Ep. 221 - Popey Fox

@“mindleftbody”#p56280 Completely agree. I‘ve driven three different Yaris cars over the years and they’ve all been fantastic. I have a 2016 model and it's nothing less than a good, clean ride.

@“LeFish”#p56238 Pokémon Go was a moment of bizarre engagement at best. I lived in a mid (now late mid) gentrification suburb with a bit of a downtown, and people went wild. There were huge throngs of people when the thing first came out. I legitimately think it was a really cool thing the summer it first came out. I knew people who were bartenders and ran special prices or menus for Pokémon Go players. I even have a friend in town who made some dough bushing with his saxophone by the clocktower on my street that happened to be there convergence of the Pokéstops.

And now it's just kind of a thing. The best thing that the game had going for it was just that people were playing it. It's like playing Candyland with your friends: a dumb game that gives you a good opportunity for conversation. For a bit it had a shallow ethos of exercise or outdoorseyness to it, but my roommate and I eventually realized that people were just spoofing the servers from their house and preventing us from taking down their gym occupations. So yeah it was cool but it's not at all fun on its own.


@“esper”#p56215 What are the best uses of the PocketStation and VMU? (51:08)

I don't have a clue what the pocket station is and almost know what the VMU is, but my experience of dinkin around with Chao's was on my GBA through the link cable. Obviously this is a separate thing, but the GBA to GC cable saw a lot of use in my house. Pokémon, in case you couldn't guess, was a really big deal for me growing up, and I played Colosseum as my first entry. I later got the GBA games and had a grand old time trading all my top mons back and forth when I was going to stay home or have to go somewhere.

I think Frank mentioned using a smartphone as an additional game resource in a game, and Pokémon is also my answer there. My later teenage years, I had a number of friends who were somewhat serious about competitive mons, and I learned a lot about breeding Pokémon for stats, which is more than somewhat tedious, but I've enjoyed it thoroughly. That definitely requires a screen just for Bulbapedia and/or Smogon.

-also, re band names, I play guitar/trumpet and live with three other guys who play guitar/something and we pretty much incessantly call out dumb phrases as a band name ~~and they all suck.~~ My own band members were unhappy with the moniker We Have Your Grandma, so I eventually convinced them to change it to Speaking of Elephants, both of which I think are pretty good

@“mindleftbody”#p56280 it‘s delisted but I’m sure there's some way to pirate it… maybe!?

Lots of fun stuff today.

I don't know what the non-pejorative term for these is (not a hater!), but I've watched a decent amount of mumblecore and the answer is absolutely "walking simulators".

@exodus your description of the jumping lesson you learned for Hyper Gunsport was a great little dev detail I appreciated. Definitely lines up with my experience.

too late + who cares but you guys definitely know what mumblecore is, it‘s the flavor of indie film where like it’s all about university-educated white people in their early 30s talking about nothing by way of improvised dialogue wishing their lives were better

EDIT lmao brandon went on to read a description i should've waited to post

I would like to chime in as the Mumblecore Defender because yes, any description of the fims sounds really miserable and a lot of them are! However, a lot of them I think are really worth watching.

Most important thing about them is they exist in a really interesting spot between 90s-00s independent film and the rise of easy to use video production technology. So you get extreme democratization of movie making (anyone can do it!) and really interesting experiments with improvisation (a lot cheaper to keep rolling when you're not paying for film by the foot).

The obvious outcome is that scenes are meant to be more naturalistic than had been seen before. Interactions are low key, rambling. Plot points are slipped between a lot more everyday interactions. The other major outcome is actors are very involved with characterization and choices for their roles. My wife likes a lot of roles for women in these movies compared to other comedies created by men because the actresses clearly have a lot more input into how these characters exist. There also arguably was more room for women in non-acting roles as well, though it's still dominated by white men.

Also, they're funny, to me. They have good jokes in them and believable, funny interactions. They're not just navel gazing.

Fave mumblecore director is Andrew Bujalski, who is weirdly now directing the live action Lady and the Tramp remake. He's the most plainly talented of the big names though the Duplass brothers are much more famous at this point. My favorite is [Computer Chess](https://youtu.be/NuGT_L13bQ8), some may not call this mumblecore but that sort of thing is expected with any sub genre I think. The IC community may be particularly interested in the fact it was entirely shot on [Sony AVC 3260](https://gizmodo.com/how-computer-chess-was-shot-with-a-vintage-sony-tube-v-828412876).

I had not heard the term Mumblegore until today but I can say the Creep and Creep 2 own and House of the Devil is also good.



Ok, is Clerks mumblecore? Is Metropolitan mumblecore?

This isn't meant as like a "hue hue what about this?" troll. I'm moreso trying to narrow my understanding of what this classification means.

it's when you watch a movie and spend the whole time wishing you could jump into the screen persona 4 style and bully the protagonist

… Oh yeah also my cat got FIV and we adopted her as a stray and I gotta say that's my game of the year 2019

@“dylanfills”#p56308 They would not be as it‘s a pretty specific period and movement in independent film, on account of the need for cheap digital shooting and the wide availability of Final Cut Pro. It’s very much influenced by directors like Whit Stillman and Richard Linklater but reliance on film means even their movies have much more formalized scene structures and scripts than mumblecore.

@“notthetoilet”#p56297 actually I think (maybe I’m wrong) the whole reason jaffe asked about mumblecore is because of a tweet the other day where i called Gone Home a “mumblevania”

@“穴”#p56223 i dunno where i came up but i'll take it!!

also just came here to add to the lmaoing at Brandon calling the Bungie thing right before it happened.

also i'd bring a clip of this game Salad Fields to the senate meeting. that's a perfect intersection of "wtf is this" and queer furries

I was gonna say that mumblecore sounded like (in a way) an extension of or child of dogma 95, and some of these further descriptions here kind of push me even further in that direction, and I suuuuuuuuuper do not like dogma 95 films.

@“coreywilliams”#p56316 well Linklater directed Slacker which inspired Clerks. I half wanted to make a quip that “that makes Clerks mumblecore,” but I don‘t think it’s that funny, and also I think it's just a neat coincidence

Since Paradise Killer got mentioned on the show, here are some OST codes!


Redeem at: https://kaizengameworks.bandcamp.com/yum


@“Chopemon”#p56371 mkhr-3vv2

claimed, thanks!

Got this one!


@“Chopemon”#p56371 cgkj-bc9t

I played Pokemon GO for a bit, pre pandemic and way after the initial hype. It was the most fun I‘ve had trying to fill the pokedex in any of the games (partly because there’s not much else to do) and it made me leave the house a lot which I appreciate. I was also playing with friends so ymmv.

The average gamer response to hearing about it is "dude nobody plays that anymore" so I was pleasantly surprised to consistently find people gathering for raids and that there was a discord server for my city. After a while you start to recognize other players as part of this secret society by seeing them do the motion for throwing a pokeball.

I'd recommend it for the brave souls that still go outside... try playing it instead of listening to a podcast, for example.

@"Chopemon"#p56371 got the second one, thanks!!


@“Chopemon”#p56371 wvy4-52jq

thank you! :)

@“Syzygy”#p56381 i just went through trying all the codes in case i missed if one had been claimed, but it says this one isn't claimed… do you plan to do it later or are is bandcamp just acting weirdly?