Ep. 209 - Blopper Goes Knobby, with K Thor Jensen

this was a good one dude. hope k thor can be on more often.

that lightning round was too good

when I asked @rabbitcomputer “what is the simpsons of video games” they said “kingdom hearts, because it overstayed its welcome and has so many guest stars”

@“NoJoTo”#p47763 that's just how they do it in spain

@“esper”#p47781 that is a good one!! except: kingdom hearts was never particularly influential(!?), so it only works on that particular vector

Hej Jaffe, the idea for the lightning round was amazing!

That lightning round was fun!

I'm proud of how quickly I got the first one, but slightly less proud that I shouted “What is Blizzard?” like it was goddamn Jeopardy.

The hollow knight is actually a little bug so segata sanshiro would stomp its tiny ass in about 2 seconds, @Gaagaagiins will concur

you know, I wish I had remembered that, that hollow knight should not have gotten very far.

heartbroken that he lost…just want him back

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/IhWBz4e.png]

@“tapevulture”#p47859 I really wanted to make a bid for this bearcat making it to the end but I couldn‘t make it happen - maybe if I’d remembered the specifics of the forms!?


@“tapevulture”#p47848 The hollow knight is actually a little bug so segata sanshiro would stomp its tiny ass in about 2 seconds, @Gaagaagiins will concur

He's just a little guy, even among his own scale of guys!

@“Gaagaagiins”#p47877 oh, wait, right, The Hollow Knight, not the little guy.

Well, same thing. And he's not that big either. Spoiler, ||but actually, technically||

I keep forgetting to mention this, but the Family Feud-style “good answer” has become my favourite running joke. Makes me laugh every time.

Also @"esper"#11 - If I may ask, what is the wacky "wahey" sound clip you use as your audio signature? It's another little bit of the show I enjoy.


it's gotta be klonoa


they never should've localized the "wahoo" into american english (see the final game). It's canonically "wahuu" with that forced "I'm trying NOT to make the う sound" japanese pronunciation.

@“whatsarobot”#p48047 it is indeed the klonoa “wahoo!!”

love that little goofball, and that particular sound effect is really burnt into my brain. I even snuck it in (very, very quietly) to the goblin bunker dj set we made

I don‘t know why I recognized this so clearly, I’ve not played a klonoa for more than an hour maybe (and at that, it was mostly the wonderswan one). they‘re cool! I’ve just never owned any of them (other than the wonderswan one… though now I have klonoa 1 and 2 by absorbing some other folks' stuff)

@“exodus”#p48108 funny you should say that, I also somehow inherently knew this was Klonoa (and even watched that same exact oddly specific YouTube video to confirm it) despite never personally playing any of the games. Must have seen it in a video play through or something? Either that or the Klonoa/esper “wahoo” is just such a primordial force that we all recognize it implicitly on some level!

@“kory”#p48111 might just be osmosis through growing up in the 90s or something!

The panel getting crushed by k thor in the lightning round was very fun

i have fond memories of playing klonoa (I remember it being really easy and just kind of having a great afternoon with it around middle school) but it‘s certainly not my favorite game or anything. i just really love the wahoo!! it’s one of those sound effects that really seared itself into my mind, so much so that I once told myself “if I ever make music or something i'm gonna sample that klonoa wahoo”