Ep. 185 - Newman On The Toilet, with Kazuma Hashimoto

The video version of this episode is a great way to relax! There's a sort of meditative aspect to it that adds to the atmosphere of the podcast, I like it!

Kazuma was a great guest, he really helped me rethink the Resident Evil series and want to play Final Fantasy XII!

I was laughing hard at the Newman (or rather, Wayne Knight) on the toilet bit and the discussion of the Nintendo calculator app.

When it comes to reasons I've stopped playing a game, I stopped playing Shenmue 3 because it completely shattered the illusion of Shenmue for me. This is one of the problems of loving a game as teenager and being disappointed that the reality of the game didn't live up to my projection of 'Shenmue' as I grew up. The good news is, now that I'm older I can experience the old joy of Shenmue whenever I walk around my house, go outside or study!

Nice episode. I enjoyed Kazuma being a guest and I loved his insights on Final Fantasy XII, since I didn‘t realize about the colonization theme (maybe because I was in my late teens-early 20s when I played it), but yeah, the ensemble cast is really strong and mature and I would have loved the game to be more political, but I always left the game nearly the end because I felt Vayne as the weakest link of the game. As for the episode, I also abandoned the Persona 5 ship nearly at the end when I would have wished to do it sooner, and one of the reason was precisely because of the cast. I don’t mind a series being anime-tropey, but I care about characters that are badly used or that don‘t seem to be well meshed together, and this to me felt like one of the cases.

Also, I don’t know if Jaffe has though about it, but a nice and funny question (specially if taken as a joke) would be which is (if it's not done) which is “The Birth of a Nation” of video games.

@espercontrol#30683 i mean… there is a big question of “intellectual property” with streaming in the first place. has any streamer/video creator ever successfully sued somebody over the use of just gameplay footage? i think it's virtually impossible that someone would be able to recognise it, they knew or had a way to contact the original creator, that the creator would care, and that they would insist on it being taken down and/or had the grounds to pursue legal action.

in any case, youtube has a Creative Commons filter, some people upload their videos directly with that license to make it clear they are free to be reused and manipulated. it's easy enough to find popular games, some of the more obscure ones that come up on the show, probably not.

@tombo#30706 the Creative Commons filter!! I forgot about that and use it frequently in projects. good catch, I’ll use that in the next one for sure!!

@tombo#30706 even if it were uploaded under a friendly license like that we‘d have to/want to contact the person who made it and get permission which is a whole situation each week. The only solution I could see would be to identify a series of folks from whom we’d get permission to use everything they have uploaded, which might work.

But either way I sort of feel like the unrelated footage is quite insert credit-y in the older sense of the site's vibe so I'm not totally sure it'd benefit us to change - though it'd help us get into the old algorithms better I reckon.

If some people are seeing the episode on apple podcasts being displayed at 1 second that‘s just because it hasn’t loaded the meta data for the episode. once you press play it should figure out it's 1 hour, 12 minutes. This meta data issue is related to the way the RSS feed is created and should be some fixed sometime in the future.


@xhekros#30692 I have considered this, but decided that it would not be funny!

@Jaffe#30741 also the answer is basically just the last ten years.

it’s bioshock infinite

or wario land

Was the game Brandon couldn't think of the name of Everyday The Same Dream? I played that and I think I had a similar reaction.


say what you will about newman, but he setup/maintained the whole island's security system by himself.
newman's boss, dinosaur grandpa , claims he "spared no expense" when building Jurassic Park, yet the **one** employee he has to keep happy is disgruntled from being overworked and underpaid. Jurassic Park's downfall wasn't newman, it was Captialism.

@marlfuchs2#30764 it's this one, Actual Sunlight: Actual Sunlight on Steam

completely insufferable. I got so mad playing it. I feel bad when I dislike someone's creative work but I just could not stand this.

in poor taste and legally dubious but I would call it:

Tetris Instruments


And Kazuma was a great guest, please get him again.

Re: Dirtbag Deadbeat's question, though this reason is less "interesting" and more "stupid and twisted":

In October 2012 I was in the middle of Xenoblade, around 30 hours in, somewhere on Mechonis. I wasn't in love with it but was certainly on track to finish it, interested enough in the story, enjoying the music. Around that time my obsessive-compulsive tendency/whatever was wrong with me was at a peak (compulsive handwashing/nonsensical aversion to what I then believed was germs). Someone I didn't hang out with regularly came over to my house and went to the bathroom—did not wash his hands afterward, which according to me was a Big Deal. Then he went and rifled through my game stack. The madman didn't stop at simply prodding the plastic packaging with putrid moldyman fingers, no—this would have been easy enough to disinfect as compared to what followed, for some reason—he went and opened up like half the games, "smearing" his "filth" on the precious discs!

Poor Xenoblade among them.

I just couldn't figure out how to clean the games/undo this event in a way that would satisfy my psychosis, so I stopped playing Xenoblade. Didn't want to put it in the Wii and "contaminate" it, after all (I mean... obviously). By the time I got over it (years later) I had completely cleared the braincache of everything Xenoblade-related, and had no idea at all how the combat worked, what was happening, where to go, etc. etc. Have thought over the years maybe I ought to give it another shot, but I still feel like I'd be replaying 30 hours of something I didn't care all that much about in the first place even though my memory of the game is so faded that it would be like playing for the first time.

Wow, that is a whole situation? How‘d you wind up getting over the obsessive compulsiveness? I wonder if playing xenoblade would bring back any of that weirdness. You could go with the switch remake? I hear it’s fairly different.


@espercontrol#30634 What defining element of a video game series do you wish the developers would be more flexible with? (15:43)

Series: Pokemon
Defining Element: Gameplay


@espercontrol#30639 p.s. this week’s lightning round is a real fun game to play on your own, I need to think of my own ranking scale

I gave it a go, it was hard because I forced myself to try to stick to lightning round quick answer mindset rather than debating forever trying to work out a "perfect" list or whatever.

10. Chess
9. Star Control II
8. Forza Motorsport 4
7. Ultima 7: The Black Gate
6. Destiny: The Taken King
5. Lost Planet
4. Darksiders 2
3. Super Mario Bros. Odyssey
2. Destiny (original release)
1. Fallout 4
0. Call of Duty or America’s Army or take your pick of whatever propaganda game

@exodus#30767 i dunno, i did get a trophy on the Vita version for not sitting next to anyone on the bus (iirc) so there's that


Completely agree with you here! A lot of times if a game doesn't "punish" me for losing, I'll get bored quickly. No risk, no reward, yknow? There are many ways to keep a player motivated to not lose, but the risk of having to start the segment again is a good enough one for me. Maybe balanced with a fair checkpoint or continue system, where when you lose a life you start at a checkpoint, but lost them all and you have to do the level over.

Definitely a relic of the olden days, but it can be pulled off in today's game development spectrum, IMHO.