Ep. 207 - Specdracular 2021, with Ian Ferguson

Told myself I wasn’t going to do any of these, buuut

  • - Frankensteins;gate
  • - Pokémon Dead
  • - Age of Vampires
  • - Nintenwolves and Bats
  • - Cooking Mummy
  • - Grave Race
  • - Yoshi’s Spooky
  • - Super Monaco Heebie-Jeebie GP
  • - F-Zero Hex
  • edit:

  • - Entrails Sky Patrol
  • - Satanic Dizzy
  • - Sensible Shocker
  • - Terrifier Emblem
  • - Beelzebubble Bobble
  • age of vampires and cooking mummy are very good

    I should've gone for jeanne d'arc but spelled john dark.

    some more awful ones now that I'm not under pressure:
    tactics ogre: let us killing together
    super scar-io bros
    panzer draghoul
    Halo (which you get after you're dead)


    @“exodus”#p46513 super scar-io bros

    was about to ask if you were going for "scare" or "scar" here, but they both kinda work!

    OK this took more effort than it should have but here you go…

  • - Scare-o the Necrobat
  • - Full Spectral Warrior
  • - Jackal-antern
  • - Frightening Force
  • - Ghost Trick-or-Treat
  • - Necronomikron: the Morbid Soul
  • - FriGHTS into Screams
  • - Creeping Dogs (that are actually werewolves)
  • edit: figured I should complete the assignment and make it an odd thirteen:

  • - Skate AND Die
  • - Bubsy the Vampire Slayer
  • - Project Try Strangle Strategy
  • - Viscera Cop
  • - Devil Curses Capcom: Clash of Spooky Heroes
  • - Ghoulstar Heroes
  • - Booyo Booyo
  • - Alex Kill
  • - Captain Toad's Terror Tracker (alt: Captain Toad's Trick-or-Treater)
  • - Boonut County
  • - Sin & Boonishment
  • - Yoshi's Ghouland
  • - Rocketfright Adventures 2: Screamster
  • - Dragoul Quest IX: Shrieks of the Scary Guys
  • - Booyonetta
  • - Phantasy Scare Online
  • - Terrortris
  • >

    @“JJSignal”#p46527 Booyonetta

    Ok this one got me!


    @“kory”#p46517 Skate AND Die


    Boney Hawk’s Pro Scarer 2

    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/6t1RCXd.png]


    screenshot from inside the episode.


    @“kory”#p46517 Skate AND Die

    This is worth reading the whole thread for.

    OK, now that I got the frightening round out of my system…


    @“esper”#p46446 How do video games evoke horror in a way other media cannot?

    I've been playing Metroid Dread and the EMMI sections reminded me quite a bit of SOMA, a flawed game that I nonetheless loved a great deal. This question brought to mind my conflicted thoughts about the common horror-ish thread these games share--that of lonely, foreboding exploration punctuated by encounters with unfeeling patrolling automata that you are powerless to defend against. Both situations evoked authentic feelings of (ahem) dread, at least for the first few encounters.

    Where this begins to break down, however, is immediately after you first fail one of these encounters. Dread gives way to trepidation which gives way to frustration and, before you know it, the spell is completely broken and you are Super-Meat-Boying your way through the encounter and the mechanized terror becomes no more than a cartoonish buzzsaw you are splatting your Meat Samus again over and over until you thread the needle and continue on your way (at least, this is _extremely_ how I felt the first time I had to evade an EMMI while under water). It's a real double-edged sword here: games are unique (as was stated in the episode) in that you are the animating force that must subject the protagonist to these encounters. The state of learned helplessness becomes much more profound when you are a mechanical part of it. However, the nature of the mildly inconvenient fail-state of both of these games eventually undermines the whole endeavor. I don't really know how to best solve this issue (and there is a good chance many other games have...I haven't played either of the RE2 or 3 remakes yet, for example) but I am fairly certain that more stringent punishment for failure would _not_ make me want to play them.

    Since I mention SOMA, by the way, I would say that the entire rest of the game (the exploratory walking simulator outside the harrowing stealth encounters) is a truly excellent example of horror in gaming. The existential body horror and lonely desolation could definitely be represented in film, but they hit much harder in this medium. I highly recommend it as a spooky time game if anyone hasn't played it!


    @“esper”#p46446 How do you create good interior design for locations in video games?

    Staying on the spooky theme, my answer is do exactly what Castlevania 64 is doing:


    This was by far one of the funniest episodes to me. I loved the role-playing premise, and Alex knocked it out of the park.

    I feel that the Cathedral Gargoyles and the Capra Demon are genuinely two of the best (or at least funniest) boss fights in any video game.

    The sheer absurdity of getting down to half health on this overwhelming boss and then having a _second_ boss enter the arena is hilarious. And the incredible tightness of the Capra Demon arena is always worth a laugh to me. What takes these beyond gimmicks is that despite how overwhelming both fights seem at first, with a little practice you can do either without much trouble. Real game design.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks that R-Type accomplishes some genuine body horror while Gradius fails for some reason?

    @“compositehiggs”#p46715 I think Life Force, specifically Life Force and not Salamander, gets it down pretty well. But R-Type is definitely the king of the Giger STGs

    As long as we count X Multiply as an R Type [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/qU0OGsP.jpeg]

    @“Syzygy”#p46737 there are sooooo many of them

    yeah, giger was all over 80s and 90s japanese video games. you couldn't make a shooting game or a run and gun without having a giger stage/reference/monster/etc. it was The Rules

    this episode cracked me up!

    @“exodus”#p46745 I feel like there's a decent thread idea in there…we all know the obvious ones, but I bet there are some fun obscure Giger-likes