Ep. 184 - Gamer Type Gamers, with Liz Ryerson

@tokucowboy#30181 that‘s a different game! it’s mediocre at best (likely you didn't see me saying that exact thing just above, ha ha).

@exodus#30186 I did miss that right above my head, whoops. Well, good thing it was only $3 & at least has a cool looking label. I think I would trade a mediocre Sailor Moon Genesis game for a $3 cup of coffee, that‘s how I’ll comfort myself.

@tokucowboy#30189 yeah, it‘s worth three bucks! plus you get that fm synth sailor moon theme, that’s worth $3 by itself (it could‘ve been better, but it’s still fun).


@exodus#30193 Shoot, I would've paid $4 for that

@tokucowboy#30194 Now let's not break the bank, here!!


@exodus#30161 I remember liking the Super Famicom Sailor Moon RPG even though I didn't know much Japanese at all.

Ah, I blanked on that one and never tried it! I‘m sure it’s got to be translated by now as well.

gonna completely rip myself off and repost my comment from patreon re: shufflers


i always thought a racing game would make a good “shuffler” - every time you cross the lap line it warps you to a new course. i first thought of this when playing the zone endurance mode on wipeout, but any series could do it. it's analogous i suppose to the “stage shuffle” thing in smash bros ultimate

every now and then, i think of this idea, and it frustrates me that nobody's tried anything like it. maybe it's a tech thing, and the ps5 with the ratchet & clank superfast environment loading could pull it off.
just imagine it - mario kart, all-cup tour, but every time you hit the lap line it warps you to a random other course! it would probably suck but i would like to see what it's like at some point.

I had a great time listening, the lightning round was hilarious, I bet cinematic universe meetings are really like that! Every time a marvel film has a moment where someone mentioned once in an obscure issue of an Avengers spin-off from the 70s or 80s appears at the end of the movie and says their name in a dramatic way I just can‘t get hyped for it, I’m here thinking ‘hey I would normally just research the wiki for fun, now it just feels like a chore’. Bring on the Nintendo cinematic universe!

With regards to Evangelion games taking liberties with the source material, I mostly agree, however I believe that Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 (not to be confused with the Eva 2.0 movie tie-in game) for the PS2/PSP is the perfect Evangelion simulation. The game has 2 parts, an open-world life simulator where your interactions with other characters in the game affect how the story plays out and a pseudo RTS battle system which feels as clunky and uncomfortable as the actual battles in the series.

The life sim elements and character interactions really capture the 'hedgehog's dilemma' idea and angst/anxiety of the show to the degree that it actually made me feel uncomfortable playing it as a teenager. Also you can access computer terminals in game that actually explain unexplained/vague elements of the shows lore.

Strangely enough you can play as like, every character in the series and everyone has their own win conditions for completing the game. You can play as Kaji, you can play as Misato, you can even play as Fuyutsuki, it rules! Not a particularly fun game but it captures the atmosphere of the series perfectly.


@nolimitsquesting#30331 Not a particularly fun game but it captures the atmosphere of the series perfectly.

now you've sold me on the commitment to the series that this game may have

I find it impossible to imagine Insert Credit could last more five minutes saying nice things about British games!

@docky#30357 WE ARE GOING TO DO IT in a special episode, eventually

There is an alternate universe in which Insert Credit is British and mostly obsesses over Spectrum and Amiga games. In this world Ocean is an IC favourite developer and much shade is instead thrown at whoever did the vastly inferior NES port of New Zealand Story

shoot, we should do an all-british-person “earth 2” insert credit episode

@exodus#30390 Gotta get Tim back with his spot on cockney accent

would def be interested to hear about games like midwinter, lords of midnight, cadaver, ecstatica. don't know if those games are good but they seem cool…



Oh, but Dead Cells!

@espercontrol in the seconds leading up to the lightning round I wondered if you’d play the liz lightning sample, great work as always esper :zap:

@yeso#30393 I can’t read the words Lords of Midnight without singing in my head all the other games listed in the classic MJ Hibbett & The Validators song Hey Hey 16K.