Ep. 194 - Kim Cardassian, with Rachel Weil and Lotte May

My uncle actually for a time used a Steam Controller instead of a Mouse because he hates the ergonomics of a mouse/keyboard layout and because arthritis. it was somewhat impractical because he had to switch to a keyboard whenever he needed to type something, but I think it kind of worked for him because he is a MTG pro player so his work doesn‘t require a lot of typing, before that, he was using a 360 controller with the chatpad thingy as a mouse/keyboard combo, his ideal combo would be a steam controller with somehting similar to the xbox chatpad though sadly that doesn’t exist yet, I think he went back to a traditional mouse keyboard setup for now.

“Casio Loopy” sounds like something longmont potion castle would harass a radio shack about. I can‘t believe it’s real

The only magical girl videogame I knew about before this ep is Blue Reflection. It's an RPG on PS4 and Vita, I wanted to buy it for a while mostly becuase it has some uber clean UI.

@“穴”#p38237 There is an on-screen keyboard interface you can pop up with the Steam Controller, and use that to type things out.

I can't remember what the magic button press or combo is to make it appear though. Sorry.


@“exodus”#p38233 I was starting to get embarrassed for bringing it up in the first place.

Hey, this is me sometimes like 3 times per episode