Ep. 191 - The Not Game Making Dimension, with Liz Ryerson

@“Gaagaagiins”#p36103 the idea of each panel directly responding to the forum thread stops pretty quickly, before act 2 starts I think. “audience participation” never entirely goes away, because the cartoonist is very much in dialogue with the audience as it is being produced via social media (which is becoming a buzzword as Homestuck is being made, tumblr was just beginning to take off), but once you have been fully introduced to the main four kids (who are all direct Earthbound homages) some time in act 3, it starts to focus more on telling its story than trying to be frustrating.

@“esper”#p36110 That demystifies it for me quite a lot. I'm glad everyone had a great time, though.

“Realistic jumping” is best in Sega Saturn's DecAthlete– high jump and long jump are fun but pole vault is hell.

@“exodus”#p35981 (except he never gets tired)

wow he must sleep , drink water and do stretches

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I enjoyed the discussion of amazon making a console, especially as I worked on a cancelled game for the amazon console years ago.

This is the second or third time between IC and TVGHH that the recipe for how to play retro games has been discussed and I really do have to say, that is a FANTASTIC idea.

A brief history to get you into the mindset, recommended and required readings (manuals, clue books, lore leading up to it, etc), hardware/software suggestions, and a mod set up if the game is improved by it.

I’ve been diving into old school PC games and the amount of digging through forums to find information, especially for games that don’t have all of their supplementary materials on GOG or something, is daunting. It took me a while to figure out the best way to draw maps for Bards Tale and that’s the sort of information that would really help simplify getting into retro gaming. There are a lot of YouTubers who try to use original hardware or simply review the game technically, but I can’t think of many folks who try to help others experience the games themselves.

I just have to say I would LOVE this as a short form podcast.


@“esper”#p35894 If all the big tech giants made video game consoles, which one would be the biggest disaster?

I've considered submitting a similar question to @"Jaffe"#205 , but basically phrased as "What if the 3DO company was _right_?" As in, what if the model of creating a manufacturer-agnostic gaming platform really took off? Would we all be debating the merits of the Samsung 3DO 6 vs the Creative Labs Ultra 3DO Blaster? However, I think the modern state of interactive media makes it more clear than ever that the trajectory has been maximum silo-ing of hardware/software. Every day the industry seems to move toward ever-more-fortified walled gardens and subsidized hardware designed to ensnare you into bleeding out that sweet sweet subscription money.



@“esper”#p35894 If all the big tech giants made video game consoles, which one would be the biggest disaster? (38:28)

This is such an interesting topic to think about. If you were to ask me this question in about 1996, I would have said, without hesitation, "Microsoft".

The first companies that came to mind for me were Salesforce, Oracle, and Adobe.
I cannot imagine any of them being successful, with Adobe probably having the lowest chance of success.

Just chiming into say I love Liz as a guest and also, the soundtrack Lightning Round this week was terrific!



@“esper”#p35894 If all the big tech giants made video game consoles, which one would be the biggest disaster?

Intel. 😛