Ep. 177 - Yakuza the Musical, with Heather Alexandra

I think I‘m going to spend a nonzero amount of time with Frank’s DG Voodoo 2 suggestion to try to get the 3DFX (and best version of) MechWarrior 2 running on my PC. There‘s…like 5 versions of Mechwarrior 2 but I had the special Mac 3DFX version as a child, and it’s been really hard to find a playable version of that, until maybe now?

Nice episode, but I have to say, this, Brandon: what you said about Jerry Lewis was a stab to my heart.

@xhekros#23409 sorry, I‘m sure he’s a NICE BOYYYYYYYYYYYY

(p.s. I forget what I said about him)

@exodus#23417 Hahahahaha.

Also, the pitch about Yakuza would be really nice and I agree with the idea of miniseries, even of a series. I don‘t see a Yakuza adaptation about a movie and being successfull and the only possibility of seeing this was what Miike tried to do with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, which was a series of movies. So far there‘s been only one movie, but I hope I can watch and see if it’s right or now, but I believe the movie can be somewhat enjoyable.


oh yeah, here's the new clip:


I'm not quite sure if this counts for a macguffin, but I right away thought of


took a look at jerry lewis's credits


@yeso#23502 strong candidate for the coolest names thread

@Syzygy#23477 I strive for this level of humility...I was also marveling at what I thought was a cleverly embedded little text adventure

Just would like to add that the other video game-y thing about the 110 freeway in Los Angeles is the challenge of staying alive trying to get onto it. Those god damn on-ramps, man. They did not think about the scalability of that freeway, lemme tell you.

Right, and those extremely quick-turn offramps too. The reason I've heard for all this is it was built for Model Ts! It was one of the first freeways in the US and a model T has a top speed of 40 mph!

They're gonna put it back, right!?

Also, I always forget it's shutoko highway battle not shutoku and I bet I flubbed it again

In my opinion, Takashi Miike did direct a nearly pitch-perfect movie version of the Yakuza games. However, it‘s not his adaptation of the Yakuza games, it’s 2002's Violent Fire, AKA Deadly Outlaw: Rekka.

  • - Constantly zigzags between serious crime drama and complete wackiness.
  • - Features a bit where a random band of toughs starts hassling the protagonist on the street, and the protagonist then beats the crap out of them with an improvised weapon he found lying around on the ground.
  • - Stars Riki Takeuchi, who would later appear in Yakuza 0
  • Gonna add this one to my list!

    It‘s also got this excellent and distinctive soundtrack made up of tracks from an album by Japanese Psych/Prog Rock group Flower Travellin’ Band, which one of the actors had been a member of.


    So now that I have my GameCube working nicely on the PVM I recently repurposed I was looking into acquiring Skies of Arcadia and good gosh that game is expensive! In fact GCN game prices in general seem astronomical…I haven't been following the used games market closely so it was a bit of a shock.

    Is this the best way to experience this game? The DC version seems to be a bit cheaper, though it might be worth exploring other ways entirely to play it. Is there any realistic prospect of a modern port? I know very little about this game, though Heather's passion has sparked my interest--could anyone pitch it in a way that might justify the considerable second-hand prices?

    @kory#24446 Heather also inspired me to play Skies of Arcadia. I bought the Dreamcast version some 15 years ago, but just never got deep into it. I‘m calling this my first experience. It’s got that blue skies, Saturday morning cartoon feel going strong so far. The airship is given to you right from the get go! I'm diggin it.

    From the stuff I've read post-pod, the game didn't do well financially. The game's producer, Reiko Kodama, has gone on record saying that they're happy that the game resonated with the people that _did_ play it, but that they consider the GC port the director's cut which some are reading as "there are no plans to bring it back". The GC version's got extra content, quicker load times, and less random encounters.

    I just checked the ebay prices and whoa. Dreamcasts play burned discs out of the box so maybe you can try it ~~before you buy it~~? Still lets you play on hardware on that sweet PVM anyway.


    Heather said in the podcast that the Dreamcast version is the best way to play! for reasons of uncompressed music and something else that I forget.

    @exodus#24461 Ah, sorry I must have missed that. Thank you! First order of business is going to be making sure my DC still works.