Ep. 190 - Crazy Taxicab Confessions, with Kelsey Lewin

One callback I just remembered that wasn‘t nearly as painful as it could’ve been was the reference to the old “Jill Sandwich” line in RE Revelations 2, which recontextualises it as something that Barry Burton has been recounting to anyone who'd listen for the past however-many years, much to the exasperation of his daughter.

@“whatsarobot”#p35191 We’ll definitely have her back!

Oh, wow, I just recently made an accidental video game double feature (a sort of Insert Credit-y topic) out of The Astyanax & The Legendary Axe – I was just poking around my Retropie a few weeks ago & happened to play one almost right after the other, which made for quite a smooth pairing. Also, The Astyanax is a really fun single cup of coffee/tea/beer arcade game that just takes a ridiculous left turn at very the end.

On the topic of interesting development cycles, I also just recently learned about the insanity & ick that was Jeff Spangenberg, founder of Retro Studios & later founding father of The Guy Game. Early in Retro's life -- while he was still there -- his mismanagement of the studio was apparently so vast that he spent more time running a porn site (allegedly featuring himself) on Nintendo's dime than running a game studio. If that stuff's to be believed, it's pretty miraculous that Metroid Prime turned out the way it did.

Glad my Eagle Eggs screenshot brought at least some bitter joy :slight_smile:

paused the podcast yesterday right before ||improv zone|| started and resumed it this morning only to have an out of body experience trying to figure out why everyone was acting like they had a gun pointed at their head

Fun episode, digging the unfiltered bants

On #10- ebay also recently hid accepted best offer prices which doesn't help. pricecharting.com tracks historical sold prices of video games on ebay as far back as 2008 for some games. Interesting to see even though it makes me feel old looking at the game hugger's version of the stock market.

Stellar Assault was supposed to be a Saturn game to begin with. Director/game designer Koji Tsuchida:


"To elaborate a bit more, Stellar Assault was originally a Saturn project, but halfway through I was begged to change course to the 32X. When I balked, a very important person at Sega said, 'Oh, you can do whatever you want.'

I did as I pleased. (laughs)"

You can trace Stellar Assault's roots to Star Wars: Attack on the Death Star for the X68000 and PC-98, which was also made by Tsuchida along with programmer Toshiyuki Kuwabara. This is the game that rendered Sega's patent for viewpoint change (Virtua Racing) invalid.


re:video game callbacks

A little easter egg in Silent Hill 3 that you could find if you had save data from Silent Hill 2. Or so the stories go, I didn’t actually play 2 before getting that scene in 3 so I’m not sure who’s save data that was on my memory card…


@“gdri”#p35314 I just want to say that I really like the way you localized that tweet. Nice nuance.

Oh yeah, that SH3 one is a classic! I‘m surprised that one didn’t come to mind.

@"gdri"#170 I'm a little confused about the stellar assault thing because... it did come out on the 32x! So did they really do what they pleased!? And the Saturn one wasn't until 98? hmm

reading this tweet again I think the author may have asked to change to 32x and it was the upper level person who had the bitter face!? that makes more sense with the game actually being on 32x.

He says there in the quote tweet that he was only told to do as he pleased one time, and that's how the 32X Stellar Assault came to be.

too good of an improv zone to not immortalize in video https://twitter.com/insertcredit/status/1408062356421218304?s=21


very carefully

Got me the second time around, too

There should be a ridiculously high patreon goal, like 10,000 dollars, and when/if that goal is reached we get an episode that's just 10 improv zones in a row with rotating guests.

that improv reminded me of the time I was a contestant in a live video games trivia, the question was:

What was Nintendo's first video game with two screens?

My answer: Game & Watch Donkey Kong

“I'm sorry, the correct answer was Nintendo DS


flips the table

Even ignoring Game & Watch, there was also *Punch-Out!!*

The prize was a Playstation 3. Needless to say I did inform them of the mistake, and the stubbornly stuck to what was written on their stupid little card. I walked off the stage, feeling quite proud, as any insufferable nerd should!

Also OH SHIT I knew at some point I had seen the design documents for proto Animal Crossing being more of a Zelda-like dungeon crawler with RTC and animal assists, but I could never find the images again, was starting to think I dreamt it / made it up, especially since I'm the only one who ever talks about it and most discussion of beta Animal Crossing just references Cabbage… Then Kelsey drops the AC Diablo trivia…. wow… Can anyone find the images for that?

@“whatsarobot”#p35321 You can credit (or blame) DeepL for that. I apologize for not being upfront about that.

Enjoy listening to Kelsey the guest. Now when will Jaffe and Brandon do a crossover at the Video Game History Hour?

@“esper”#p35365 Making the “guy who has a lot of good ideas and wants to be in the game industry” Wario is a brilliant choice

@“Fran”#p35444 Y'know, the history of games journalism would be a legit topic for the VGHH - heck, the magazine thing is testament to that - and that means Insert Credit itself deserves an episode…