Ep. 187 - Revealed: What War Is Actually Good For, with Gene Park

chloe zhao and barry jenkins doing marvel/disney films really weirds me out. Like an effort to associate art with commercial adult baby dogshit, I understand doing a cash grab and no judgement, but do those two filmmakers need to resort to that? They‘re already big timers, and as far as I know they’re not doing a coppola style mercenary funding of self-produced films. I think you‘re right, and there’s a content-creation effort to demarcate the full range of high and low art, and of course to set commercially viable limits on what that art/media can be. Not a lot of new markets for Capital to infiltrate nowadays so the corps need to engineer them into being: make all consumers pathetic brain babies to prime them for 'content" I guess


maybe at some point somebody realized it was a better, easier move to make your audience dumber and more closed-minded than it was make something insightful and worldly that dumb close-minded people might get mad it. Disney+ playing on the wall of Plato's cave. Though honestly I think even that is giving them too much credit, I think there totally are unstated political reasons for the kind of shit they are pushing.

as far as new markets: I'm a member of the furry community and it's been positively delightful seeing how well making something unapologetically weird and horny can aid in the resistance of it being commercialized. But both Disney and Netflix have a lot of "furbait" in development right now, so they're going to try to come for that unsqueezed dollar somehow.

LOL I just found out about “Marvel XCOM”

whatever Disney cant own outright they'll just license into submission

god help us


@Moon#32379 unstated political reasons

it does kind of look this way, but I'm not sure what those reasons might be other than good old fashioned neoliberal capitalism. I imagine the reason they permitted star wars lesbians to smooch for .000001 seconds in the background in that one movie was bc lgbt and "ally" are potential markets, and .000001 seconds of chaste smooching is as much "realness" as they think the market will pay for at this point.


I don't know either but Disney is insanely popular with Mormons, for example, who helped fund the anti-gay marriage Prop 8 in California. People like to say Disney is LGBT squeamish in order to serve an international audience, but there is a large contingent of bigots at home that Disney wants to service. A non-negligable amount of those bigots also happen to work at Disney. Disney being a touch "conservative" shouldn't be a surprise, they're a hugely entrenched enterprise that has warped even the laws of this nation to better serve it. Forget delayed adolescence, they've lobbied to stop time in a way beneficial to themselves by repeatedly extending the limits of copyright law. And Disney is the model all the other media companies are hoping to emulate.

I have a conspiracy theory/gut feeling concerning what the infantalizion of their audience is all about, [but its a bit out there.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domestication_syndrome)

You ever see FLCL? its a coming of age story about an adolescent going through a (partly sexual) awakening. At the end they find out that the offscreen bad guys go around dropping these giant irons on every inhabited planet they find. The idea is to "smooth out all the wrinkles in your brain so you can't think". The idea is to make everyone homogenous and uniform.


So is it like a full blown yapoo human cattle style situation or media corporations just want dumb doughy wall-e style passive consumers? I mean maybe the UFOs will wind up enslaving humanity abetted by disney corp collaborators, but personally I’m inclined to think avengers made a billion dollars so they’re trying to keep that going. I could certainly be wrong though


  • - a full blown yapoo human cattle style situation
  • - media corporations just want dumb doughy wall-e style passive consumers [i think the word id use is "complacent" consumers]
  • - avengers made a billion dollars so they’re trying to keep that going
  • I think all these things can be true to different degrees of intent and self-awareness on behalf of Disney (or Apple, or similar (though I think the less a company has a monopoly, the less likely it is to think like this, since they have something to gain from the situation changing))

    @dylanfills#32359 Mine hasn‘t arrived yet but everything I’ve heard suggests the wireless is massively better. It was our old pal tim who convinced me to give it a try… hopefully here soon!

    With art/interesting film directors being hired for marvel/disney/etc movies, that's just been The Path for directors for the last 5 years. You make an acclaimed film and then you make a marvel movie for money, and then eventually you can return to doing what you care about. see e.g. ryan coogler: fruitvale station->creed->black panther->judas and the black messiah.

    A guy I know had a similar (but less dramatic) path. Jon Watts: clown (weirdo horror) -> cop car (neo noir) ->spiderman homecoming

    I'm not sure he has particularly deep artistic aspirations beyond "let's make movies" though so he seems content to stick with marvel for now. Anyway this is kind of just what movies are now. it kind of sucks!

    add disney has a long term plan to make my descendants into slave/pet pseudo human creatures at the service of consciousness uploaded immortal bob iger to list of reasons I don’t like comic book movies

    @exodus#32497 saw Cop Car at a film festival here when it came out, it was good fun and had a strong mood! i still distinctly remember how it felt even though i saw it 6 years ago in the whirlwind that is a film festival, so that's something! hopefully he gets to make more interesting stuff in the future.

    I just finished watching Legion and, while it has a long list of problems, I thoroughly enjoyed this crazy show. It was bizarre and nonsensical and daring in a way I never expected such a mainstream production to be and, for all its faults, I love it–truly a “7/10” in the complimentary IC sense. This is the kind of work that I am entirely certain Disney Marvel will never allow to happen again (see the absolutely dreadful WandaVision).

    @tombo#32507 He's gonna be doing marvel for a while, I think. Oops! Cool that you saw cop car though. Basically my buddy Chris Ford (from highschool) wrote it, and Jon (the director) is his friend from college, so we hung out back in those days. Ford is still trying to get more of his movies off the ground, but another one he did was Robot and Frank (with another college friend).

    @exodus#32520 Nice!! i also saw that one years before at the same festival (Sitges) and loved it! both Robot & Frank and Cop Car feel like good strong ideas delightfully fleshed out into movies. i didn't know they were written by the same guy, next time you see him you can tell him he has fans in Spain :smiley:

    I'll let him know next time I see him!