home of the Painstation – a variant of Pong that shocks the player when their opponent scores. Several other fun curiosities are housed there as well. Apparently they’re opening back up for regular visitors March 31st! Visit Berlin for the Computerspiel, stay for the vegan doner kebab.

    “open your eyes” is nice. basically what i wish MJ's new jack phase had been

    @exodus where did you find this album, btw? it seems to have basement-level numbers on all the major platforms

    @coughsoda#23247 I found it at a thrift store. I browse through all the records and look for anything potentially interesting, and if it is I keep it, and if it's not I return it to the ecosystem.


    An interesting thing about California thrift stores is you more frequently find records that were meant for radio stations. That thing on the right is a folder containing a sort of pitch sheet and a headshot.


    Sometimes I get lucky with my finds and wind up with something I really like that almost nobody has heard of. The nice thing is if you can find it you'll pay pennies for it. The tough thing is finding it at all. This record is more likely to be in the 99 cent bin than in miscellaneous D.

    @exodus#23248 that's amazing. the one-sheet and everything…!